The Best Typing Software For Kids

Just like what they all say, it’s best to start them young! Instead of leaving a gadget on your kid’s hands all day, you might as well place a desktop in front of them with the best typing program so they can practice their touch typing skills and emerge as accurate typists.

This way, they are in front of a program or technology that will leave them with new learnings – enhanced keyboarding skills! There are a lot of choices on the Internet when it comes to typing programs, and you don’t have to pay for most of them!

Kids need to learn how to type early to have the best typing skills for their future

Typing Options Available
Importance Of Typing Skills For Kids

In this digital age, the ability to type efficiently and accurately has become increasingly important for children. Mastering the art of typing not only enables them to navigate through school assignments and projects but also prepares them for future endeavors in the workplace. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available, including kids typing programs, typing apps, and typing websites, that are specifically designed to help children improve their typing skills and become proficient typists.

These comprehensive programs, accessible through various websites and apps, offer a wide range of interactive activities and engaging lessons focused on teaching children the proper technique and finger placement for typing. They provide systematic guidance on typing letters, words, and sentences, gradually building up the speed and accuracy of young typists.

What makes these resources even more valuable is their adaptability to cater to different learning preferences and styles. Some platforms employ gamified learning, turning typing practice into an enjoyable experience where children can earn rewards and compete with their peers. Others offer structured lessons and exercises that allow children to progress at their own pace and track their improvement.

By introducing kids to these keyboarding websites, apps, and programs, parents can provide them with the tools they need to enhance their typing skills. Whether it’s through engaging games, interactive lessons, or personalized exercises, children can develop the necessary dexterity and muscle memory to type efficiently and confidently. As they become proficient in typing letters, words, and sentences, children will be better equipped to excel academically and adapt to the demands of our increasingly digital world.

Dance Mat Typing

If your child fancies watching TV shows or cartoons, Dance Mat Typing can be the best typing course for kids that they would enjoy. Not only does it have teacher characters posed as animals that your child will enjoy, but it will also teach them how to touch type efficiently.

Furthermore, the typing game has four levels and is further divided into three stages. Each level ends with an entertaining musical show as a reward for the students for accomplishing the steps within. The program does not record the child’s words per minute or mistakes. Instead, it will create feedback on what is right and what is wrong alongside the correct answers, words, or actions.

Dance Mat Typing typically can be the best typing online course for kids


This engaging program is all about progress and mastery. An account is not needed to access TypingClub. However, a profile may be created to save your child’s progress. In fact, teachers use the website in schools, and it’s said to be highly effective. The comprehensive typing curriculum has levels and provides badges and stars to encourage the student to do better and ace higher.

It’s a very interactive website that provides different types of challenges, videos, and games for kids of all ages to enjoy. With its extensive instruction, kids will be well on their way to taking on the world by storm as fluent touch-typists!

Like any other online typing program, this is also free!

Nitro Type Race

If your kid is the type who enjoys car racing, Nitro Typing Racer is the best typing course for kids! All they have to do is type the word to maneuver the car in whichever lane they wish to take. It is a game for kids who already know their way around the keyboard, considering that it is time-pressured. What a perfect way to combine play and learning, huh?


FreeTypingGame it’s all about utilizing their knowledge of the keyboard’s key placements. With the guidance of an adult, kids have the freedom to choose which keys to learn first. Followed by setting the goal of as low as 60 words per minute to as high as five words per minute.

The lesson can be as long as 5 minutes to a short 1 minute. Your child then starts to practice the basics in proper hand placement until they don’t have to look at the keyboard anymore!

With the best kids free typing lessons online, your child can enhance their skills or can learn to type faster for sure

Alpha Munchies

After getting used to the key placements and practicing words and phrases, it’s time to challenge the speed of their fingers! Alpha Munchies is an educational yet entertaining game that places the kiddos under the pressure of entering each letter before time runs out. This game helps your kid to think and move fast to win the game. The player must enter the letter above each critter to make it disappear. They not only learn but also have fun as well!

It does not matter how slow or fast one goes. The important thing is that the children get to learn, practice, and master until they complete the course and reach their goal, at the same time still enjoying what they’re doing!

Whatever program you choose for your child, you can proceed as it will surely help in developing good keyboarding habits for him or her and producing a better individual in the future whom you can be proud of. Whatever their age, start them young as they say and you will see it beneficial in the long run.

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