About Us

Who We Are

FamilyHype is a team of parents and individuals that are devoted to putting the HYPE (positive publicity & promotion) back into the family dynamic. By the end of 2022, we expect to have helped more than 5 million parents and families to find the perfect product or information they need for the benefit of their family.


What We Do

We collectively spend countless hours each day of the week testing, reviewing, and researching products and topics that benefit every family member. The products that we test and the information we research are for the benefit of parents, children, extended family members, or close family friends.


Our History

FamilyHype was created as a result of a father realizing he needed to understand better the products he and his spouse were considering purchasing for their first child, which was then followed by a second child. In addition to looking for and researching products and information that would help his children, he realized that some of the most helpful recommendations and perspectives came from other parents.


It was from those personal experiences that he decided to create, promote, and grow the FamilyHype website and brand. With the realization that each day of the week families is being started, growing, and changing… it was a very easy decision to grow the team of contributors, researchers, authors, and editors that would share their experiences and findings on the FamilyHype.com website.


Our Team

The team here at FamilyHype.com consists of 16 individuals with a combined 230 years of experience as parents raising children, caring for grandchildren, taking care of siblings, or supporting a nuclear family.


Our Vision

With 230 years of shared experience within our team here at FamilyHype, we have created millions of words of helpful content, hand-selected thousands of images, and reviewed and/or tested 1,000s of products that can positively influence and help support the family dynamic.


We believe that if we continue on the path we’ve been on in recent years, we will soon be able to express that proudly:


FamilyHype is the most complete and well-researched family-focused website in existence.


Who & What Influences Our Editorial Team

Aside from everyday living with our families and past experiences being part of and raising a family, our team is greatly influenced by industry researchers & experts that we feel by example directly impact our content, tone of voice, and editorial process.


We strongly encourage you to review some of their published work so that it can have the same positive impact that it has indirectly had on the FamilyHype Editorial & Product Review Team:


  • Alexandra Frost – A freelance journalist and content writer that is a mom that has lots of experience covering topics related to families. As a one time high school teacher that has a Master of Arts in teaching and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications/Journalism (WebsiteTwitterInstagramLinkedIn)
  • Natasha Burgert, M.D. – Pediatrician. Writer. Collaborator. Dr. Burgert is a board-certified pediatrician that has a primary focus on direct patient care in Kansas. She is appreciated for her decision to promote child health and wellness using a variety of outlets. (WebsiteTwitterInstagramFaceBookLinkedIn)
  • Lex Goodman – A lifestyle writer and editor that has a passion for content, while at the same time shouldering being a mom. (WebsiteInstagram)
  • Michelle Kelman, D.D.S. – A pediatric dentist in California that is dedicated to providing exceptional oral health care within a caring, positive, and educational environment. (WebsiteTwitterFaceBook)
  • Ruchi Gupta, M.D., M.P.H. – A board-certified pediatrician and health researcher. Known for world-renowned and groundbreaking research in asthma epidemiology, and food allergy with adults and pediatrics. (TwitterFaceBookLinkedInInstagram)
  • Jennifer Friedman, M.S., R.D. – A registered dietician with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Science degree in nutrition that specializes in picky eating and pediatric feeding topics and challenges. In her private practice she works with both parents and their children. (WebsiteFaceBookInstagramPinterest)
  • Lauren Crosby, M.D., F.A.A.P. – A pediatrician in California and a well known parenting expert. (WebsiteTwitterFaceBookInstagram)