Cool Unicorn Toys Your Child Will Love!

28Unicorns have been legendary creature of wonder for many years. What started as a horse with a horn soon became this colorful beast that creates magic everywhere it goes. Because of this, there have been many different toys centered around unicorns. Here are some great unicorn toys for your little girl (or even little boy.)



  • VTech Myla The Magical Make-Up Unicorn

This is a standing unicorn with some killer eye makeup. When you wave the magic wand, the makeup changes. It also has a light-up horn and your child is able to choose how the makeup works. It’s a very unique toy that will keep your child’s creativity flowing. Perhaps it can help your girl practice makeup, which can be a valuable skill later on.


  • Zuru Rainbocorns

This is a giant cuddly unicorn. It has beautiful rainbow hair and it comes inside an egg. Once that egg hatches, your little girl now has a friend to call her own. These unicorns also have a smaller egg as well that contains a small unicorn toy. There are many secrets and surprises that are hidden inside this unicorn, and we believe your child will love it.



  • My Little Pony My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

My Little Pony has been popular for many decades and is popular with all ages and genders. Twilight Sparkle, the lovable purple unicorn, is fully posable and talks over 90 different phrases. Plus, you can watch her flutter her wings. It’s pricier, but well worth the price.



  • Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise

Here is a funny gift for children. Girls will love its colors, and boys will laugh at the idea of unicorn poop. Everything is magical in the world of unicorns, even their waste. This package comes with slime packets and sparkles. You can make some of the prettiest poops around using all the ingredients.  Even adults will love its novelty.



  • My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden

Gardening is a valuable skill children should learn. This is a set that contains everything you need to grow your own garden. It has grass seeds, a flowerpot, a unicorn to play with, plastic flowers, and many different accessories to make your child’s garden grow. It’s magical and educational. A win-win for all. Just make sure to teach your kids about gardening, and you’ll be set.


  • VTech Toot-Toot Friends Kingdom Unicorn and Fairy

This is another light-up unicorn that moves around, flaps its wings, and has an overall great time with your child. It even has a carrot that your child can give to it. It sings, interacts, and will keep your little girl amazed for hours.


  • Aquabeads Magical Unicorn Set

Art is important for your little one, and bead art is especially unique. You can put together many different creations using the over 2,000 colorful beads, and your child can make unicorn art with it. They can learn how to follow the instructions or stray off their own path a little bit and follow their own. These are a great way to encourage detailed illustrations. It’s recommended for children over the age of six because it requires much concentration, and younger children may lose the beads or choke on them.


  • Always Be A Unicorn Teddy In A Tin

This is a unicorn teddy that comes in a silvery tin. Best of all, it’s personalized. Put your child’s name on it and their eyes will light up as they see their own name written on it. They will open the tin and see a beautiful unicorn, which they can play with and return back to the tin once they’re done playing with it.



  • Despicable Me Hand Controlled Flying Fluffy Unicorn

This unicorn is so fluffy you could die. It’s controlled by your hand, which you can then use to make it fly. When it’s done, charge it and you can fly it around for eight minutes. It only takes 20 minutes, to charge, too. The unicorn can fly high and fast.

It’s a good way to teach your child how to pilot a flying object. With drones becoming more popular, sometimes as a commercial business, this is a valuable skill to have. It’s one of the most unique toys around, and even adults will love flying it.


  • Little Live Pets Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn

This is a dancing unicorn that you can brush with its hair. It will dance to anything your child plays while lighting up and creating sounds. Your child can brush its hair, which is a valuable skill to have. Also, you can feed it unicorn food as well to make your child feel like they are owning a pet.


  • Feisty Pets: Glenda Glitterpoop Unicorn

Another unicorn toy, but this one has a little twist. At first, it appears to be an innocent unicorn. It doesn’t seem unique or anything. Then you pinch the unicorn in the spot located behind its ears. Afterwards, the unicorn’s true colors come out. It makes a scary face, with sharp teeth, evil eyebrows, and a death scare. Young children may find it scary, but older kids may get a laugh out of surprising everyone, especially if they know how the unicorn works to begin with.


  • Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn

This is another unicorn that you can feed and groom. It has more of a robot aesthetic, so your child can feel like they have a mechanical unicorn they can play with. In fact, it can move on its own will and will dance to any music you play. It can do tricks as well. It even has games to play. It’s a complex toy for older children, and you may want to watch a tutorial before you see what it’s all about.



  • AniMagic Rainbow My Glowing Unicorn

This is a unicorn that’s tall and has rainbow aesthetics to boot. With a glowing horn and unicorn noises, it’s a great toy you can use to groom with and plus, it’s beautiful and cuddly. If your child just wants a cute companion, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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