The Complete Guide To Formula Pro By Baby Brezza

Having a new child in the family is a blessing and a joy. However, taking care of your little one can be a hard job sometimes. Though most moms are breastfeeding, there are also parents who opt to consider formula feeding. Manually mixing up the bottle of formula to feed your crying infant can be hard work, especially if the parents have limited time to sleep. Wouldn’t it be nice if there is one machine that will help the parents in preparing the heated bottle in an instant? Worry no more. We may have the answer to your question.

The Baby Brezza is a smart kitchen appliance that has been designed to help parents prepare the perfect formula. This very dynamic machine provides accurate measurements, it can mix and warm the formula bottle instantly, and dispenses powder formula instantly.

It is an advanced baby formula dispenser that can be used by virtually all formula brands and bottle brands as well. It is called a formula dispenser machine but others call it a baby formula maker. But whether we refer to it as an advanced baby formula dispenser, a formula dispenser machine, or a baby formula maker, its uses and benefits are the same. It can warm formula bottles instantly, it can dispense virtually all formula brands from all bottle brands, and the result is the perfect consistency of your little one’s milk.

It is easy to use as it comes with an intuitive touchscreen display, an LCD digital control panel, and voice recognition technology. This efficient machine also offers a cleaning cycle that automatically cleans the device after every use. And again, it works with virtually all formula brands and even breast milk if you want to warm it before feeding your child. Once dispensed from this dispenser machine – breast milk, food, powder formula, or formula powders come out in perfect consistency.

The Cost

Brezza Formula Pro is a baby food maker with a touchscreen and a free app (formula pro advanced wifi). It dispenses powder formula instantly and can be used to make your child’s favorite food, so you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. This is available on Amazon for $199. However, Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Rose Gold is $249.33 while Silver is $242.24.

What Bottle Types Can This Machine Work With?

Almost all bottle types (standard bottle types, disposable bottle types, angle neck bottle types, or wide neck bottle types), although Brown’s bottles and other BPA free (BPA free meaning free from the chemical Bisphenol A) bottles are safer to use.

What Formula Brands Are Compatible With This Appliance?

If you’re a parent worried about the compatibility of the machine with the milk brands, you have nothing to worry about. It has compatibility with all formula brands – yes, virtually all brands! This formula pro advanced wifi can warm room temp water up to 98 degrees, which is equal to one’s body temp.

The Baby Brezza Formula dispenser is an important smart kitchen appliance for parents.

How Does It Work?

This is a smart kitchen appliance that has been designed to help parents prepare formula powders to their perfect consistency and includes airtight formula storage. It provides accurate measurements, mixes and warms the milk (warm formula bottle automatically from room temp to body temp), and dispenses it into a perfect bottle of breast milk or powder formula.

Huge Footprint And 13 Replaceable Pieces

Formula Pro Advanced is smaller and has fewer cleaning-removable pieces. It features a huge footprint and 13 replaceable pieces. The formula container has seven replaceable pieces in the original Brezza Formula Pro. Unfortunately, all these parts come disassembled (Baby Brezza suggests sterilizing all parts before initial use), which can seem frightening. Still, it is pretty basic and quick to install — it takes approximately 30 minutes, including washing and drying parts to disinfect them. The instructions are clear and include illustrations.

Easy-To-Use Formula Pro Advanced Wifi

Formula Pro Advanced Wifi is easy to use because it retains powder formula and water at the desired temperature (body temp), plus virtually all formula brands can be used.

Customizable And Convenient Bottle Sizes

If you have enough water and formula (there are clearly labeled lines on each holding tank), you’ll just put a bottle under the spout and select the size bottle you want to make (2 to 10 ounces, in one-ounce increments; the original only did 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 oz) and hit the start button.

Your Baby’s Milk Will Have Perfect Consistency

The result is a warm formula bottle with the perfect consistency. The Formula Pro Advanced works with practically any infant bottle, including our large Dr. Brown bottle, so there’s really no one perfect bottle – just the perfect bottle of healthy and tasty milk. In addition, it has an adjustable bottle holder to reduce splashing.

Basic And Quick Installation Process

Pressing start on the Formula Pro advanced baby formula dispenser enables it to start turning all the wheels you assembled during setup and mix the formula and warm water, then funnel it into the bottle via the spout. Since you’ve picked your size, Formula Pro Advanced will quit when it’s done. This method takes 14 seconds for 2oz and 30 seconds for 10oz.

You can create a warm formula bottle with partially heated water, which was helpful when the water tank was empty and had a waiting hungry child during the wee hours.

What Are The Best Features Of This Kitchen Appliance?


Design Of The Machine

The Formula Pro Advanced baby formula dispenser delivers a smaller profile and a sleeker look and feel by moving the water tank from the side, where it was on the original, to the back, where it is out of the way. In addition, the Advanced includes a small set of wheels on the bottom that make it simple to rotate, allowing for simple access to the tank for cleaning and refilling.

Speed Of This Amazing Kitchen Appliance

Starting and finishing in 30 seconds or less is impressive, especially compared to the alternatives.


Compared to other advanced formula dispenser brands, the Formula Pro advanced wifi is simple and doesn’t create a mess or use up your precious water supply.

It is an automatic formula dispenser that connects to your phone and starts making a warm, customized bottle of formula in minutes – virtually all formula brands are accepted!  You can create up to 4 personalized bottles of formula with a touch of a button! With the FREE App, you will have the chance to choose from 3 temperature settings and dispense from 2-10 oz of water or water only. It’s never been easier to take care of your infant.

Adding The Formula To This Efficient Machine

For this baby formula maker, you’ll need to add more formula about every 20 to 50 bottles, depending on the size of the bottle you’re using right now. Then, simply remove the cover, add the bag, or scoop the formula from the container to complete the operation. Choosing your little child’s formula is not a problem because this machine works with all formula brands. You’ll never go wrong with this advanced infant formula dispenser. You can choose the formula that gives many benefits to your child or the brand that your child loves.

Water Tank Usage And Maintenance

Depending on size, you’ll need to add more water slightly more frequently, every 6 to 25 bottles. The water tank is removable, so you may add water directly by putting it under the faucet or your filtered water source. However, this machine is quite particular about avoiding getting any water underneath the tank.

Cleaning Funnel Component

To get rid of any formula buildup, this kitchen appliance suggests cleaning the funnel component after every fourth use. The Advanced features an indicator on the digital display to tell you when it’s time to do this, and since this piece is easily removable, doing so is quick.

Monthly Disassembly And Sanitization

This baby formula dispenser suggests that you completely disassemble the machine once a month and sanitize the water tank, formula tank, individual funnels, and mixing parts. This operation takes roughly 20 minutes to disassemble, wash, and reassemble without drying time. Ensure all parts are totally dry before reassembling to avoid damp parts gathering formula powder.

While the water tank can be cleaned in the dishwasher, Baby Brezza advises hand-washing the formula canister, mixing spoons and funnel with warm water and mild soap.

Should You Buy This Appliance For Your Family?


Deciding whether the Formula Pro Advanced is a “must-have” is up to you, as you can produce formula bottles without it. But it’s really great and about as near as we’ve found a must-have infant item, especially if you’re a formula family and plan to make a lot of bottles over a lengthy period of time. It’s also reasonably priced at roughly $199 for what it accomplishes. If you want to use it for a long time or possibly across numerous children, you can spread the expense over a huge number of bottles produced.

Additionally, using this efficient machine allowed parents to save a tremendous amount of time, which is something that every parent understands is valuable and in short supply.

Family Hype wholeheartedly suggests it is due to these factors and all the anguish it spared me in the middle of the night. Therefore, our highly-selective list of baby essentials, which includes goods we believe are at the top of the rankings and will significantly ease life with your newborn, now includes the Formula Pro Advanced based on our review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What Kind Of Water Do You Put In This Baby Brezza Machine?

By exploring the best water choice that can be used by Baby Brezza appliances. The answer lies in distilled water, as it dispenses the formula with utmost care for an infant’s delicate immune system. Using tap or bottled water can be inherently difficult due to potential risks from chemicals frequently found in them. For devices such as Similac Alimentum Formula Pro Mini, safety is paramount.

Setting up with distilled water ensures a dishwasher-safe feeding experience that protects babies from harm. The use of formulas plays a significant role in parenting decisions, and investing in the right ones often leads to frequently bought items like warmers that heat and customize content effortlessly.

Reviews show that dispensing and warming solutions are much sought after by parents who desire hassle-free interactions with appliances such as Slate White Formula Warmer. After all, it makes warming formulas simple by just pushing buttons without fuss or measuring things manually.

When purchasing infant products like Formula Pro Mini or Alimentum Warmers that aim to ease parenting challenges while retaining quality care for infants’ health needs – distilled water is the answer!

Does Baby Brezza Have A Lawsuit?

It appears that the machine is not blending the correct proportions of the formula, which leads to insufficient nutrition due to watered-down mixtures. In light of dismissing the lawsuit, users experienced uneasiness. The plaintiff claims their child lost weight when fed with the Baby Brezza-produced formula and required medical attention – including doctor visits – which led to medical costs, physical discomfort, and emotional turmoil. As a result, the plaintiff initiated this potential class-action complaint.

What Is The Powder Setting On This Appliance?

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced cleverly employs powder settings to perfectly blend various grain-sized formulas with heated water – an innovation that delights parents everywhere.

Does This Formula Pro Sterilize The Water?

Nope. But using distilled water? Now that’s an idea for 100% bacteria-free sustenance.

Can I Use Tap Water For The Formula?

Yes, provided that tap water is suitable for preparing concentrated liquid or powdered formula. Ideally, fluoridated tap water should be used primarily while occasionally incorporating non-fluoridated bottled water. A device that dispenses formula has evolved from a convenience to an absolute necessity for contemporary parents. The ingenious invention streamlines the process of creating or perfectly setting up warmed bottles with just a gentle push. It not only mixes and heats the formula but also comes as a dishwasher-safe guarantee upon purchase. This remarkable innovation transforms bottle-feeding into an effortless experience, making it indispensable for families worldwide.

Should I Boil Water Before Putting It In This Appliance?

The Formula Pro Advanced doesn’t rely on boiling water. Instead, it calls for bottled water suitable for infant formula or pre-boiled water cooled to room temperature (45°C or below). This makes a warm formula that’s just right for infants

How Often Do You Change The Water In This Appliance?

Simply wipe the dispensing hole to eliminate any residue and ensure daily water replacement. This approach not only keeps the device in top-notch condition but also preserves its effectiveness and efficiency.

Do You Need To Shake The Bottles In Using This Appliance?

No, with automatic mixing, heating, and dispensing mechanisms leading to impeccably prepared bottles without bubbles or inconsistencies – all at the touch of a button – don’t shake it.

What Kind Of Water Do I Use In Making The Formula?

Using clean tap or bottled water works well in creating warm formula solutions for concentrated liquids or powders. To ensure safety, they suggest consulting public water suppliers to check for lead presence. Moreover, speaking with healthcare providers about potential lead testing for children is highly recommended.

Why Can’t The Babies Drink Cold Milk?

They can. Surprisingly enough, the nutritional essence of milk remains unaltered by temperature variations. Whether it’s cold or warm milk babies consume, what truly matters is the correct blend of water and formula for bottle-fed infants or appropriate storage for breastfed ones.

Do Pediatricians Recommend This Machine?

When it comes to infant formula preparation, some parents seek convenience with automated devices like the Baby Brezza. However, Dr. Ari Brown – an Austin-based pediatrician – warns that prioritizing convenience may lead to potential harm for their little one.

What’s The Difference Between Baby Brezza And Baby Brezza Formula Pro?

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro revolutionizes mealtime for busy parents by dispensing more formula than expected with the simple twist of the ounce selector. The smaller sibling, the Formula Pro Mini baby formula mixer, packs a punch with its compact design – allowing a perfect fit anywhere life takes you.

Does This Kitchen Appliance Work With All Formula Brands?

It can be tailored to work with virtually all formula brands and accommodate any bottle brand or size.

How Accurate Is This Kitchen Appliance?

Very accurate. They observed the formula measurements in grams instead of ounces and attribute the minor 0.05oz discrepancy to human error. In their expert opinion, this level of accuracy is commendable. Ultimately, they concluded that the Baby Brezza Formula Advanced Pro precisely measures the formula-to-water ratio with minimal margin for error – quite an impressive feat in their eyes.

Does Baby Brezza Reduce Gas?

The Baby Brezza Baby Soothe Massager delivers rapid relief from infant fussiness, gas, and unease.

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