The Questions You Need To Answer To Find The Best Rangefinder Under 100

A rangefinder for golf and hunting is going to make it easier for you to calculate that next shot and make sure that you are choosing the right club and the right method for it. But with so many different top rangefinders out there it can be difficult to figure out which one is best. And if you don’t have an unlimited budget you want to make sure that you choose something that’s going to work for your needs. That’s where we can help you find what you’re looking for with this top rangefinder review.


If you’re looking for a high-quality range finder you should know that they’re going to reach the higher ends of your budget or even exceed a $100 budget. Some rangefinders are several hundred dollars so it’s important to look at the most important features to you and choose a top rangefinder that fits those features.

To give you a better idea of what’s latest in the market today, we came up with a list of the best rangefinder under $100 from Amazon, and we included a detailed product description to help you learn more about its top features. We highly recommend that you read the whole article as it has more information about the different budget-friendly rangefinder before you make your purchase.


  • This laser rangefinder has an advanced technology feature that allows the user to measure up to a distance of 900 years and it has 7x magnification and fully multi-coated which can detect clearer images.
  • This laser rangefinder is durable and has a water-resistant body.
  • This laser rangefinder comes with a 750mah rechargeable lithium battery and can be used at least 3000 times before it needs charging.
  • A micro USB cable that can be used from any regular charging port is included when you buy this laser rangefinder.
  • This Golf/Hunting Laser Rangefinder also includes wrist strap and mounting thread for golf, hunting and other outdoor uses.


TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder - ( See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


  • Use the power button on the TecTecTec ProWild hunting rangefinder to measure up to 540 yards while operating on a continuous scan mode to help you get a more accurate image.
  • The TecTecTec ProWild hunting rangefinder is composed of durable materials and a water-resistant body.
  • The TecTecTec ProWild hunting rangefinder utilizes hunt technology for faster scanning and measurement.
  • The TecTecTec ProWild hunting rangefinder is lightweight and portable, ideal to bring when you are hunting. All of these features make for one of the best hunting tools.


AILEMON 6X Laser Range Finder - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)



  • The 6X Laser Range Finder is a perfect addition to your hunting tools, it is designed specifically to keep it hidden when used in the forest.
  • The 6X Laser Range Finder is more cost-effective than other hunting rangefinders in the market yet its quality is not compromised by its price.
  • The 6X Laser Range Finder is loaded with high precision distance measurement and its measuring range is from 5-1200 yards.
  • The 6X Laser Ranger Finder is also multipurpose which you can use not only for hunting but also for bowhunting and golf.


AOFAR HX-700N Hunting Range Finder - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


  • This hunting rangefinder comes with the most advanced Pinsensor technology and it allows 6x magnification with ± 1-yard accuracy and speed measuring.
  • This hunting rangefinder can measure up to 700 yards, and you can adjust it to the range or fog mode for a better experience.
  • This hunting rangefinder had four golf and hundting modes (including continuous scan mode and speed mode) and which you can change to identify the target accurately using the Pinsensor technology and measure the distance.
  • This golf and hunting rangefinder is water-resistant, dust resistant, and lightweight. All of these features make for one of the best golf and hunting tools.

Something that is highly accurate and has a good distance range is going to be best because this will give you the most useful results. Other golf/hunting rangefinder features including magnification and the clarity of the screen are going to be secondary to these aspects. But keep in mind that the more you’re planning to use your rangefinder the more of those features you may want to look at. Some of them may prove more useful to you.


What Is The Best Cheap Rangefinder?

If you want to get a budget-friendly range finder you should take a closer look at the WoSports H100AG Golf Rangefinder or the Evergreen 1300. These are going to give you good options and features, as well as good optics but you’re not going to break the budget. The WoSports H100AG Golf Rangefinder is going to come in right around $100 and give you excellent laser distancing for the money.

What Is The Best Golf Rangefinder For The Money?

The best golf rangefinder, if you’re looking to spend under $100 or around $100, is the WoSports H100AG golf rangefinder, which gives you great features and the best price without having to spend a lot of money. This golfing rangefinder gives you vibration distance, speed, and angle measurements as well as a quality battery cover. The golfing rangefinder itself is also sleek and easy for you to hold and use with slope, a laser distance finder, and more. All of these features make this the best golf rangefinder on the market.

What Is The Best Rangefinder?

If you want to get the best of the best rangefinder you should take a closer look at the Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangerfinder. You’re going to spend quite a bit for this one because it comes in over $500, but you’re going to get all of the features that you need and then some. The Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder is made of metal housing that makes it waterpoof. You’ll also get a lightweight that makes it easy for golf player to carry, extremely fast speeds for calculations, and one of the most accurate options you can find. Plus it’s bright and clear on the screen. 


Are Rangefinders Accurate?

Some rangefinder reviews have found that some rangefinders are extremely accurate but it’s important to do your research on the one that you’re looking at before you buy it. You don’t want to find yourself with something that doesn’t work, no matter how inexpensive it might be. Instead, you want to know what the accuracy rating is. 

What’s The Best Rangefinder For The Money?

If you want the best rangefinder for the money you should be looking at the WoSports H100AG Golf Rangefinder or the Precision Pro NX9 HD. These best rangefinders will give you good features and high tech but without having to spend the same as you would for a Bushnell. You’ll get something a little more balanced out of the mix this way between features and cost. 

Are Rangefinders Worth It For Hunting?

Rangefinders are absolutely worth it for hunting. If you’re looking to get that perfect shot, especially if it’s any long distance, you’ll need some help. It’s nearly impossible to gauge longer distances on your own but a hunting rangefinder can help you figure out how to make the shot and hit what you’re aiming for. So these hunting rangefinders make some of the best hunting tools.


What Should I Look For In A Rangefinder?

The number one thing you should be looking for in a rangefinder is accuracy. If it’s not accurate you’re not going to get any use out of it and you haven’t gotten your money’s worth. You also want to look at the maximum distance that it goes to when it measures the distance, the overall magnification, and even the aiming point. All of these things are going to make it easier for you to gauge your distance. 

How Much Does A Rangefinder Cost?

Rangefinders can cost a range of different costs, depending on what you’re getting it for. You can get some best rangefinders that are around $20 or you can get some that are upwards of $500. If you are looking for best rangefinders in the high-end levels you’ll likely get more features and accuracy while a cheaper option will give you the basics or bare-bones options. 


Should I Buy A Rangefinder?

There are several different reasons that you might need a rangefinder including hunting, golfing, and more. If you’re looking to get better and be more successful you’ll want to look at picking up a laser rangefinder. You can start with something small and basic if you want to try it out or you can get something a little higher quality to get more features out of it like a water-resistant body, Pinsensor technology, or continuous scan mode.


How Important Is A Rangefinder?

A rangefinder is extremely important when it comes to hunting because it’s nearly impossible to gauge the distance between you and your target without one. When it comes to golfing you may also want to look at getting a golfing rangefinder as well because it can help improve your golf shot and make it your best golf tool.

What Are Some Other Top Rangefinder Options?

In addition to the rangefinders mentioned and described above, you may also want to check out the Halo XL450 and one of the GoGoGo laser rangefinders. The Halo XL450 hunting rangefinder has a maximum distance of 450 yards, as the name suggests. The Halo XL450 hunting rangefinder is also multi-coated and can be considered a cheap rangefinder because it is only $99. The other top option is a GoGoGo laser rangefinder. The GoGoGo laser rangefinders can be used for golf or hunting. Like the Halo XL450, the GoGoGo lasers are multi-coated. They also have a range when it comes to their maximum distance. The GoGoGo laser rangefinders can also be thought of as cheap rangefinders because they are between $120 and $200.

When it comes to finding a rangefinder you want to make sure you know what you’re going to use it for and that you know how much you’re willing to spend. They can be a great addition to your arsenal of tools, but you’re going to need to find the right one for your needs. Some features to make sure you consider when purchasing the rangefinder best for you include speed measurement, cr2 battery, speed mode, scan mode, water-resistance, dust, resistance, Pinsensor technology, battery life, LCD display, and distance measuring. These top features and options will guide you in the direction of the rangefinder best for you. Hopefully, this top rangefinder review will help you to find the perfect rangefinder.

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