Honest Review Of Restoration Hardware Baby

When planning for a new baby’s room, we often pick up inspirations from Pinterest or other online baby stores. We thus tend to follow their existing designs and suggested go-to stores.

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One of these favorite go-to nursery stores is Restoration Hardware Baby.

Get to know if its really worth the buy by reading this honest-to-goodness comprehensive review.

What Is Restoration Hardware Baby?

Restoration Hardware Baby is just a subsection of Restoration Hardware which focuses on baby gear, specifically, furniture. Restoration Hardware Baby also has a wide selection of other baby items such as bath items, linen, rugs, and lighting. In addition, they carry a luxe collection for kids.

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Items are available in their online store, catalog, as well as their showrooms located in several states around the country.


Stylish And Customized Designs

Restoration Hardware Baby’s designs are no doubt the top of the line. Baby furniture has shabby chic designs, that will make any home look like a hotel. You feel as if your baby is of royalty when you get hold of their products.

If you want your baby’s furniture to fit in with your existing design, you may even customize your furniture’s upholstery. You may choose from existing swatches to fit with any room.

Looking for the perfect sheets to go with your rh baby furniture? Restoration Hardware baby also offers bed sheets, beddings, and even plush animals.


Restoration Hardware Child’s products are also very durable. Many moms who already bought hardware restoration products claimed that they are satisfied with their purchases. The products they purchased have even been passed down to their other children. Others have repurposed rh baby and child furniture for their current needs. From these reviews, there is no question about the durability of rhbaby products.


It Looks Unsafe

On the flip side, are the products really safe for our babies? We might be focusing too much on the aesthetics and durability of the restoration hardware baby’s products while forgetting about its vital safety features. Baby gears should put a premium on safety. Remember those dressers that accidentally injured several children around the country? We wouldn’t want our children to suffer the same fate as well.

Plenty Of Backorders

What if you really need a particular product but the store doesn’t have it in stock yet? It is the scenario many parents have to experience with a lot of Restoration Hardware Baby stores. Many RH baby and child products that parents want are almost always on backorder.

This is problematic because what if your baby already needs that specific baby gear? Would you want to wait a month (or worse, several months) for a particular product from restoration hardware kids?

Everything Seems To Be Too Expensive

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We all admit that RH baby and child’s products are to die for. It is every parent’s dream to be able to give the best baby gear for their children. However, the reality is that not all families can afford restoration hardware baby’s products. Let’s face it, Restoration Hardware Baby and Child’s products are too excessive. Who would really want to install a chandelier inside their baby’s room?

Our Verdict

If you can afford it, go for it. Restoration Hardware Baby’s products are a good buy if you are willing to pay a hefty price.

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On the other hand, if you are a more conscientious buyer, you can buy more things for your baby for the same price. There are several baby gears out there that have almost the same quality but is offered at half the price. You will just have to keep your eyes open for great bargains. After all, your baby will enjoy and grow out of it just the same.

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