Dragon Toys That Kids Will Enjoy Endlessly

Dragons are a mythical creature that has captured the imaginations of kids, and adults, for an uncountable amount of years. Dragons can be evil creatures that hold princesses hostage, or they can be loyal companions to a knight. As such, there have been many great dragon toys were born as a result. Here are just a few toys that we believe your kids will love.

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Lego Creator Red Creatures

You really can’t go wrong with Lego when it comes to toys that encourage building and playing. This toy set helps a child make a dragon that can breathe fire has flexible wings, and can even be built into other creatures as well, such as a snake or a scorpion. All these options allow for hours of entertainment, and we believe your kid won’t be able to take their hands off this set. It comes with 221 pieces, so it’s something older kids will like. Younger kids may need supervision to avoid lost parts or frustration.

Aurora Plush Blue Dragon

Dragons don’t have to be ferocious; they can be cute and cuddly as well. This dragon is a cool blue, and it can protect your child against all the creatures that go bump in the night. At 14 inches, it’s quite sizable, and we believe that your child will love it. Give it a try and see what adventures your kid can go on with it.

Not to mention, it makes noises. However, it does need batteries, so remember that.

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Schleich Dragon Fighter

This dragon looks beautiful. Painted by hand, with a moveable jaw, it’s not only a good toy but one that is good for collectors as well. You can get multiple dragons and have them clash with each other, and they feel so real. It does lack movable parts in some areas, and it is sharp in other areas. This toy is for older children rather than younger, so be aware of that.

DreamWorks Dragon Toys: Toothless

The How to Train Your Dragon movie series has captured the awe of kids and adults alike. Toothless, the adorable black dragon is famous among many. And with the third movie coming soon, now is an excellent time to get a dragon from that series. There are many Toothless toys, with some of them breathing fire and others having expansive wings. This toy, in particular, is a plush that your child should love.

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Red Dragon Hydra Monster Halloween Costume

It’s still a while until Halloween, but it’s never too early, or too late, to dress up. This dragon has a costume that has three heads, just like a hydra. It’s quite a cool costume as well, coming with a tail, feet, and other realistic features. It’s great for parties or just for dressing up. It comes in many sizes as well. Even adults can join in on the fun. No shame in being a child at heart.

Lego Castle Dragon Mountain

This Lego set that is worth mentioning. This one is a lot more detailed and elaborate, having over 376 pieces to use and coming with many accessories. A tower, a nest for the dragon, a catapult, a gold room, and much more.

This one is the perfect accessory to simulate the knight vs. the dragon story. Your child will have lots of fun building this set and stretching their imagination to its limits. With knights, they can make a story where they slay the dragon or have a tale where the dragon is victorious.

This toy is for older kids over six and to the age of 12, so make sure you’re buying it for the appropriate age range.

Plastic Fire Breathing Dragons – Dragon Toys For Kids

This one is a cheap, simple, yet cool dragon toy that your kid will love. Suitable for dragon-themed parties. It is something you could put in a gift bag or put them in as decorations. They breathe out fire, and they are quite small. Only a few inches. Despite the size, they can encourage quite a bit of imagination. However, they are not very posable. But they do come in different poses and colors, so that’s a plus. We say to buy this set and give them a try.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

If you or your kid owns a PS4 or Xbox One, and your kid likes dragons, why not play this game? Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a remake version of the first three Spyro the Dragon games, originally released in 1998-2000 on the PS1. There is a new version with beautiful graphics, new voice acting, and a refined control scheme. If you played these games when you were young, you’ll be in for a treat too.

If you haven’t, these games are a family-friendly platformer series where a little dragon named Spyro collects treasure, glides through many creative levels, and flames various enemies who want to take them down. The first game has him battling Gnasty Gnorc to save the dragons he encased in stone. The second game involves Spyro fighting Ripto, a little dinosaur-like creature who hates dragons. The third game has Spyro taking down a sorceress who has stolen all the baby dragon eggs.

Difficulty-wise, these games are easy to play and beat, but tough if you plan on 100 percent the game. Thoroughly beating the game gives you secrets and extra endings, so your child will probably stick with it.

Fun for the whole family, it’s worth playing if your kid likes video games.

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Dragons have given us many cool things. Some fantastic stories, some enjoyable video games, and best of all, some toys that stimulate the imaginations of both young and old. If your kid expresses interest in dragon toys, you really can’t go wrong with them. Give it a try and see for yourself. Chances are, there are dragon toys for all of the imagination.

FAQs On Dragon Toys


What are the best dragon toys for kids?

  • Aurora Dinos & Dragons (check product description here)
  • DreamWorks Dragons Toothless Figure
  • LEGO NINJAGO Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon
  • LEGO Red Creature

How many pieces does LEGO Red Creature set have?

It has 221 pieces.

Is the LEGO Red Creature movable?

Yes, LEGO Red Creature is a movable dragon toy.

How big is the LEGO Red Creature?

It measures 11 x 1 x 9 inches.

What makes Melissa and Doug’s Giant-Winged Dragon amazing?

This dragon toy is very huggable. In case your child outgrows it, it can become a decoration in their bedroom.

What are the dimensions of the Giant-Winged Dragon?

It measures 36 x 40.5 x 16 inches.

What is one of the most sophisticated looking dragon toys?

Schleich Dragon Fighter is one of the most sophisticated looking dragon toys. It has vivid details.

At what age can my child play with the Dreamworks Dragons Toothless?

Your child can play with the plush version of Toothless from 4-6 years old.

Does Safari Guardian have movable limbs?

No, its limbs are immovable.

How tall is the Safari Guardian?

It is 6.2 inches tall.

Are there dragon toys that glow in the dark?

Yes, some dragon toys glow in the dark. They are mostly from Safari Ltd.

Is it okay to buy plastic dragon toys for kids?

Yes, it is okay to buy plastic dragon toys for kids. However, they need to be free from toxic substances.

What is the price range for dragon toys?

Dragon toys range from $13 to $100.

Are dragon toys for all ages?

No, dragon toys are not for all ages. Some are ideal for toddlers, while others are suitable for older children. You can find more details here: https://www.experiencedmommy.com/best-dragon-toy/.

How early can I buy dragon toys for my kid?

It depends on how much your kid loves dragons. If they want them as early as 2 or 3 years old, go for it. However, make sure that the toy is age-appropriate.

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