Why Babies Love A Stackable Rings Toy

One iconic baby toy is the stackable rings toy. As you probably know, it’s a pretty simple concept. There is a post, rings of varying sizes, and your baby stacks the rings using the post. Babies love this toy, and for an adult, it can be hard to see why. However, if you take a critical look at it, and realize what stage of growth your baby is in, you’ll quickly see why. 

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Developing A Sense Of Organization 

When your baby is stacking the rings, they are learning the basics of organization. These rings go from biggest to smallest in the stacking order, and your baby soon realizes this. They learn how to identify rings of certain sizes and then stack them to see the results. 

Not only does this help the baby develop an organization, but it also helps them to learn about the sizes of objects. 

The stackable rings toy may seem silly as a parent, but to a baby, this is a wonderful toy that teaches them how the world works. They may spend hours on it, and it’s a cheap toy for all that it can do for your baby. 

With that said, which rings are the best? Let’s take a look.

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List Of Toys 

Honestly, any stacking toy is going to be good. It’s hard to mess up a toy as simple as this one. However, there are a few toys that offer a unique experience, and we’re here to look at a few of those right now. If you’re looking for simple, valuable baby toys that they can enjoy, then consider a stacking ring for them to use. 

  • Green Toys My First Stacker 

When choosing a toy, an environmentally-friendly one is always a good idea. This stacker is made from recycled plastic, and what makes this ring stacker unique are two things. One, it has unique hues. Most stacker toys just have the colors of the rainbow, but this one has unique colors. Two, this toy doesn’t need a rod for you to stack it. This is an easy to clean toy that’s good for the environment, and is a favorite toy for many kids because of the eye hand coordination this stacking ring provides. This is a fun sort and stack toy to get children accommodated to using their fine motor skills, and is a fun stacking toy that teaches concepts. These are great baby toys because they are toys games that a child can start with, and they’re baby toys that aren’t too hard for them to work with. 

  • Melissa Doug Rainbow Stacker 

This is a wooden ring educational toy, and is a fun rainbow stacker. Melissa Doug is known for being a favorite toy amongst kids, and this is a wooden ring toy that does offer a unique, and fun experience. With this wooden ring stacking toy, you get the biggest to smallest sort and stack that offers a wooden alternative if you choose not to go with a Fisher-price brilliant basics stacking ring. This wooden ring educational toy is easy to clean, and this rainbow stacker wooden ring will improve eye hand coordination.  With a rainbow stacker wooden ring educational toy, you don’t have to worry about toxins getting in their mouth, and the feature will continue with all Melissa Doug toys you get.  This is a great toy for eye-hand coordination, and is a simple stacking ring which is fun.

You can also get a stacking ring that’s different, such as the geometric stacker from thee same company.  But if your child wants to learn to sort and stack from biggest to smallest, then this stacking ring is perfect for you! They are the perfect size for many children, and from the top ring to the bottom ring, this is one of the best sort and stack toys your child will love. They make fun baby toys, and whenever your child wants something more in-depth, they can move onto similar baby toys with different stacking capabilities. 

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  • Green Sprouts

Okay, these aren’t rings, but instead cups. These cups can be stacked, and they make good bath time or sandbox toys, too. They’re very durable and are made from plants, too. This makes them a unique toy in the stacking department. They have a top ring that is simple and strong, and this feature will continue throughout all of the green sprout toys. They’re also easy to clean, and are great baby toys. 

  • Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups

Fisher-Price is a toy brand that you can’t go wrong with if you’re buying for a baby. This toy comes in stacking cups as well. These cups have different sizes, making them just as good as the rings. They are numbered as well, helping babies learn how to count in addition to stacking. There is even a ball with a happy face on it, rewarding your baby for a job well done. This Fisher-price brilliant basics toy is easy to clean, and it is simple to use, and it will help develop hand-eye coordination in babies.  The Fisher-price brilliant basics stacking cups are also a fun sort and stack toy that’s from biggest to smallest so your child can learn to put the top ring on top. This is a fun stacking rings toy for some children, and with the Fisher-price brilliant basics, they will help to make eye hand coordination even better, and this feature will continue to help children as they stack the rings, and it can soon be a favorite toy of theirs. These are great baby toys, and they are toys games that they can learn to manipulate and enjoy. 

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  • Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock A Stack 

This is one of the most basic stacking rings toy out there. With the Fisher-price brilliant basics, your child will have a simple stacking ring that goes biggest to smallest. With the Fisher-price brilliant basics stacking ring, your child will not only learn how to rock the stack, but also stack the rings. 

The Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack is made up of different colors, and with the Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack, your child will learn valuable coordination as well.

One of the best things about the Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack is that it’s easy to clean. With the Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack, you can put it in the sink or dishwasher for easy to clean abilities, and with the Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack, it not only gives you baby blocks your child can use, but the Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack also is very easy for children to develop hand-eye coordination, and the Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack toy is great for those children developing skills. 

The Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack is the best stacking toy out there because you can use the Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack for a pretty decent amount of time, about 6 months to 2 years of age. 

The Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack also helps stimulate a child’s inters because it does come with a shiny reflective surface in the Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack that will interest the baby. Children who use the Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack also like the toys because of the fun different aspects of this, and also the exciting sounds of the beads within the rings too. 

The Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack also helps improve a baby’s sense of touch, as they try to stack the rings and put the top ring on. 

Plenty of parents like the Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack because it helps with learning a little bit about their fine motor skills, and the Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack is a great favorite toy for many babies, since they are baby blocks they will enjoy, and the Fisher-price brilliant basics rock a stack also helps inters the baby with the shiny reflective surface as well. With swirling beads and shiny reflective surfaces, these baby blocks will become a favorite toy for children who are learning about how to use their fine motor skills. 

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  • Next-Level Stacker

For a stacking toy, this one is quite expensive. It goes for about $26 on Amazon, while other stacking toys are half of that or even less. This toy is unique, using a wobbling tower and cracked eggs. These pieces are easy to grab, spin around, and don’t fall down. It’s a unique toy for sure, and one that is definitely worth trying. This is one of the best baby toys if you’re willing to spend a little more on a stacking ring. 

  • MULA Stacking Rings

Now, for a cheap one. At under $8, this toy has a stick, seven rings, and a knob. It’s one of the simplest stacking toys, but it’s really durable. All of your toddlers’ roughhousing is no match for these rings, guaranteed. This is a simple stacking ring, but is also one of the few baby toys that offers a lot of fun for a small price. 

  • Plan Toys Preschool Stacking Ring

Usually, by preschool age, these toys are a bit too little for your kid. However, these stacking toys have unique features that can keep your preschooler entertained. You can flip the rings upside-down and make patterns with it. If your child is creative-minded, these are the toys for them. They are fun baby toys and are toys games that are good creativity for a child. If you’re looking for fun basic stacking rings, then this is it, and is one of the best baby toys for preschool-age children. The stacking feature will continue to help children understand these toys games, and will help them understand how to use a stacking ring easily. 

What To Look For In A Stackable Rings Toy

Here are a few things you should look for whenever you purchase a stackable ring toy. 

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  • Durability 

Okay, most of these toys are durable. They are made of durable plastic or wood, and a child who throws them, chews on them, or just roughhouses shouldn’t be a problem. However, there are some toys that may not stand up, leaving a disappointed child. Make sure the toy is durable.  You want a stacking ring that’s part of toys games which will stick around so that they can use them even if they need to start overpage with their designs. 

  • Safety 

You may not think of stacking toys as a dangerous toy, but toddlers can be creative. Some toys may have rough edges, which are not good for the age they are made for. In addition, having toys that are made from paint. You want a stacking ring that is safe for children, but thankfully most toys games for children are made with a seal of approval and safety. 

  • Price 

These toys are relatively cheap, many of them going under $10. However, there are a few models that are made from higher quality materials and do a lot more. Some parents will want to pay more for a higher quality product, while others may not want to pay that much. It depends on the parent’s budget and what they are willing to pay. Many stacking rings in the toys games section will not break the bank, and still go under 30 bucks. 

  • Colors 

Many stackable toys will use bright colors to attract the toddler to them. Toddlers love colors, and a stackable rings toy can teach them how to color code. 

Some toys may come with unique colors, while others may use a more traditional rainbow color. It can be a good way to teach your child about colors and new colors. 

  • Cups or Rings? 

Some toys may use cups, while others may use rings. A cup is more unique in its stacking capabilities and can be good for bath or sandbox use as well, providing more hours of entertainment. The rings, however, are more fun to throw. 

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  • Other Features 

Many of these toys may come with other features besides stacking. Some come with numbers to teach your child how to count. Others may create patterns or wobble around, giving a toddler many hours of entertainment. Some stacking toys are simple and don’t offer that much in the bells and whistles department, but others may have a little more. Your toddler may not care, or they may want more. Having more features may keep them entertained for longer and help them to develop, so that’s something that you need to take note of. You can check the start overpage when choosing these, and every time you go to the start overpage you’ll be able to fully look and see which stacking rings are good for kids. 

Always make sure you’re choosing the right stacking toy for your child’s age and interest. 

Stackable Rings Toy FAQs

Is Fisher price Rock a Stack BPA free?

Yes, the Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack toy is designed from plastic materials that are safe for a child (check here).

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Why are stacking toys good for babies?

Building and stacking boost both the child’s gross and fine motor skills. It also enhances eye and hand coordination.

Is stacking things a sign of autism?

Not entirely. Kids with autism often like to stack, line up, or organize objects and toys. For these kids, it is a real, symbolic play. Therefore, the desire for order is not completely a sign of autism.

How many blocks should a 2-year-old stack?

At least 4. Your child can balance two or three blocks on top of each other.

At what age can a child stack 5 blocks?

An 18-month-old kid can take toys apart and put them back together. This toddler is able to stack 5 blocks.

How many blocks should a 2-year-old stack?

A 15-month-old toddler can stack 2 blocks while a year and a half old kid should be capable to pile at least 4 blocks.




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