Why The Graco Snugride 30 Is The Best Car Seat On The Market

When you have a baby, one accessory you don’t want to cheap out on is a car seat. Babies are delicate, and no matter how many “baby on board” stickers you slap on your car, there are going to be irresponsible drivers out there. It’s important that you put your baby in a car seat that’s going to protect them in the event of a car crash.

You also want a car seat that’s comfortable for your baby. If one is uncomfortable, they can get fussy, especially during a long road trip. Plus, you don’t want your baby to feel uncomfortable.

There are many car seats available, but one of the best ones is the SnugRide by Greco. Here’s why.

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It’s Lightweight

One of the biggest hassles of a car seat has to be when the seat is heavy. It’s a pain to carry it in and out of the car, especially when you’re dealing with packing groceries or dealing with something else. That’s why the SnugRide is designed to be lightweight. It weighs about 13.6 pounds, meaning you won’t have to lift too much to carry it.

However, It’s Durable

Even though it’s lightweight, it still holds up in the durable department. This car seat has been crashed tested multiple times so that it stands up to many different scenarios. You can get a car crash from the front, back, side, or even have multiple cars ram into you. Or you can crash into a wall. The possibilities are endless, and you need a car seat equipped to expect the unexpected. Luckily, this car seat provides.

It’s Easy To Click

Another hassle of putting your baby in the car seat is how annoying it is to click everything. It just seems like you have to struggle to click everything, and it makes everyone groan. However, the Click Connect technology this car has is one of the best. It allows you to strap the baby in easily and without much trouble. This is great if you are in a rush.

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It Stays in the Seat

One problem of some cheap baby seats is the fact that the car seats have a hard time staying in. This can mean trouble if you’re trying driving on a curvy road or are in a bump ride. This car seat has the ability to stay in the seat no matter what. Until you want to remove the car seat, that is. Then the seat is easy to remove.

It Has Good Head Support

As we mentioned before, a cushion is important. You want your baby to feel comfortable and to have good posture while driving, especially during a road trip, when you want your baby to be sleeping rather than complaining.

The cushion is quite comfortable for your newborn, and you can remove it once the baby grows. All in all, we like that.

It Connects To Strollers

Once you’re out of the car, you don’t need to bring an elaborate stroller. Instead, all you have to do is attach the car seat to the stroller and then push it along the way. With its ClickConnect technology, you can take the seat and convert it to a stroller. Pretty cool.

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Easy to Clean

Spills happen. So does throwing up. Crumbs happen too. In short, babies are messy! If your baby makes a mess, it’s easy to spot clean the car seat. Also, it may be fruitful to look into car seat protectors. These can protect the upholstery of your car in the event that your baby throws up everywhere or is eating something with a lot of crumbs. It can help keep your car’s value up and prevent you from spending hours getting that tough stain out.

Not to mention, the seat pad is something you can remove and wash with a machine to make the process even easier.

It’s Made from Durable Materials

The car seat comes in lightweight, durable plastic, and it includes metals in all the right places. Many car seats are made from cheaper materials, and they may break or wear down easily. When dealing with car seats, we mentioned before that you shouldn’t cheap out on them. One way you can make sure you’re not cheaping out is to look at the materials and make sure they’re strong. If they are, then you’re all set.

One Year Warranty

Another thing you should look into when purchasing a car seat is their warranty. How confident is the manufacturer when it comes to how long their product can last? This car seat comes with a year-long warranty, which is quite good. This allows you to return or replace parts should something go wrong with it.

How Much?

You may wonder how much this car seat will cost you. Looking online, you’ll see a range of prices. It goes from about $75-$100, depending on where you buy it from. When it comes to budget, this is a higher budget car seat, but it’s not one of the most expensive around.

Honestly, it’s good for that reason. It provides protection and comfort, which is what you need in a car seat, without too many bells and whistles to justify a higher price tag. That’s why it’s one of the best car seats around.

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The Graco SnugRide 30 is one of the best car seats to buy. However, don’t buy it just because we say to. If you can find it in a store, test it, alongside other car seats. See how all of them compare, feel, and how the baby likes them. Also, consider the price. Does anything else give you a better value? We believe this is one of the best car seats in the market today, but perhaps you can find something better.

Just remember, a car seat is not something you want to be cheap about. Instead, you should strive to find a car seat that’s best for your baby.

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