Top 9 Most Useful Uses Of A Bobby Pillow

As a mother, you would naturally look for the best solutions for your baby’s needs. With all the demands of early child care, mothers seek to find ways to improve the level of comfort not only for them but, most importantly, for their babies.


A Bobby Pillow is preferably one of the common tools that mothers use to aid them in taking care of their young ones. It is a small C-shaped pillow that comes to the rescue, especially for moms with newborn babies. It often comes with a removable cover and is hypoallergenic. You can also find a boy or a girl bobby pillow in the stores. Pick one that fits your baby well. It becomes convenient if you can use it to its full potential.

Here are nine uses of a Bobby pillow to help you make the most out of your early motherhood years:


For Nursing


1. Breastfeeding

Moms sometimes experience arm and back pains due to prolonged periods of holding their babies for breastfeeding. You can either put a boppy nursing pillow on top of your lap or wrap it around your waist. Then you can gently rest your baby on top of it while holding your infant close to your breast.

2. Bottle Feeding

In case you are using a bottle for your baby’s milk, your bobby nursing pillow can also help. Rest your baby gently on top of the pillow on his or her back. Support your baby’s head with one of your hands and hold the bottle using the other. Remember not to leave your baby while feeding on top of this pillow.


For Baby’s Movements


1. Sitting Support

A baby boppy provides a comfortable way for your baby to learn to sit up. Let your baby sit in the middle of the pillow, with legs at the opening of the C shape. You can also wrap it around your baby’s torso. Same as in bottle feeding, don’t leave your baby alone in this position to avoid him or her from falling off.

2. Rest And Other Interactions

When putting your baby to rest, gently place the head and shoulders up on the C curve, with legs towards the opening. Tighten the baby bobby to keep your child from sliding off. Having your baby rest this way provides comfort even as you or the other siblings snuggle with him or her.

3. Play And Tummy Time

You may experience uncomfortable pain while lying on your back all the time sometimes. The same is true with your baby. Let your baby try the opposite position by having tummy time using the pillow. Simply prop your baby’s arms on top of the bobby pillow and start with playtime. You have to be aware, though, that some babies may not like this position at the start.


For Baby’s Health And Hygiene


1. Acid Reflux And Congestion Relief

Since the digestive system of babies doesn’t work the same way as in adults, they sometimes have a hard time digesting their food. Putting your baby in a relaxed position using a boppy, especially during rest after a meal, can help smoothen this process.

2. After bath comfort

Because newborn babies cannot stand on their own feet yet, it gets a little tricky trying to dry them off after taking a bath, especially if you are bathing the baby alone. Simply put, a towel over the C shape of the boppy baby pillow. After washing your baby, place him or her on top of it, so it becomes comfortable for your infant as you dry him or her off.


For Mommy’s Comfort

1. Postpartum Aid

After labor and delivery, moms often experience postpartum pain, particularly in the lower back and hips. Place a bobby pillow on your side to add extra cushioning while you sleep. This technique can help minimize the pelvis and abdominal pains. You can also place the bobby between your legs to relieve the soreness of the lower body.

2. Butt Relief

Especially after a normal delivery, sitting can cause soreness all over a woman’s body, and most chairs often do not have cushions for support. One of the uses of a Bobby pillow is to help you find the best sitting position that minimizes the pain. You can wrap it around your lower back and lean on it as you sit down.


Tips To Remember About The Uses Of A Bobby Pillow


You have to remember that supervision is vital in using the bobby pillow. Babies often make a lot of movements, and if left unguarded, they can hurt themselves even if they have a pillow with them. Do not let your babies use the bobby pillow in their cribs as they sleep as their frequent movements may cause the pillow to block their sight or air passages. While the boppy sure has a lot of use for nursing moms, it is critical to use it wisely to harness its benefits. Misusing it may only lead to more problems along the way.

The early stage of motherhood need not be as stressful as some thought it was. We can always find tools to help us take care of our babies better. With the help of bobby pillows, moms can now focus on spending quality time with their babies in a fun and comfortable way.

FAQs On Uses Of A Bobby Pillow

What are Boppy pillows used for?
Boppy pillows are used to make you and your baby comfortable as you nurse them. It is also helpful for tummy time.
When can the baby use a Boppy pillow?
Babies can use Boppy pillows as early as three months old. This is when they need help to learn how to rest on their belly.
Do you need a Boppy pillow?
Infants can technically survive without knowing the uses of a Bobby pillow. However, it comes with a lot of benefits from the moment that they can roll on their tummy to the time that they start trying to sit by themselves.
How do you use a Boppy pillow for sitting a baby up?
If you want to use a Boppy pillow to teach your baby how to sit down, you need to settle it on the floor first. It can be carpeted or fitted with play mats, but it should not be cushiony. Then, place the infant in the middle of the pillow. It is shaped like the letter C, so your baby should not fall once you put them there. You should also make the ends of the Boppy pillow meet to keep the child safe (read further here:
Can you use a Boppy as a pregnancy pillow?
Yes, pregnant women can use Boppy as a pregnancy pillow. By placing it under the belly, the cushion may ease the hip pain and general discomfort that expectant mothers feel.
Are Boppy pillows safe?
Boppy pillows are safe to use for nursing, feeding, sitting, etc. However, babies are not supposed to sleep on it.

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