The Most Popular Littlest Pet Shop Toys This Season!

One toy that has always been popular with kids is a toy that makes your child feel like they’re taking care of a pet. Even if you have real pets, a pet that your child can take anywhere and doesn’t need to completely take care of is always a plus.


A popular brand of toys centered around pets is Littlest Pet Shop. It has been around for almost three decades, with it making different incarnations and surges in popularity over the years. It has TV shows, video games, and various other spinoff media. However, the most popular Littlest Pet Shop toys still reign supreme. They’re a bit of a collector’s item for many kids and even adults, with thousands of pets available.


These pets include traditional dogs and cats, as well as birds, reptiles, and other exotic creatures. Not only can you buy toys, but you can buy playsets as well. Put your pets on different themed attractions and see what they can do.

So without further ado, let’s look at some playsets your children will love.


  • Jet


An airplane is always a fun set to have. Your kids love to simulate a flight, and then jet pet set (that’s a mouthful) has many different parts, stickers, and pets you can put inside. This is no ordinary jet ride; this is pure VIP. With many attractions and entertainment rooms, it feels less like a jet and more like a cruise. Your pets are definitely flying in style, and your children will love having adventures. It comes with four exotic pets. However, this is meant for older kids, as the assembly is difficult. You may want to help your child.


  • Style


If you have pets, you may think about taking them to the groomer and making them all stylish. This is the same principle. It’s a beauty salon where all the pets come to have a new ‘do. It’s another set you build from scratch, and once you do so, it’s a playful way for your child to allow many different conversations between pets as they unwind after a fun day. It’s smaller and better for beginners to the Littlest Pet Shop universe.



  • Collection


If your child has no pets to play with or wants more, one set you can buy for them is the collector’s pack. This includes 15 pets for them to play with. Quite a bit and they also include other accessories to make playtime even better.

The set also integrates technology into play. One pet, Zizi Glitterton, has an app, and once you scan the pet, you can level it up and it’s like your child owns a digital pet they will cherish for a long time.

  • Cruise Ship


Who doesn’t love a cruise? A cruise ship is filled with adventure both inside and outside the ship, and just like the other sets, your child can put it together and enjoy life on the cruise ship. From a dance room to a pool party where your pets can swim, it’s always an adventure on this ship.  It comes with three pets, a water slide, a lounge chair, and other accessories. The ship can open or close, and it’s quite sturdy as well. This makes it great for travel. You can even bring it on a cruise.


  • Shuttle


As your child builds up their own little pet universe, they will need a way to transfer pets. The shuttle is one of the best tools for you to do so. It fits many different pets and you can cover the shuttle with stickers in order to give it even more of a personality. Also, the wheels are completely functional so your child can push the shuttle and watch as their pets travel. It’s a great way to have fun, that’s for sure.

And yes, it has a driver’s pet. There has to be someone driving this!


  • Apartments


These apartments are definitely pet-friendly! They can fit a whopping 30 pets. That’s enough for a collection. There are many different rooms to fit different sized pets. If you’re new to LPS, they have pets in all sizes, from normal to mini to even smaller. The apartment is quite detailed, and you can watch your child have many conversations and create different stories as your pets live together and learn how to get along. Also, it’s a great way to keep their pets in a safe place when they aren’t using them. Give this set a try and see what your child can do with it.


  • Rollercoaster


This Fairy Fun Rollercoaster is fairly fun. Who doesn’t love a rollercoaster? Well, a lot of people. But those that do have a good reason. They go fast, give you the thrills, and what kid doesn’t love theme parks? Now, they can bring the thrill of the ride to their pets. This playset includes one pet and three different friends. You can build the rollercoaster and let your pet ride. Also, the rollercoaster does have other accessories that are a part of one big theme park, so there’s that. Also, putting it together is easy. It’s all about snapping parts and whatnot. If your child is new, this may be a good set for them to put together. However, some LPs characters may not be as compatible, so beware.



  • Conclusion


These are a few out of many sets that your child will love. When you think of a series like LPS, you may imagine a few unoriginal animals that do nothing. However, LPS is extremely creative and there is a reason why they’re popular. They are like Barbie dolls and sets, but for pets. Also, both boys and girls love them.

The best part is how imaginative they can be. You probably remember a time where you were playing pretend. It was fun, wasn’t it? Now, you can relive that magic through your kids. Get some of the most popular Littlest Pet Shop toys for them and see how much fun they can have. You may even join in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



How many Littlest Pet Shop toys are there?
Littlest Pet Shop started with a few Kenner toys in 1992. By the time they got relaunched in 2015, there are already more than 3000 Littlest Pet Shop toys.
Are Littlest Pet Shops worth anything?
You may be surprised to know how many people are willing to buy the most popular Littlest Pet Shop toys, especially the old ones. A single toy can cost as much as $500 on eBay.
How can you tell if a Littlest Pet Shop is rare?
Red and green eyes indicate the rarity of a Littlest Pet Shop. The magnet at the bottom of the toy should also be red instead of blue.
How big is your Littlest Pet Shop?
Little Pet Shop toys are two inches tall. Their size has not changed over the years.
What age is Littlest Pet Shop for?
Littlest Pet Shop is identified as a toy for kids aged four years old and above. This is the age when children like to roleplay with toys.
Did Littlest Pet Shops have magnets?
Yes, Littlest Pet Shop toys used to have magnets at the bottom of one of the paws. However, the manufacturer stopped adding magnets because they serve as a choking hazard.
What was the first Littlest Pet Shop made?
The Li’l Paw Prints Pets were the first Littlest Pet Shop toys made. They were produced in 1992.

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