Why A Nest Baby Monitor Is A Great Investment 

Many people are worried about their babies, and for a good reason. Babies are fragile human beings. Plenty of parents thought their baby was just fine, and then they died from SIDS or another accident. That’s why monitoring your baby is always essential. Being able to see how they’re doing can make or break your baby’s life should an accident happen. 

Baby monitors are like walkie talkies where you can hear the baby, but nowadays, you can monitor your baby using security cameras. One of them is the Nest Cam Indoor camera, a Nest baby monitor brand.

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Why A Baby Monitor? 

Babies can wake up in the night and need food or a diaper change. If you’re a heavy sleeper, or if your baby’s room is far away from yours, you may not hear them. A baby monitor helps you hear them so you can help them. In addition, a baby monitor is good in case if you want some peace of mind to make sure your baby is safe. 

What Is The Nest Cam? 

The Nest baby monitor is a cam that allows you to stream video of your baby. Pure HD can be streamed to any device using the Nest App. This camera is equipped with night vision, meaning your baby can sleep soundly in the dark while you watch them. Best of all, it comes with a mic too. You can speak through the camera, and your baby can hear their parents’ voices when you’re gone. 

The Nest baby monitor isn’t necessarily a baby monitor; you can use it for security purposes as well. In fact, it may not be your first choice when choosing an effective monitor for your baby. If you want to learn more about it, we’ll give you some more info and let you see if it’s right for you. 

The Good With Nest Cam 

Let’s start with the good, first off. 

  • Great Video Quality 

There used to be a time when constantly streaming video cameras were poor quality, but that’s no more. Nowadays, you can get a camera that streams high-quality video for very cheap. Being able to see your baby with the cleanest quality video imaginable is always good. 

  • Great Sound Quality 

This camera doesn’t mess around when it comes to its mic. You will hear your baby cry in a crystal clear audio quality, which is always good. Some cameras have poor audio, making it hard for you to hear what’s going on.

  • Motion Sensors 

A sudden motion can be your baby rolling over to a place they aren’t supposed to be, or your toddler getting out of bed. When they do that, the Nest camera will alert you, and you can see what’s going on. You will not need to worry about your child’s sudden motions when you have a Nest Camera. 

  • Push Notifications 

When there is noise or movement, you will be sent notifications via your phone. If your baby starts crying or if there is an odd motion in the room, you will be alerted. That’s always convenient. 

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The Bad With Nest Cam 

While the Nest Cam is a good camera, it has a few problems that may make you think twice if you’re thinking about using it as a baby monitor.

  • It’s A Poor Parent Unit 

With a traditional baby monitor, you always have a unit you can use to hear the baby. However, you use your smartphone. You are not always looking at your smartphone, or you may be looking at something else, which can definitely cause its fair share of problems. 

  • Notifications Are Quiet 

As mentioned, you do get push notifications when there is a sound, but the problem is that those sounds are very quiet. It doesn’t play your baby crying, but instead makes the notification noise, which is usually one ding. If you’re sleeping, it may not be enough to wake you up. 

  • It Takes A While To Connect 

If you want to connect to the app, it takes a bit to open it and look at the camera. When a situation is happening, those short loading times can really add up and make it more suspenseful. 

  • It Only Uses WiFi 

You have to be connected to use this cam. While you probably have good WiFi, the problem is that sometimes, the WiFi goes down, and it can’t rely on your 4G in order to show you the camera (more about it here). 

So Is It A Good Baby Monitor? 

Sadly, the Nest monitor may not be a good baby monitor for a pre-toddler child. While it has great video and audio quality, the problem is that its features don’t really give it enough. It can be a hassle to connect, and you may miss notifications. 

However, if you use an audio baby monitor, the Nest Cam can work in harmony as an extra way to view your baby and see what they’re up to. This may be a good substitute if you still want the camera quality Nest offers. Nest can be a cool little addition, but it may not be enough as a solo baby monitor. 

It’s A Great Toddler Monitor, However

The Nest camera helps in monitoring your toddler. When you have a toddler, they can definitely get into things they aren’t supposed to, and Nest can be a good camera to make sure they aren’t in trouble. You don’t have to constantly be on patrol like you would with a baby, making Nest a good way for you to casually look at your toddler and make sure they aren’t in any trouble. 

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Conclusion On Nest Baby Monitor

As a primary baby monitor, you may want to look elsewhere, but the Nest camera is still a good investment for other occasions. Ensure you have all the right equipment needed to monitor your baby, and you’ll be fine.

What do you think? Do you use Nest? What baby monitors do you like? We’d love to hear your feedback. 

Nest Baby Monitor FAQs

When buying a baby monitor, remember these things. First, it has to be more than 900MHz frequency. Next, get the one that provides an alert when it is low batt. Third, buy a wireless one. Also, get that monitor with sense functions so that even if you are on the phone or doing something, and a movement happens, you will be able to see your baby. Lastly, video function, hands down.

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