A Guide To Skateboard Paraphernalia For Your Next Travel

We’ve all been there – the thrill of a new city, the excitement of exploring unknown streets, and the undeniable urge to bring our trusty board and gears along for the ride. But traveling with a board isn’t always as simple as it seems. It requires careful planning and smart packing of your gears, not just to keep your board safe but also to ensure you’re prepared for any skateboarding adventure that might come your way.

So, if you’re looking for an electric skateboard that you can put on carry-on luggage or place in an overhead compartment, you’re in the right place. Here, we will share a buying guide for the best board on the go, which you can bring with you on a plane or train until you reach your final destination.

We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide on travel friendly skateboarding gear for skateboarding safety on your travels, from choosing the right board for travel, selecting sturdy skateboard bags, must-have protective paraphernalia such as skate helmet, wrist guards, skate shoes, and knee pads for safe skating, essential maintenance tools like wax, bearings, and wheels to keep your board in top shape, and cool accessories like grip tape, bearings, and trucks that make your journey smoother.

Image 1: Traveling with skateboards can be fun. Some people are happy taking their skateboard when they go around the city. There are travel-friendly skateboards and gears that you can buy and use.
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Plus some handy tips for making traveling with a skateboard a breeze. So grab your helmet, socks, and other safety paraphernalia, and get ready because we’re about to make your next trip an epic skateboard adventure!

Skateboards are a great way to explore new cities and take your adventures to the next level, and with the right travel-friendly gears, you can be sure to make the most of your journey.

The Best Skateboard For Travel

When it comes to the best skateboard for travel, finding the perfect fit for your journey is essential. Decide on a board that fits comfortably within your backpack, ensuring it’s the right size for both convenience and ease of transportation. As you embark on a new adventure, the size and fit of your board become crucial.

Pay attention to the length and thickness of the board; a compact but sturdy option that offers a good fit among your clothes can be a great choice. Skateboard straps and padding provide protection to the board, and a snug arrangement in your backpack will eliminate worries about damage during transit.

It’s worth noting that the market offers tough and versatile boards designed specifically for travel, catering to riders seeking adventure in various destinations around the world.

So, whether you’re skate-riding through the streets of Canada or exploring any other fascinating location in the United States, a thoughtfully selected travel skateboard ensures you’re ready to navigate new terrains while enjoying the freedom of skateboarding.

Choosing The Right Skateboard For Travel

When it comes to skateboards, choosing the right board for travel requires more than just looking for style or speed. It’s about selecting a board that matches your journey and amplifies every adventure.

To make an informed choice, it’s important to understand the materials and deck shapes of skateboards. We want to help you navigate these options and make sure you get the perfect board for your needs.

In addition to picking the right skateboard, you should also consider finding the perfect skateboard travel bag for your trips.

When selecting the right skateboard for travel, make sure to keep the overall focus on the skateboard, and pick the one that best suits your travel needs.

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Travel Bags For Your Skateboard

Skateboard travel bags are an essential item for any skater on the move. They are designed to protect your precious ride while providing ample space for all your necessities. At FamilyHype, we understand how important it is to have the right skateboard bag for your best skateboard. So let’s take a look at some of the key factors to consider when choosing one.

Durability is an important factor, especially if you’re looking for something water resistant. You want to make sure your bag is able to withstand the rigors of travel. The size of the duffel bag is also important, as you need to make sure it can fit your board as well as any other gears you may be carrying. For fans of specific brands, finding a bag that represents your favorite, a few brands like Powell Peralta, can add a special touch. Additionally, a skateboard backpack can be a more practical option for those who prefer wearing their gears. Finally, customization options are great for adding a touch of personal style or useful features.

Take your time to find the perfect bag for your skateboard. Once you’ve found the ideal bag, it’s time to take a look at protective paraphernalia for safe skating.

Protective Paraphernalia For Safe Skating

You’re never too cool for safety, and that’s why investing in top-notch protective paraphernalia is an absolute must for any skater. When you’re at the skate park or even just practicing on your Santa Cruz board, ensuring you’re protected is paramount.

We highly value the family unit and believe skating should always be done safely, whether you’re riding on traditional skateboard decks or trying out a new skateboard roller.

When it comes to helmet selection, look for something comfortable yet durable. Don’t underestimate the knee pad importance either; a good pair can save from nasty injuries. It’s also vital to maintain the wheels trucks of your board to prevent any unforeseen mishaps.

So, always prioritize your well-being before hitting the road.

Next, let’s delve into essential skateboard maintenance tools to ensure smooth rides every time.

We hope this article has been informative and we welcome any feedback readers may have regarding skateboard safety.

Essential Skateboard Maintenance Tools

As avid skateboarders, we understand that maintenance is crucial to ensure a smooth ride every time. That’s why having travel-friendly tool kits for easy fixes on the go and knowing how to clean and upkeep your board can make all the difference.

We’re here to guide you through these essential skateboard tools and tips, keeping your board in top-notch condition no matter where your adventures take you.

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Tool Kits For Travels

Imagine being on the road and your skateboard breaks down; without a compact, travel-friendly tool kit, you’d be stuck in a real jam! We know how important it is to have the right tools to repair your board, so we’ve rounded up some of the best portable workstations with compact designs to help you stay safe and prepared while on the go.

These must-have kits contain all the essential tools you need for fixing your board, making them an invaluable resource for any skater. Not to mention, having these handy kits not only serves us but also fellow skaters we might meet along our travels. We hope you find these travel-friendly tool kits helpful and that you share your feedback and experience with us.

Skateboard equipment consists of the board, protective gears, clothing, and accessories. The board is the most important part of a skateboarder’s setup, and travel tool kits are essential for keeping the board in good condition. These kits typically contain a screwdriver, wrenches, pliers, and other tools for tightening hardware, repairing broken parts, and making adjustments to the board. They also come with cleaning supplies and lubricants to ensure your board is running smoothly.

Up next: mastering cleaning and upkeep while on the move.

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Skateboard Cleaning And Upkeep 

Keeping your ride in tip-top shape while cruising the streets can be a challenge, but here at FamilyHype, we believe it’s achievable with the right set of tools and knowledge. We recommend carrying Portable Cleaners, Compact, easy-to-use paraphernalia that helps keep your board clean, and Quick Fixes, simple solutions for minor mishaps.

Even when you’re on the go, you can maintain your skateboard equipment with the right skateboard accessories.

The skateboard industry is vast and ever-evolving. From skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, and bearings to protective gear such as helmets and pads, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to skateboards. We recommend exploring various skateboard parts and accessories to find the perfect setup for your needs. Whether it’s a new skateboard deck, new wheels, or getting the right grip tape, having the right equipment is essential to keeping your skateboard in top condition.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can keep your skateboard clean and in great shape even while on the go.

Cool And Useful Skateboard Accessories

You’ll find a plethora of cool and useful skateboard accessories at FamilyHype that can make your ride smoother, safer, and more fun. From skateboarding apps to innovative attachments, these skateboard add-ons aren’t just about style; they offer practical benefits too.

Let’s explore skateboard accessories like skateboard wheels, trucks, and decks that are designed to help customize your board.

Now that we’ve shared our favorite skateboard gear recommendations, let’s smoothly roll into the next section where we’ll discuss handy tips for traveling with your skateboard.

Skateboard Traveling Tips

When we’re hitting the road with our skateboards, it’s crucial to keep in mind a few key considerations.

We’ve got to familiarize ourselves with airline regulations related to carrying skateboards on flights and be aware of local laws and regulations involving skating in different locations.

Not only will this avoid any unexpected hitches during travel, but it also ensures we’re respecting each location’s rules while enjoying our favorite sport.

Airline Regulations

Before jetting off on your next excursion, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with airline regulations regarding skateboard gear. Understanding luggage restrictions is key, as some airlines or your flight attendant may require skateboards to be stowed in-cabin storage.

It is also important to be aware of the skateboard size and weight limits, as well as any additional requirements for carrying the board with you. Furthermore, if you are traveling with a battery-powered skateboard, make sure to check the airline’s policies on transporting lithium-ion batteries.

By taking the time to research these regulations, you can be sure that your skateboard will be allowed on the plane and that your family will have a safe and stress-free journey. 

Local Laws And Regulations

Moving from airline concerns, let’s shift our focus to the ground level: local laws and regulations. As parents and people who highly value the family unit, everyone encourages you to be aware of the regulations concerning skateboards in any city or town. Different places have different policies regarding when and where you can skate, so it’s important to pay attention to these rules in order to ensure the safety of both the skater and the community.

Skateboarding is a sport that requires respect and should always be done in a way that positively reflects the skating community. As ambassadors of the sport, it’s vital to remember that our actions can have a lasting impact. Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Keep in mind that skateboarding is a sport that should be enjoyed responsibly, so make sure to always stay within the boundaries of the law.


We’ve covered the basics of travel-friendly gear for your skateboards, from choosing the right board to packing it safely. We’ve also shared tips for maintaining your skateboard on the go and suggested some cool accessories, all approved by the skateboarding community. So, don’t worry now because there’s enough room for your skateboard whether you’re on the train or plane.

You just need to find the right skateboard to bring and read some rules when traveling with skateboards whether you will need to check in your board with your checked luggage or not.

Take note Traveling with a skateboard doesn’t have to be hard if you’re prepared. So grab your gear, embrace the adventure, and remember: safe skating is always in style!

At FamilyHype, we value family and recognize the importance of safe skating. We encourage our readers to share their feedback and thoughts on this article and skateboarding in general.

When selecting the right skateboard for your travels, make sure to consider the size, shape, width, and wheelbase. So don’t forget to grab your travel-friendly skateboard and hit the pavement with confidence. Bon Voyage!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are You Allowed To Travel With A Skateboard?

Yes, an adult skater can travel with a skateboard, but specific skateboard rules and regulations may vary depending on the transportation method and airline policies.

How To Pack Skateboards For Travel?

To pack a skateboard for travel, remove the skateboard trucks and skateboard wheels, place them inside a padded bag, and secure the skateboard deck. Use bubble wrap or clothing to protect it further.

Can I Bring A Longboard On A Plane?

Yes, most airlines allow longboards as checked or carry-on baggage, but you should check with the airline for any size or weight restrictions of the skateboard.

What To Avoid When Buying A Board?

When buying a skateboard, avoid low-quality components, inappropriate size, and inadequate weight capacity for your intended use.

Can You Bring A Board On A Plane?

In general, skate tools with no sharp edges are allowed in checked baggage, but it’s recommended to check with the airline for their specific guidelines.

How To Ride A Skateboard Safely?

To ride a skateboard safely, wear appropriate protective gear (helmet, knee, elbow pads), practice in a controlled environment, obey traffic rules, and be aware of your surroundings.

Which Airlines Allow Skateboards?

Many major airlines like Southwest Airlines allow skateboards as either checked or carry-on baggage, but it’s crucial to confirm with the airline before your trip.

How Do I Bring My Skateboard Overseas?

When bringing your skateboard overseas, follow the airline’s guidelines for packing and transportation. Additionally, research the specific country’s regulations on sports equipment importation.

What Kind Of Things Are Not Allowed In Flight?

Items not allowed in flight typically include sharp objects, flammable substances, explosives, firearms, skate tool, and certain chemicals. Check with the airline for their comprehensive list.

Is A Razor Allowed In Flight?

Disposable razors and cartridges are usually allowed in carry-on baggage, but straight razors or safety razors with replaceable blades are usually required to be in checked baggage. Check with the airline for their rules on razors.

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