Cruiser Skateboards For Smooth Rides

As we plunge into the exhilarating world of skateboard riding, our focus narrows down to one popular variety – cruiser skateboard. Most reviews from experienced riders and beginners alike consistently praise the cruiser skateboard for its comfort and smooth rides, making the cruiser board a must-have for enthusiasts and beginners alike.

A Cruiser Skateboard

Here at Family Hype, we strive to provide the best advice for skateboarders who want to get the most out of their rides. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or a beginner looking for guidance, our goal is to offer insights that contribute to a safe, stylish, and comfy ride.

In this article, we’re going to delve deep into what makes these boards tick, from understanding their unique features to reviewing some top brands on the market. We’ll also compare our favorite picks and share a handy buying guide with tips that’ll help you make an informed choice.

So whether you’re looking to enjoy a leisurely ride around your neighborhood or weave through crowded city streets with ease, this is just the place for you. Let’s cut to the chase and start cruising towards finding your perfect cruiser board – and we’d love to hear your feedback along the way!

Cruiser Board: Key Takeaways

  • When buying a cruiser skateboard, consider the cruiser board’s key features like deck size and shape, wheels, trucks, and board customization to match your needs and skateboard riding style.
  • Understanding the different components of a skateboard, such as decks, trucks, and wheels, is crucial for making an informed decision and ensuring durability.
  • To purchase a cruiser skateboard, online retailers offer a wide variety and competitive prices. Don’t forget to read cruiser reviews and compare options. Reviews provide insights into the experiences of other riders.
  • Proper skateboard maintenance is essential to keep your cruiser skateboard in excellent condition; regularly clean, check for wear and tear, and store the cruiser skateboard in a dry place away from extreme temperatures and moisture.

Choose the right wheel selection based on your cruising style and share your experiences and feedback to help others in their skateboarding journey.

Understanding A Cruiser Skateboard

You’ve got to understand, that cruiser skateboards aren’t just a mode of transportation, they’re a lifestyle that fills your world with exhilaration and freedom. It’s about immersing into the skateboarding culture, embracing the cruiser benefits like flexibility and ease. Whether you’re weaving through the urban landscape, cruising down the boardwalk, or exploring alternative routes and other short distances that other boards might miss, the cruiser experience is a unique and liberating journey that transcends the ordinary commute, especially when you engage in deep carves to enhance your control and add a stylistic flair to your riding. For those seeking a versatile and stylish option, cruiser boards are a solid choice, offering not only less weight but also a distinctive and liberating riding experience.

Woman with denim shorts holds a cruiser board.

Now that we’ve touched on what makes cruiser boards special, let’s dive into some key features to consider before buying one. Cruising on a skateboard requires a certain level of skill, so it is important to know the basics of this sport, like speed control, balance, and turning. It is also important to know the different types of boards and their components, such as trucks, wheels, and decks.

With bigger, softer wheels and features like wheel wells to accommodate these larger wheels, cruiser skateboards provide a very smooth ride for taller riders. The inclusion of soft wheels is crucial for absorbing shocks and vibrations from rough surfaces, enhancing the overall comfort of the ride. Other wheels, like aftermarket options such as Fireball Tinder wheels, are often chosen for their enhanced size and softness, contributing to a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Skateboard trucks, such as polar bear trucks and Paris street trucks, are crucial for a responsive cruiser, and the quality bearings ensure a smooth gliding experience.

With these elements in mind, you can choose the perfect cruiser skateboard that fits your needs, be it for commuting, tricks, or just cruising around town.

Cruiser Skateboard Features To Consider

When it comes to choosing the right board, certain features should not be overlooked. We know that finding the perfect ride can be daunting, so let’s take a look at the key components that will help you make the best decision.

When it comes to enjoying the perfect skateboarding experience, selecting the best standard cruiser with a quality and stable board is paramount. Deck size and shape, wheel size, wheels, trucks, and board customization are all important factors that should be considered, especially by an experienced rider. A standard cruiser is designed to navigate various terrains, and it’s crucial to take into account features that enhance performance, especially if you plan to ride on rough terrain.

The Skateboard Deck

The deck, essential for maneuverability, relies on its foundation, size, and shape. Opting for a deck with a mellow concave can offer a more stable and comfortable ride, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a gentler curve. One good example is the Arbor Pocket Rocket, which offers mellow concave, enhancing the overall riding experience. Additionally, consider the quality of the wood; decks made from Canadian Maple wood offer durability and performance. The use of Canadian Maple wood further elevates your skateboarding setup. It’s essential to avoid boards with poor-quality components, as they can negatively affect your ride.  Additionally, a flexible deck can add an extra layer of responsiveness, allowing riders to enjoy a dynamic and enjoyable ride.

The Wheels

The wheel size, influenced by factors like wheel wells, affects speed and the street surfing experience, and this consideration applies to most cruiser boards. Great wheels, such as Hawgs wheels, can notably boost rolling speed, providing not only a faster ride but also more stability. Larger wheels offer a stable ride over rough surfaces, making them suitable for cruising in urban environments where you might encounter small rocks, cracks, or debris. Small wheels, on the other hand, may offer better control at lower speeds. It’s important to consider wheel size and the presence of wheel wells when customizing your skateboard for the ideal riding experience. f you’re starting with a complete cruiser, the stock wheels that come with it should be suitable for casual cruising, but upgrading to specialized wheels can enhance your overall skateboarding experience.


Trucks also influence turning capabilities, and adding a front truck to your board customization ensures a unique ride tailored to your preferences. The trucks, connecting the wheels to the deck, significantly affect stability and control while cruising, so choosing the right setup is essential for your riding style. Ensure that the trucks line up properly with your riding preferences to optimize stability, control, and turning responsiveness. If you prefer a bit stiff feel, adjusting the trucks accordingly can enhance your overall skateboarding experience.

Portability Feature

Easy-to-carry features, along with grip tape quality, are vital when selecting the best cruiser skateboard, providing all the cruiser boards with considerations that enhance portability, comfort, and convenience for skaters on the move. This makes skateboarding more versatile and accessible in different skate environments, offering a great board for enthusiasts of all levels.

With these features in mind, we can now explore the best brands that excel in these areas, ensuring you cruise comfortably according to personal preference. By taking the time to consider these key features, you can better serve yourself and others in their search for the perfect cruiser board. Share your feedback and experience with us in the comments section below!

What Are Mini Cruisers? 

A mini cruiser skateboard is a smaller and more compact version of a traditional skateboard or cruiser skateboard. It features a shorter deck length, narrower width, and smaller wheels compared to standard skateboards. Mini cruiser boards, like the micro cruiser types, are designed for easy portability and maneuverability. This makes them ideal for commuting, cruising around town, or navigating through crowded spaces. Despite their smaller size, mini cruiser boards often provide a smoother ride and enjoyable riding experience. Smaller cruiser boards are a popular choice for those who prioritize convenience and mobility in their skateboarding activities.

It’s worth noting that there are other cruiser boards on the market, each designed with specific features to cater to the diverse preferences of skateboarders. From micro cruiser types to full-sized cruiser boards, each variant offers a unique riding experience tailored to different needs.

Top Cruiser Skateboard Brands

Let’s explore some of the best cruiser skateboard brands that are making waves in the skateboarding world. We’ll start with the popular brands Penny, Globe, Fireball, and Quest, which have successfully combined traditional and modern styles to create high-quality boards for smoother rides.

cruiser skateboard

Here at FamilyHype, we’re passionate about helping families make informed decisions about recreational activities. So, we want to take this opportunity to provide a detailed review of top cruiser skateboards.

  • Penny Cruiser: The Penny Cruiser, celebrated for its compact size, iconic plastic deck, vibrant colors, and portability, has received positive reviews. Inspired by classic ’70s skateboards, this cruiser skateboard offers a smooth ride and is popular for commuting and cruising with a touch of retro style.
  • Globe Cruiser: Globe cruisers are known for their diverse designs, quality construction, and versatility in various skateboarding disciplines. According to reviews, its Globe Big Blazer series often emphasizes both style and functionality, attracting riders who appreciate a combination of aesthetics and performance.
  • Quest Cruiser: Quest cruiser boards are recognized for their diverse deck shapes, graphics, and quality construction. Customer reviews consistently commend the brand for delivering on its promise of versatile designs and well-built skateboards.
  • Comet Cruiser: The Comet Cruiser Skateboard is just the right size for going to different places—it’s easy to maneuver in the city and stays steady in the mountains. Reviews for this cruiser skateboard brand consistently praise its gentle curve spanning from end to end and a flat surface from side to side, ensuring a comfortable riding experience and providing effective control.
  • Fireball Cruiser: Looking for another option with positive reviews? The Fireball Cruiser is crafted, molded, and put together in North America. Reviews consistently highlight that it delivers the same smooth ride as the brand’s longboard but incorporates modern shaping and functionality with wheel wells and a kick tail.
  • Landyachtz Cruiser: The Landyachtz Cruiser is a skateboard model known for its compact and cruiser-friendly design. This brand receives many positive reviews. Reviews highlight that the Landyachtz Tugboat Cruiser offers a smooth and agile ride, tailored for riders with a bit bigger feet or those seeking enhanced stability while maintaining the same enjoyable cruising experience.

These brands are well-known for their quality designs and innovative styles. Furthermore, we’d like to acknowledge the other brands such as Element, Arbor, and Santa Cruz. These brands are all known for their durable boards and unique designs.

Top-Notch Cruiser Skateboards

Now, let’s delve deep into the specifics of these top-notch boards, providing most riders with a closer look at their design, performance, and overall value for money.

At FamilyHype, we prioritize both cruiser skateboard safety and eco-friendly manufacturing, ensuring riders can have a safe and responsible experience. We’ll unpack how these boards serve both riders and our planet, exploring the unique features that make each board stand out – including wheel size, deck shape, and board width – so you can make an informed choice.

Moving towards a detailed comparison of our top picks, we’ll compare the skateboards, such as longboards, cruiser boards, and penny boards, as well as their attributes and values to determine which board is the best choice for you.

Comparison Of Top Picks

Let’s get right into it, comparing our top picks head-to-head will illuminate the distinct advantages and unique features of each board, helping you find your perfect match.

  • Penny Skateboard Reviews

Penny Skateboard is known for its compact plastic decks and retro-inspired designs, perfect for short-distance cruising with exceptional maneuverability.

  • Globe Skateboard Reviews

Globe Skateboard offers a diverse range, from cruiser boards to longboards, catering to various riding styles and providing good maneuverability.

  • Quest Skateboard Reviews

Quest Skateboard, a budget-friendly option, is suitable for casual cruising and commuting, offering decent maneuverability and durability for its affordable price point.

Your choice among these brands depends on your riding style, budget, and preferences.

Before we move on to ‘buying guide and tips’, consider these aspects when making your choice. Skateboards are a great way to bring the family together, and by understanding the different aspects of a board, you can find the perfect match for your family.

Cruiser Skateboard Buying Guide

Next, let’s dive into the essential details of where to buy your complete cruiser skateboard and how to maintain it.

We’re going to share some insider tips on the best places for skateboard purchases, both online and in-store.

Plus, we’ll give you some handy advice on keeping your board in top-notch condition for those smooth rides.

Where To Buy

You’re probably wondering where to snag one of these smooth-riding cruiser skateboards. We believe that skateboarding isn’t just a great way to have fun, but also a great way to stay active and connected with the family. That’s why we’ve got the answer for you: online retailers are your best bet!

A yellow cruiser board

They offer a wide variety and take into account pricing factors such as brand, size, and materials. Shopping for a skateboard should be an enjoyable experience, so don’t forget to compare prices and gather information before making a purchase. But remember, purchasing is only half the journey; knowing how to care for your board is crucial to keep it in tip-top shape.

So don’t delay, head on over to the nearest retailer and pick up your new ride today!

Skateboard Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your board is a breeze with a few simple tips and tricks from FamilyHype, the website dedicated to providing content for families.

Choose the right ‘wheel selection’ for your cruising style, such as cruiser, downhill, freeride, slalom, and street skateboarding. Regularly use cleaning techniques to keep the board dirt-free and use a soft cloth and water or a skateboard-specific cleaner. Check for wear and tear, replacing parts such as bearings, trucks, skateboard wheels, and grip tape as necessary. Further, it’s important to regularly check and lubricate your bearings to keep them in good condition. Always store in a dry place to prevent damage and be sure to keep your board away from moisture and extreme temperatures. Additionally, consider using soft bushings, which can significantly impact your board’s maneuverability and responsiveness. Enhance your skateboarding experience further with durable and smooth-performing bearings like Zealous Bearings, and consider adding a skid plate to the tail for additional protection during stops and board slides.

Essential Maintenance Tool

One essential tool for maintaining your best cruiser boards is a skate tool. A skate tool gives you enough room to easily adjust your trucks and wheels, customizing your setup to fit your preferences. While some may view skateboard maintenance as too much effort, incorporating a skate tool into your routine actually streamlines the process. By serving our boards well, they’ll continue to serve us on all our smooth rides!


We’ve taken you through the ins and outs of cruiser skateboards, spotlighting the key features to consider and the top brands in the market. With this guide from FamilyHype, you’ll know how to make an informed decision when buying your next cruiser skateboard. Remember, it’s all about finding a ride that matches your style and comfort – happy cruising and be sure to share your experience!

When it comes to cruiser skateboards, it’s all about finding the right balance between style and comfort. With the right combination of features and components, you can get the perfect ride that you’ve been looking for.

Remember, finding the best cruiser skateboard for your needs depends on your preferences and intended use. Consider factors like the type of ride you want, the terrain you’ll be riding on, and the level of tricks you wish to perform.

We hope with this guide, you’ll be able to find that perfect ride for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can You Ollie On A Cruiser Skateboard?

Ollies and other flip tricks are not commonly performed on cruiser boards. Their design and wheelbase are not optimized for such technical maneuvers, as the risk of wheel bite is higher due to the cruiser wheels’ softer and larger nature.

Can Cruises Do Tricks?

Cruiser skateboards are not primarily designed for performing advanced tricks like flip tricks. They are better suited for cruising, commuting, and enjoying a relaxed ride on various surfaces. On the other hand, if you’re looking to execute intricate tricks, consider opting for a street skateboard. Each type serves a unique purpose, ensuring there’s a perfect board for every skating style.

Is Cruiser Skateboard Easy To Ride?

Riding a cruiser board is generally easy and suitable for beginners. The compact size and design of mini cruiser boards, like the Magneto Cruiser or Landyachtz Dinghy, make them especially user-friendly and ideal for commuting or casual cruising.

How Do You Ride Cruisers For Beginners?

For beginners, riding a cruiser board is relatively simple. Place your dominant foot on the board while pushing off the ground with your other foot to gain momentum. To steer, shift your weight slightly and use gentle turns. Remember to start on flat, smooth terrain until you feel comfortable with balancing and maneuvering.

Can Cruiser Skateboard Go Downhill?

While cruiser boards can handle gentle slopes, they are not ideal for high-speed downhill rides. Their smaller size and softer wheels make them better suited for cruising on flat terrain or mildly sloped surfaces.

Are Cruiser Boards Or Longboards Better?

Cruisers and longboards serve different purposes. Cruisers, such as mini cruisers, are perfect for short commutes, navigating rough surfaces, and offering a fun ride. On the other hand, longboards are better for long-distance cruising and downhill riding due to their stability and larger size.

What Is A Cruiser Skateboard Good For?

Cruisers are excellent for short commutes, leisurely rides, and navigating through crowded areas. Their compact size, comfortable ride, and ability to handle rough surfaces, thanks to features like 7-ply Canadian maple construction and cruiser wheels, make them a popular choice for urban transportation.

What Is A Cruiser Skateboard?

A cruiser skateboard, also known as a mini-cruiser or fun board, is a smaller and more compact version of a skateboard. It often features cruiser wheels that provide a smooth ride even on rough surfaces. Some popular brands for mini cruisers include Magneto Mini Cruiser and Landyachtz Dinghy.

How Do You Stop On A Cruiser Skateboard?

To stop on a cruiser skateboard, beginners can use their feet to drag on the ground or perform a gentle foot brake. Additionally, riding at a controlled speed, planning ahead, and having the right wheels will help ensure a safe and smooth stop.

Are Cruisers Comfortable To Ride?

Yes, cruisers are generally comfortable to ride, even for heavier riders. Their cruiser wheels absorb shocks and vibrations, providing a smoother experience even on rough surfaces. The compact size and design of mini cruisers contribute to their comfort and ease of use.

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