The Top Steven Universe Toys Kids Will Like

Steven Universe is a show beloved by many. Both kids and adults love the lessons it teaches. Plus, it has been on the air for quite a while. So with that all said, let’s look at some toys that children, and adults, are going to love.


Steven Universe Arcade Mania Micro Construction Set

This is a building set that allows your kid to build an arcade, and it comes with Garnet as well. You can combine this set with other sets as well if your child wants to be imaginative.

Steven Universe Boxed Steven Plush Toy

If you’re looking for a nice plush, you can’t go wrong with the titular Steven. This plush has Steven with his shirt and it shows off his gemstone belly button well. It’s nice and cuddly too. Great for adventures or for cuddling up at night. Your kid is going to love it.

Funko Pop! Steven Universe Pearl Glow In The Dark

There are Funko Pops of everything. You can buy giant sets or just buy them individually. However, if we had to pick just one, this Pop is what we’d pick. It depicts Pearl, and as the name implies, she glows in the dark. Great as a night light or for anything else, it’s one Pop you’ll want to take with you everywhere.


Official Steven Universe Pearl Plush Toy Figure

Here’s another plush that works great it. It’s soft and cuddly. Out of all the crystal gems, this plush is one of our favorites, and for a good reason. It’s one plush your kid will want to take with you everywhere.

Funko POP Animation Steven Universe Connie Action Figure

Funko Pops also have action figures as well. This one depicts Connie, a cool little sword fighter. Your child will love playing with Connie and have fun swinging her sword. Try her out today and your kid is guaranteed to love it.

Great Diamond Authority Pillar Micro Construction Set

This is another cool construction set. Your kid can build a scene straight out of the show and then reenact anything they want. As we mentioned before, these building sets are great because your kid can add them to any other building set they may have.

Steven Universe Guide to the Crystal Gems

This isn’t a toy, but it’s worth noting. If your kid wants to know more about the lore and history of Steven Universe, you’ve come to the right book. This book is available in physical or digital copies and has all the fun factoids your kid may not have realized.

Steven Universe Steven Plush Clip-On

Ordinary plushes are cool, but they are sometimes hard to travel with. This plush can clip onto anything it can in order to allow your kid to travel with ease. They have plushes of all the other characters too.

MONOPOLY: Steven Universe Board Game

Monopoly is an iconic board game that has many themed versions. One of which is Steven Universe. If your kid loves to play Monopoly, this is a unique version they are going to love. Get a few of your kids’ friends together, or play it with your kid, and be prepared to have a fun game that hopefully doesn’t get too angry or last too long.


Cartoon Network Steven Universe Cheeseburger Backpack

This is a backpack that crosses over with fans and non-fans. It’s a backpack shaped like a cheeseburger, with its buns hiding all your goods. Great for all different occasions, your kid, or yourself, will love it.

Steven Mr. Universe Van Large Construction Set

This is another construction set, this one depicting Steve and his dad. You can build them and the van and then get ready to drive. You can add other sets to it as well. Try it today.

USAopoly Steven Universe Lion Collector’s Coin Bank

A piggy bank can teach your kids about saving up change in order to buy something they love or for a rainy day. This piggy bank is shaped like the iconic character the magic pink lion. It’s here to save the day and save you money. Try the bank and give your kid some money to help them start saving.

Steven Universe Mad Libs

Who doesn’t love Mad Libs? Both kids and adults love to fill in those blanks with verbs, adverbs, and nouns as they create their nonsensical story. In this one, it’s filled with stories centered around Steven Universe. Your kid can create their own stories and spend hours being creative and learning about nouns and verbs along they way.

Aquarius Steven Universe Large Tin Storage Fun Box

This is a storage tin that has plenty of space to store your kid’s toys or other belongings. It’s designed like a lunchbox, so we guess it could work as that too. It works great as a collector’s piece as well. Try it today and see what we mean.

Yahtzee Steven Universe Garnet’s Gauntlet Board Game

Yahtzee is another classic board game that has seen many different versions throughout the years, one of which being Steven Universe. This one has a dice shaker shaped like Garnet’s Gauntlet. It has other Steven Universe characters too. It’s a fun game that involves the luck of the dice. Great for all different occasions.

Other Ideas


Steven Universe is also a great series for the DIY department. You can make your own cosplays and have your children dress up as the characters for Halloween or a con. You can create food, props, or other goods from the show. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with Steven Universe.

If you don’t feel like being creative, there are still plenty of other toys and merchandise you can get for your child. Steven Universe has built a world for itself in the years it’s been on, and your kid can be part of that world. It’s a great show with the best fandom in the world.


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