Kids Songs And Baby Songs That Are Popular Among Moms  

As I peeked through my niece’s room, I heard her sing a lullaby for her little girl, Gia. She was singing a song that I had sung once for my daughter, Alaena. And I realized that kids and baby songs have always done the job for generations, whether we’re trying to put our angels to sleep or we want to pacify them or manage their little cries for help.


From One Doting Mom To Another

From a doting mother, I share this list of beautiful kids’ songs and baby songs that every mom should listen to with her baby. Some of these songs are classics, those that we have heard in school activities, or over the radio. Here are some baby songs that are popular and were sung by renowned artists.


Popular Kids And Baby Songs – A Collection

This is a list that I collected from a group of moms who have found lullabies that they’ve come to love, including some of mine – baby songs that are popular.

  1. You Are My Sunshine. A favorite old-time baby song that is my daughter’s and my personal favorite as well. Renowned artists Aretha Franklin, Johnny Cash, and Ray Charles sang this.
  1. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Even the kid from the streets knows this song. There have been a lot of remixes and melody alterations done on this one, and all of them were such a hit. I used to sing this song to Alaena with the window beside her bed open, so she could see the bright stars before she dozes off.
  1. Itsy Bitsy Spider. Most moms (that includes me) don’t use this to put their babies to sleep but to lighten them up or put them on the mood. They like it when we softly play our fingers through their thighs, and we go, “Itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out.” 
  1. The Wheels On The Bus. Also, an energetic song that boosts the kids’ and babies’ humor, this song can be done by both mom and kid with actions. The Wheels is reportedly one of the most searched songs by newborn babies’ parents.
  1. Old MacDonald Had A Farm. I suggest that before you sing this to your babies, you tell them the story of Old MacDonald first. Tell your baby girl or boy of all the animals that were living at Donny’s farm. When they know the animals by heart, then it would be fun to sing it with them with the animal sounds altogether.
  1. Jesus Loves Me. This is just a beautiful song that moms and dads can sing to their little angels to remind them of how much they are loved. This is a lullaby that can instantly put them to sleep with a smile. It’s also a great way to introduce them to the Bible.
  1. Hush Little Baby. This is a personal favorite of mine. My daughter used to cry when I would tell her I’m leaving for work. When I sing this to her, she seemed to understand that if she stopped crying, I was going to bring her a surprise when I come home – and it almost always worked.


  1. Rock A Bye Baby. This song is here just because it is popular, but I don’t sing this to my baby – not after I found out its roots. It’s a nursery rhyme that originated during the time of the English civil war. The first lyrics described cutting somebody’s throat! To make it sound and look like a lullaby, an artist just altered the lyrics and added ‘baby’ to it.
  2. Mary Had A Little Lamb. This is a cute one, and it seems to catch a baby’s attention when this is sung to him or her. This song was adapted from an old poem by Sarah Josepha Hale, who wrote it in 1830. Now, that’s what I call classic!
  3. Amazing Grace. This one I had to practice because it won’t sound so sleep-inducing when it’s not sung in tune. But also a very old lullaby from the seventeenth century, Amazing Grace is a heavenly piece that reminds kids, babies, and adults alike that we are blessed with so much, and we ought to be grateful for everything.

There are a few more on the list of popular baby songs, but I’ll give you fellow parents some time to think about your favorites, and maybe you can let me know or simply add them here. If you haven’t considered the songs that I listed above, perhaps you could take a listen. Who knows, it might work on your little rascals too. Good luck, and have fun listening!



What is the most popular children’s song?

There are lots of children’s songs that you can teach your baby while growing up. But the most popular for kids would be the Itsy Bitsy Spider. If sang with action, your kids would surely love to sing and dance with it over and over again.

What are some children’s songs?

Singing and dancing along with children’s songs, make your room more lively and colorful. Some children’s songs that kids love is the Itsy Bitsy Spider Row Your Boat, The Wheels on the Bus, and Baa Baa Black Sheep. But there are still lots and lots of children’s songs apart from these that your kids will surely love.

What song should I sing to my baby?

I love singing songs to my baby, especially when she was still very young. I mostly sang a lullaby for her before sleeping. The song that I love to sing for her is the Lullabye and Goodnight song.

What age can baby sing ABC?

Children have different developmental milestones, so each has their timeline on what age they can speak well, or repeat after you, or can sing the ABC song. But typically, children at the ages of 3-5 can already mimic the song. Others may not be able to pronounce the words well, but some can easily memorize the ABC song even at the age of 3.

What kind of music do kids like?

Children in general likes music depending on the kind of music that they are used to at home. But mostly for children, they like those nursery rhymes with matching actions.

What do you sing for kids?

You can make a playlist of songs to sing that your kids will surely love. This should include songs like Bohemian Rhapsody of the Muppets, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and of course, Baby Shark.

What makes a song a lullaby?

A song can be considered a lullaby when it has a soothing effect. Lullabies are usually sung to children to help them fall asleep.

Is it good for toddlers to listen to music?

Yes, music helps toddlers in developing their coordination. Music encourages children to move, which helps them to develop their motor skills.

Is background music good for babies?

Playing music in the background may be good for babies as long as it has soft melody like lullabies and children’s songs. It would probably help them fall asleep easily.

Is music bad for kids?

The music that they are going to listen to should be appropriate for their age. Rock music may not be a really good influence on young kids. But overall, I think music can bring more good than harm to children.

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