The Coolest Peg Dolls Out There

If you’re looking for some decorative dolls, you can’t go wrong with peg dolls. Peg dolls, as you probably know, are shaped like pegs, or chess pieces. Their rounded heads allow for expressive designs, but simple too. Peg dolls are excellent for the personal use of your kids. Here are a few reasons kids love them.



They Encourage Creativity

Many peg dolls will come out as blank wood pieces. This means that you or your child can paint them into anything you want. You can make peg dolls depicting your own family, your original characters, or your favorite cartoon characters too. An artistic kid will love what they can do with peg dolls, and so will you. They’re great for painting and whatnot, making them a creative way to, well, be creative.


Great for Decorating

Because of peg dolls’ tiny size, they can fit right on your shelf, your drawer, or your TV stand. They can stand tall and proud, making them incredible for the person who likes setting up decorations. Check its sizes here:


Good For Older Kids

They don’t do anything. Unlike traditional dolls, they don’t move around or make sounds. They’re more for kids who would use a toy to decorate or to be creative with. With peg dolls, your kid can do that in spades.



Good For Role Playing

Even though if you feel like peg dolls aren’t for playing with, they can still be used for some fun role-playing mainly if they depict characters. Your kid can tell stories with the peg dolls. Also, you or a teacher can use them for a demonstration.


The Best Peg Dolls To Buy

With that said, what are the best peg dolls out there? Let’s have a look.


  • Koalabu Natural Unfinished Wooden Peg Doll Bodies – Quality People Shapes – Great for Arts and Crafts – Birch and Maple Wood Turnings – Artist Set

This set comes with a large number of wooden peg dolls of all shapes and sizes. These are blank canvases, and you and your kid can use them to be more expressive. You can paint your unique characters and creations, and improve your art skills along the way. With peg dolls, painting them is easy, but perfecting them is a challenge in of itself. But it’s a challenge that is oh so worth it.

  • The Children of the World Peg Dolls

This is a set of peg dolls that has a diverse set of children from around the world. It’s great to show your kid the importance of diversity, and it comes beautifully painted and crafted. It’s also useful for a history or geography teacher, as it’s the perfect decoration for the classroom.

  • Custom Personalized Family Portrait Wooden Peg Dolls

This is a set that includes a father, mother, and two children. Their bodies are painted different colors, while their faces are blank. You can have them personalized with your looks, or have them designed to reflect your own family. This is great if you want a peg doll set that depicts your family, but you don’t have the artistic chops to do it justice. With that said, you should still try to paint your dolls, because as they say, practice does make perfect.

  • The Modern Artists Peg Dolls

This is a peg doll set that depicts some, well, modern artists. They are beautifully crafted and designed for display. They are great for an art teacher or someone who is artistically minded. Buy them today and get ready to show off your love for art.

  • Women of faith, women in the Bible

Whether you’re a Christian or just someone who appreciates beautifully crafted dolls, these peg dolls are designed to depict some strong female characters in the Bible. Great for a church or decoration, these beautifully painted dolls have their uses.

  • Goose Grease Community Helpers

These are dolls that depict the workers of a town. The firefighter, the police officer, the construction worker. All people who are designed to keep the peace and the infrastructure of the community. These are more beautifully crafted dolls that may be suitable for a classroom or for kids who want to role-play.


What To Look For In Peg Dolls


  • Easy to Paint


If you’re going to paint a peg doll, you’ll want a set that’s easy for you to paint. You’ll want one where the paint stays on and doesn’t dry no matter what you do. You may wish to dolls that allow you to paint them and correct them if you make mistakes. Different toys will have various quality builds to them, so remember that.


  • Custom Painted

If you don’t want to paint them yourself, there are artists you can commission so you can have that picture-perfect peg family that you’re looking for. These cost more, and they don’t allow for creative freedom, but some people just want peg dolls that depict their family or creation, and that’s okay.


  • Durable

Peg dolls are built to stay in one place, but mistakes happen. Your cat can find its way on your shelf and knock them over. You may accidentally drop one. Seeing how they’re made from wood, they are durable, but some are more durable than others. Your peg dolls should be able to survive a drop or two. Mistakes do happen, and your artistry shouldn’t be ruined because of an accident. Sadly, the world sometimes sees it differently.


FAQs On Peg Dolls


What paint do you use on peg dolls?

If you want to paint wooden peg dolls, the best type of paint to use is Acrylic. But you have to take note that there is no need to paint it with skin color. The wood material is already similar to the color of the skin.

What are Waldorf peg dolls?

Waldorf Peg Dolls, from the stuffing to hair and clothing, they are either made of wool, cotton or linen and other natural fibers. They are also known as the Steiner doll, which is a form of baby compatible with Waldorf.

When were peg dolls invented?

Peg Dolls Dolls were initially called “toy babies” until the 18th century when the word “doll” first came into use. These century dolls were first created from bones, clay, ivory, rags, and wax. It is to make them look life-like.

Peg Dolls Conclusion

Peg dolls are popular and for a good reason. They have a minimalistic design that depicts what it needs to entirely while leaving room for the imagination. These dolls have a lasting appeal. Kids, you, and your grandparents alike will love them. They can encourage artistry or just work well on their own.

Plus, peg dolls are affordable. You can get a set of blank dolls for cheap. You can pay more for them to be custom painted, but the price is still quite fair. Try them out and see if you like them. Go here to know more about peg dolls and its origin, 

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