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Shopping for a new board? Want to be the next Andy Anderson? Discover our expert best skateboard feedback. In this article, we dive deep into skateboard decks, skateboarding accessories, high-quality grip tape, pivot cups, Independent trucks, helmets, wrist guards, safety pads, skate tool, bearings, and wheels feedback. We’ve done the skate homework on skateboard accessories so you don’t have to! We want to provide all kinds of skates – electric skateboards, and traditional longboard, from pros seeking a longboard upgrade to beginners setting up their first electric skateboard, with the knowledge to complete their board with great gears. Our reviews cover everything including all kinds of board styles.


We’re making board reviews to ensure your longboard ride is safe. Skateboarding isn’t just about the skate itself – it’s about the accessories that improve the experience. Why not learn more about your skate and the skateboard accessories that enhance it? Here’s an expert skate analysis of different skate rides.


Read some comprehensive board gear and reviews on the best skateboard decks, skateboarding accessories, grip tape, pivot cups, Independent trucks, helmets, wrist guards, safety pads, skate tool, bearings, and wheels from your favorite skate shop. We want to ensure that our readers can skate with confidence just like Andy Anderson on electric skateboards by providing the best possible skates and making it easy to shop, learn, and enjoy their ride at the skatepark. Note that the right skateboard accessories can also enhance your ride. We’ve covered everything from grip tapes and street wheels to decks and trucks, providing FamilyHype readers with insightful analysis of these products, including the best electric skateboard options.

Skateboarding, especially on electric skateboards, is a popular activity and the range of gears available for sale can help to make the experience even more enjoyable. Our analysis not only cover the main focus of skateboard accessories but also the characteristics of electric skateboards components: best skateboard decks, grip tape, Independent trucks, pivot cups, bushings, street wheels, and other skateboarding accessories; enhancing your riding experience. We also offer information about bearings, grip tapes, and pivot cups for better control. Get ready to hit the skate park with your electric skateboard!

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Longboard Grip Tape Protection

When you’re tearing up the streets with your electric skateboard or complete board, there’s nothing like a fresh set of street Spitfire wheels and skate shoes to keep your ride at top speed and your feet firmly planted coupled with a good grip tape. Check out shops that sell skateboarding needs including grip tape, Independent trucks, pivot cups, skateboard decks, Spitfire wheels, and other skateboarding accessories from top speed to mastering beginner tricks on your electric skateboard. Keeping up with grip tape maintenance to ensure your safety. Tape design trends are also fun to follow.

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Skate Helmets And Other Protective Gears

Riding is just absolutely love, and it’s also about expressing your individual style with the best skateboard decks and the right helmet. Many skaters and even kids agree with this. However, donning the right helmet along with other skateboarding accessories is essential for safety, but it’s also about expressing your individual style. At FamilyHype, we understand the importance of helmets made with design, comfort, and safety in mind.

We’ve seen a variety of helmets suitable for electric skateboards that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors at the local store (from blue, red, orange, yellow, green, name it!) that are perfect for any rider. There are also helmets with extra padding or extra air vents for added comfort. Our team of parents and family-oriented staff are committed to helping skaters find the best helmet and glove products with excellent features for them to enjoy a safe and thrilling ride.

When you watch out for safety precautions and safety, helmets are a key piece of equipment you need to carry all the time, along with your street wheels. It is the most important accessory you must have next to lights. They provide protection from head injuries and also offer a great way to customize your look.

There’s no shortage of helmet types available, from full-coverage helmets to half-shells, to even no-helmet options. Every helmet type from new or old brand is designed to provide a different level of protection even when sliding down the street, depending on the type of rider you are. Along with helmets, safety pads are another important part of the rider’s arsenal.


Skates Pads

As we dive into the world of board riding, we must chat about safety pads. These aren’t just optional extras, they’re vital for protecting us from potential injuries and ensuring we can keep enjoying our rides. We’ll be discussing the best knee and elbow pads on the market for skaters, including those designed as electric skateboard accessories, as well as how to use and maintain them properly, so strap in and stick on!

Importance Of Safety Pads

At FamilyHype, we understand the importance of safety pads for any serious rider. They keep skaters safe. From decks to wheels and bearings to grip tape and safety pads, every component is essential for optimal protection during a ride.

Learning tricks at the skatepark or at home is part of a good riding experience. We encourage readers to share their product reviews and experiences on all items, including hardware and safety pads so that we can continue to provide the best advice and guidance.

Best Knee And Elbow Pads For Skaters

When it comes to choosing the best knee pads, padded shoulder straps, and elbow pads for skaters, we’ve got you covered with top-notch recommendations from FamilyHype that’ll ensure the utmost protection during your thrilling adventures.

Board riding is known as an extreme sport and requires protective gear to help prevent injuries. So, prioritize pad durability and impact absorption; they’re key in safeguarding against nasty falls.


A great choice of scooter brand in the market today delivers a good break system, water-resistant wheels like Spitfire wheels, and should be convenient. Knowing how to properly use and maintain your protective gear, available at your local shop, is an important part of the experience. Let’s help each other stay safe on our skates!

Now, let’s roll into discussing how to keep these protective gear in tip-top shape through proper usage and maintenance. You can find more tips and advice on the FamilyHype website, so be sure to let us know your feedback on the content and your experiences.

Skates Maintenance

Proper usage and maintenance of knee and elbow pads are essential for any rider who loves skateboarding.

The proper storage of gears including grip tape, pivot cups, and wheels especially if they’re brands like Spitfire wheels or Bones wheels, is also a key factor in preserving them for as long as possible. With these practices in place, we’re confident that we can now discuss tools and the mechanics of this sport with fun and confidence.

  • clean skates
  • lubricate skate accessories & bearings
  • lubricate skate wheels & accessories
  • wipe off dirt on your skates
  • clean skate accessories, wheels, trucks, and other components
skateboarding accessory

It’s important to remember that maintaining your pads is key to an enjoyable and safe experience with your board. We encourage readers to share their own experiences and tips for proper board maintenance with our community.

Board riding is an activity that falls under the primary focus of ‘Sports & Recreation’. Other activities under this topic include Biking, Rollerblading, and Snowboarding, all of which are great examples of ‘outdoor activities‘ for you and the whole family.

Longboarders Must-Have Safety Kits

Let’s dive into a crucial aspect of skateboarding that often goes undervalued – tools. In the board gears analysis, we’ll explore the essential tools every skater should have in their kit, provide insightful reviews on multi-function tools, and guide you on how to proficiently use these tools. Note that these can be a good reason to give gift cards to a friend, as they can use their gift cards to add to their cart skateboarding essentials and even new skateboards or Spitfire wheels.

Equipping yourself with the right tool and product knowledge can heighten your skating experience and keep your board in top shape.

You can’t deny that having the right tools on hand can make all the difference in you and your kids’ experience. At FamilyHype, we understand that having reliable gear in your backpack and the right gear is key for all skaters. Let’s consider some essentials:

  • Skateboard protective gear for safety skateboard reviews
  • Skateboard stickers for board customization reviews
  • Quality skateboard wax reviews
  • Reliable skateboard bearings & skateboard parts
  • Durable skateboard wheels reviews
  • Skateboard light or lights

From repair kits to wax removers and screwdrivers, these skateboard accessories can help you keep your board close to top condition and make it easier to customize your board. Additionally, skate tools are designed to be light in weight,  mini and compact, and easy to carry in your bag, so you can take them wherever you go.

Multi-Function Skate Tools Review

Dive right in, and immerse yourself in our comprehensive review of multi-function tools, guaranteed to elevate your outdoor journey like never before! Here at FamilyHype, we’re dedicated to providing our readers with honest and reliable reviews and advice for a variety of topics, and tools from the best brand boards are no exception. We’ve meticulously compared products for their tool durability, functionality, and price in our detailed product reviews, serving as your essential guide to skateboarding gear. These handy devices offer unprecedented support for fellow skaters. Some shops offer gift cards so you can give a friend or a family member some gift cards on their special day. At least, with gift cards, they can choose whichever they like and what they need.

Longboard Tools Review

Mastering the use of tools can truly transform and add flare to how you view your experience, providing a sense of independence and expertise that’s hard to beat. When talking about tools, this means considering your all-around skate backpack which can mount your tool kit or tool set, as well as the tool pouch – all of which have a range of sizes, shapes, and materials used. Common tools include a wrench, adjustable wrench, Allen wrench, and screwdriver. These tools help us to have smoother rides. Remember to:

  • Select the right skateboard tool for each part of your skateboard
  • Regularly tighten and adjust skateboard trucks using these skateboard tools
  • Maintain skateboard wheels and skateboard bearings properly
  • Tune up your skateboard

By understanding the importance of tools and knowing how to use them correctly, we can be sure that our experience is smooth and enjoyable. So, let’s delve into the exciting world of tools and make sure we can make the most of our skateboarding experience.

Wheels And Bearings

Without a doubt, the performance of your skate hinges largely on the quality of its bearings – they’re that crucial! Maintaining bearing cleanliness and timely bearing replacement is essential to the riding experience. We believe in serving others by sharing our knowledge about these tiny components.

Bearing size is measured in millimeters, the material used is usually steel, and they come in a variety of shapes such as round, conical, and flat. Their smooth rotation ensures you glide effortlessly.


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Mini Board Wheels

In the adventurous and cool world of skateboarding, just like with using a bike, roller skates and scooters, mini-board, or an electric board, it’s the wheels that truly make a difference in your journey. Consider these key points when choosing wheels from the wide selection of board brands and manufacturers available on FamilyHype:

  1. Wheel durometer: This affects your sturdy ride’s speed and smoothness, especially when choosing the right street wheels. Durometer is the measure of a wheel’s hardness, often referred to as the A-scale (90A-101A).
  2. Artistic wheels: Best for beginners due to their wider design, these wheels are often larger and softer than other options, providing greater stability and grip.
  3. Size: Larger sizes offer more speed, but can be more difficult to control. Choosing the right size wheel you can replace for your skill level is important.
  4. Material: Urethane-based wheels provide durability and are the most popular option for skateboarding.


We’ve covered everything from grip tapes to skateboard wheels, providing FamilyHype readers with insightful review of these essential gears. Remember, they’re not just for enhancing your ride, but also to lock in on safety. So, let’s hit the skatepark with confidence! Learn tricks at night or in broad daylight. Work great!

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Skateboarding is a popular activity for people of all ages, often enjoyed at night with vibrant lights, and the range of skateboard accessories available can help to make the experience even more enjoyable. It’s important to make sure you choose the right equipment to ensure a safe and fun ride – from the deck and trucks to wheels, bearings, and grip tapes. Here at FamilyHype, we provide comprehensive electric skateboard gears review, so you can make sure you have the best possible setup for your ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Do You Customize Your Longboards?

Personalizing your board deck is a great way to make it your own. You can add a custom image, text, or design to make it stand out from the crowd. When you personalize your board deck, you are creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you can enjoy for years to come.

What Size Of Longboards To Get?

The size of a skateboard is important. The width of a board is typically measured in inches and ranges from 7.5 to 8.5 inches. When choosing a board, consider your shoe size and how it relates to the width of the deck.

How Do You Buy Quality Longboard?

We recommend starting with a 7.75″ or 8.0″ deck. Most full-sized complete boards come in these widths, so this is a good place to start. As you gain experience, you can decide if you need a wider board.

  • Check skateboard reviews & price before buying.
  • Customer skateboard reviews should be legit.
  • Be alert with skateboard reviews.
  • Verify skateboard reviews.

What’s The Board Difference?

Skateboards are more rigid than longboards. Cruisers and skates have softer wheels than boards. The skates are great for long distances and downhill, and boards are perfect for technical tricks. Skateboards, cruisers, and long boards all have different shapes.

  • Reviews say a skateboard is shorter than a longboard.
  • Skateboard has better reviews.
  • Skateboard is great for beginners.
  • Skateboard is fast.

How Do I Protect My Skateboard Accessory?

Scratching and damaging your skateboard deck and the graphics on it is part of board riding. The more your skate deck is used, the more respect you will earn in the community. However, if you want extra protection, you can shop boards and buy spray varnish for acrylic paintings or make your own skate spray. If you want a high-gloss finish for skate materials, you will need to use a liquid skate varnish.

How  To Tell If A Skateboard Gear Is Legit?

This business is highly dependent on the community they are in – but most of the time, the manufacturers ensure that skateboards are of the best quality. A top-quality skateboard deck will be light in weight but sturdy, and will also provide “pop.”

  • great skateboard reviews
  • shining skateboard gear
  • sturdy skateboard parts

How Do You Check A Longboard?

Most airlines do not allow shipping skateboards as carry-on luggage, but you can check them in for a fee. If you choose to check your skateboard, it is best to disassemble it first.

  • retract skateboard
  • remove skateboard trucks
  • disassemble skateboard wheels
  • pack skateboard parts separately

How Many Ply Should A Longboard Be?

Standard boards are usually made up of 7 or 9 pieces set of hard maple wood that are glued together and pressed into the concave shape that pro skateboarders prefer.

What Does Reviews Say?

A standard deck size of 7.5 to 8.0 inches is the most suitable for most female skateboarders with shoe sizes of 11 or less.


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