What’s Best Baby Monitor For Parents

For any first-time parents, you will surely include a baby monitor in the list of things to buy or “Must Haves” for your little one. It is considered an essential tool to help monitor the newborn whenever the parents or guardians aren’t anywhere near the baby room.

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Some people simply call this a radio alarm, since it uses a radio system which can easily transmit the sounds made by an infant to the monitoring device of the parent. If the baby cries, they can easily walk into the room and attend to the baby’s needs. Those having both monitor video camera and receiver are called a baby cam.

There are many different kinds of baby cam available in the market. With parents wanting only the best for their babies, of course, they’d want to settle for the best baby monitor to help them become responsible parents.

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Some people only know one type of baby monitor, which is either the video or the sound monitor. But in reality, there is a broad spectrum to choose from, each having its own “special feature.” With the technological advancements today, it’s no surprise that even the most basic monitors can wow you with its different upgrades.

The different types of baby monitors include baby sound monitors, which is the most commonly used monitors by parents, that helps pick up sounds coming from the baby room and transmits it to the receiver. There are also baby video monitors, which gives extra comfort, seeing what the baby is doing. Then there are the baby motion monitors – probably the most advanced type – which uses a sensor placed directly under the baby’s crib to detect the baby’s every movement.


Are The Most Expensive Monitors The Best Kind?

Quality comes with the price. However, you’ll usually find a product that serves the purpose splendidly, without being hard on the pocket. Don’t rush into buying the most expensive device. Parents need to be meticulous to find the baby monitor review first. Here’s what they should consider:

  • General Features

It’s an essential factor for every parent to be there the moment the baby needs them. Still, expensive baby monitor devices may have some unnecessary features. Think about the features you need, and don’t forget to analyze which you don’t need.

The best baby video monitor should have a clear sound quality – without any interference – especially if you placed it in a large home.

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Would you need an additional feature of movement sensor pads, so the alarm will set off if there’s no observable movement for 20 seconds? Or do you find that wholly alarming and opt to have a video monitor instead? Do baby monitors need temperature sensors and night lights? Are feeding timers a waste? Look at different options before making the purchase.

  • Batteries

Many parents complain about batteries that die sooner than expected. It is helpful to find a baby monitor, which lets you know when the batteries are running low, or when you need to change them. Look for a monitor with a blinking light or an icon on an LCD. It will only be frustrating to find that the device supposed to keep track of the baby is dead.

  • Expandability/Connectivity

You probably think you’d only need the baby monitor inside the baby room. That’s where you’re mistaken. If you’re the type of parent who gets anxious (this applies to first-time parents), you’d probably consider covering more areas in the house such as the playroom, nursery, and even dining. Check if you need to add more cameras in the house, then look for a baby monitor with this expandability feature. Many parents want to connect the baby monitor to TV or mobile devices. In this case, make sure you cover that part.


The Need Varies

To equip yourself with the baby monitors isn’t exactly mentioned in the Baby Rule Book. Some parents don’t get peace of mind without a baby monitor, while some think it’s just a hassle.

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Parents have different styles of parenting. Everyone’s house is also different from each other. If you’re living in a compact place, maybe it’s good to consider just sleeping beside the baby, or having a baby corner instead. On the other hand, those living in a large house definitely needs the most useful baby monitor there is.

The best video baby monitor is generally a great help to hear your baby’s every cry. Is the baby hungry, tired, and uncomfortable? You’ll find out in a matter of seconds. Just remember, it pays to do extensive research and canvassing so you can get the best baby monitor 2018.

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