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Babies are hungry little critters! You may wonder why they eat so much when all they do is sleep and kick, but think about it. They grow so fast in such a short amount of time, and they need plenty of food and rest to grow. They end up digesting the milk pretty fast as a result, leading to a fussy baby.

Is there such a thing as too hungry? Why is your child seems to be never satisfied after you breastfed him? Do babies get so hungry all the time, especially breastfed ones?

baby never satisfied after breastfeeding. find out why.
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Baby formulas contain essential vitamins and nutrients that can help satisfy your baby’s hunger. There are many powder formulas to choose from, and some of them may even be organic and have a formulation that is closest to breastmilk. To give you an idea, we created a list of options for you, and we also included a brief description of its benefits.

As a mother, you’ve dealt with a lot of part of pregnancy issues, and maybe even side effects of pregnancy. While you might’ve been following your pregnancy week by week timeline, one part of this that they don’t tell you of course, is breast milk for pregnancy babies. Baby names and choosing baby names is probably more at the forefront earlier, but you should also consider whether you want to do breastfeeding or formula fed. 

Milk Formula Options (Best Formulas For Your Baby Who Is Never Satisfied After Breastfeeding)


Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Baby Powder Formula 


Earth's Best Organic Formula can help your baby feel satisfied after breastfeeding

The infant formula milk from Earth’s Best organic has non GMO ingredients and Kosher, it claims to be the closest formula to breast milk. According to reviews, the formula is easy to digest and most babies loves its taste.


Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula Milk Based Powder


Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula Milk helps baby feel satisfied after breastfeeding

This formula is modeled after breastmilk and it has high quality ingredients such as organic lactose which is found in breast milk. It also has 4X more probiotics which helps promote healthy gut bacteria.


Enfamil Gentlease Easy- to-Digest Baby Formula 


The Gentleease Formula is the # 1 pediatrician recommended brand for babies with colic, gas and fussiness. It has easy to digest proteins and loaded with the necessary nutrients to promote your child’s nutrition.


Similac Pro-Sensitive Baby Formula


Similac is a trusted brand the number 1 formula for babies in hospitals in the United States. The Pro-sensitive infant formula from Similac has no artificial growth hormones and it is recommended for infants with lactose sensitivity. It is also known to contain DHA, Lutein and vitamin E that helps promote brain and eye development.

Breast fed babies tend to be a bit smaller than non breast fed babies.  Usually, a breastfed babies also have more nutrients too. Many moms in the early weeks will do breast feeding, unless of course they aren’t breast fed.  In the early weeks though, you might run into some issues with breast feeding, especially in the early weeks where the babies need a lot of milk. While birth stories might be what you’re worrying about, having fed babies correctly is also important.

Why Is Breastmilk Not Filling (Know Why Breastfeeding Is Not Enough To Make Your Baby Satisfied)

Even though you know that breastfeeding is the way to go, it doesn’t seem as filling as formula, does it? That’s because breastmilk tends to be easily digestible and has less fat, meaning that your child will be hungry for a longer time. 

Should you add a little formula for your child, or wean them off? It’s worth a try, but if you’ve been breastfeeding for a few months, your little one may not respond very well to formula. Around 9-12 months, he or she becomes a little more open to other ways of feeding, and perhaps you can do it then. 

letting your baby milk in bottle may help him get satisfied and happy,
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But if your baby is still in its early stages and you just want to get some sleep, what can you do? Is there a way to feed her or him breastmilk and fill them up? Is it possible to do so without spending hours breastfeeding?

Yes. You may be feeding your baby all wrong.

Many mothers will feed their babies until their breast feels empty, and then the mother will switch breasts or think the feeding is over. What they may not know is that there is more milk the infant can have, and it’s more filling. More filling means less of a fuss, bringing relief to the mother.

Foremilk Vs. Hindmilk (Know The Difference Of Breastfeeding Milks For Baby)

When you first feed your baby, what comes out of your breast is foremilk. It’s milk that doesn’t have as much fat, thus making it a little less filling for your baby. Many mothers will only feed their child with foremilk, and then surprise! The child is still hungry. It’s because the baby drank the milk equivalent of juice, and they are always hungry as a result.

Many moms will switch breasts when the foremilk is gone, and instead, feed them more foremilk. The mom may believe that their breasts are empty, but commonly, this is because the breast is just less engorged, thus feeling empty, but it has plenty of milk. 

And that plenty of milk is known as hindmilk. This milk has more fat and is thicker. If you feed your baby some hindmilk, chances are you’ll have a happier, fuller child. While the hindmilk tends to be less in quantity, it’s higher in quality, which is what the baby is craving.

This instance usually happens because the milk and fat tend to separate, with the milk appearing outward and the fat staying more buried in the breast. Thus, many mothers don’t realize that good milk is at the back. 

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Foremilk tends to change into hindmilk with time gradually, but many mothers will stop feeding their babies before reaching the fatty part. It means that many babies aren’t getting enough, and they will end up crying as a resort. You may feel like the baby has a bottomless stomach when, in reality, it’s not getting enough fat.

Because the formula doesn’t have a foremilk vs. hindmilk concept, it tends to fill the baby up. It’s not that formula is better, but instead, it’s because many mothers don’t know how breastfeeding works. And it’s not their fault, either. Few people tell you this stuff. We hope that this helped you realize the distinction. 

It’s Not As Simple As It Seems (Understanding More About Breastfeeding Your Baby)

With that said, foremilk and hindmilk aren’t as simple as you think. Many mothers will have foremilk that has different levels of fat. Some moms have high fat foremilk, and the baby feels full and satisfied. Usually, this will all depend on feeding patterns. 

If you space out the feedings, foremilk tends to gather more. If you have feedings that are closer together, your baby may be drinking more hindmilk, thus feeling full for longer and saving you the hassle.

If your feedings tend to be long apart, perhaps a breast pump may be what you need. It allows you to get the milk out of your breasts much easier and deliver that sweet hindmilk for your baby. Plus, a breast pump can relieve you when your baby is spending a long time on one breast, and the other feels engorged.

Your milk supply does depend on how many times you feed too. If you’re doing plenty of feedings, chances are the milk supply will be more foremilk than hindmilk. 

A mixture of foremilk and hindmilk for a hungry baby is key here. If you notice him or her hungry before then, you might want to give them something to suck on. It’s important to understand that all breastfed babies are different, and sometimes, waiting until you have more breast milk can help a breastfed baby stay full and satisfied. 

Breast pumps are good too, especially if you want to keep breastfed babies satisfied. Breastfed babies before they fall asleep usually helps keep them full for a bit longer. If you feed a child before they fall asleep too, it might be better on you.

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Growth Spurt Time

Sometimes, you may run into issues with breast feeding, especially if what they breastfed before was fine but now isn’t enough if your child is growing.  A fed baby uses those nutrients from the milk to grow and get bigger, but sometimes, breastfeeding especially in the early weeks may not be enough because they’re growing. Giving enough hind milk when breast feeding will prevent this though, especially for those stay at home moms who are trying to keep a fed baby. There are many real life circumstances, where a breast fed circumstance may not work because your breastfed baby may need more food. 

A fed baby is a happy and satisfied baby, and sometimes, giving a fed baby a little more during feeding time might be needed.

bottle feeding can help your baby feel fuller when he seems to be not satisfied after breastfeeding
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