What Features Should You Look For In A Punching Bag For Kids?

punching bag for kids can be an excellent accessory for a child’s workout regimen, or just if they want to relieve some stress. A punching bag can improve core strength, teach children self-defense, and improve their confidence.

However, not all punching bags are created equal, especially if you’re looking for a kids’ punching bag. Here are some features you should look for.

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What Is A Good Kids Punching Bag? 

You may wonder what is the best kids punching bag. Here, we’ll go over some of the different bags appropriate for children, but also differences and nuances based on ages as well. 

An inflatable punching bag is a good bag for kids to start off with, since an inflatable punching bag is definitely easy for them to use. A bag inflatable is usually pretty easy for kids to use.

You can get a standing inflatable punching bag. With a standing inflatable punching bag, it can be a good one for kids to start with, and is a good kids punching bag for them to begin with. A kids inflatable bag is good enough for them especially when they begin, and you’re not sure if they’re ready to move onto actual bigger bags or not. 

But, you can also get a bop bag as a kids punching bag. A bop bag is an inflatable punching bag that kind of looks like a bowling pin. With a bop bag, they can literally hit it, and the bop bag will fall back. A bop bag is good for small jabs and punches, and many children like a bop bag as a kids punching bag since it isn’t heavy duty enough to hurt, but a bop bag is good for small motions. A bop bag is also really good for them to start with, especially if they want to go to something stronger. 

For older kids, a fitness punching bag is a great option.  You can get a variety of different fitness punching bags, and they’re great for anything from martial arts to MMA training, to even muay tai. We’ll go over some of the best fitness punching bags that are good. 

First, we have the punching bag, which is a type of fitness punching bag. A punching ball is also called a Mexican punching bag and it is a form of boxing bag that you can use to practice boxing punching and moving away from counters. Muay tai fighters like these because with this kind of fitness punching bag, muay tai fighters can practice avoiding recoil as well. With muay tai fighters, this bag is also quite small and usually with this kind of fitness punching bag it does have some heavy recoil, so make sure your child is safe when using the punching ball. 

There is also a bag free standing boxing bag that is great for virtually all types of martial arts training. Martial arts enthusiasts will benefit the most from this fitness punching bag because these free standing boxing punching bags are good for kicking. With a free standing boxing bag, it does offer adjustable height, which is good for a lot of people. A bag free standing also can help you practice boxing punching and other martial arts, since a free standing boxing can be filled with sand or water to keep it heavy.  A bag free standing also is a boxing punching bag that offers you a chance for you to use your power, so if you want to go out, a free standing boxing bag may be the best option for you, because with this kind of boxing punching bag, you can go heavy, and it is good for building skill. A punching bag free standing also won’t affect the position of the equipment because a punching bag free standing is sand filled, so it takes a lot for it to be thrown off center. 

Finally we have the hanging heavy bag, which is what a lot of people use to practice their boxing punching and jabbing. This is ideal for boxing punching because with a heavy bag, you can put a lot of power into it.  A bag heavy like this is pretty heavy, so you should definitely exercise caution when training. With a bag heavy like this, it’s ideal to make sure that you have boxing gloves too. This is a common kind of boxing bag, and while it itself doesn’t have adjustable height, usually this kind of boxing bag is great for building skills. 

If you’re not sure whether you want to start on the heavy bag or not, try an inflatable boxing bag. An inflatable boxing bag is great for kids boxing, and you can typically get a boxing set that works with this. They do sell a boxing set with an inflatable punching bag, so if you’re not ready to get a whole boxing bag yet, this is a good investment. 

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Finding a punching bag for kids can be challenging because kids grow up fast. If you have a younger child, you may want to get an inflatable punching bag. These punching bags can withstand the punches done by little hands and can handle some roughhousing. However, they are less appropriate for an older child.

A boxing set made for kids boxing is good, because you can get an age appropriate boxing bag. These may also have adjustable height, which is good for kids boxing, since they are growing. 

An older child, which is around 8-12, may need a better punching bag. There are kids’ punching bags that look and feel like an adult punching bag, but they are designed to be smaller. That means there is less of a chance of harming the child.

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Look For A Durable Punching Bag

A punching bag is designed to, well, take punches. If it doesn’t do that, it fails. As we said, you need an age-appropriate punching bag. Your 12-year-old would probably tear up an inflatable clown punching bag meant for five-year-olds. However, even if the punching bag is age-appropriate, there are punching bags that are still not good. It may be due to poor design. When buying a punching bag, always make sure you’re buying one that has good reviews and a proven track record of durability. You’ll be glad you did.

Usually, you want a boxing bag that kids can use to punch and kick without it breaking. Kids boxing is not as intense as adult boxing, but a boxing bag which can take a kit will also be good for them. Durability is definitely a huge factor when choosing a boxing bag. 

Easy To Inflate And Holds Air Well

If you’re buying an inflatable punching bag for kids, one hassle of purchasing that is losing air. Some cheaper models will have the wind knocked out whenever your child punches them. That’s the last thing you want. Others will have a hard time inflating. Again, not something you want to do. Luckily, there are inflatable punching bags that don’t lose air efficiently, and you can inflate them with ease. When searching for an inflatable punching bag, make sure you have that.

Don’t Forget About Punching Balls

Punching balls are small bags that are shaped like a ball and are on top of the support. When you punch them, they spring back. Punching balls can teach kids about precision. For example, they are a smaller target, so your kid needs to be hyper-focused on them and make sure they’re unloading at all times. If you’re a kid, you may want to try this out, as they are quite fun. Adults can join in as well.

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Gloves Are Important

When giving a punching bag to your kids, you don’t want them to go without gloves. If they punch bare-handed, it could damage their hands. Finding the right gloves can be a challenge. You’ll want durable gloves that can take a few punches and then some. Not to mention, you’ll want to find the perfect fit. Some gloves may be too tight or too loose, causing problems when a kid punches. Don’t fall into that trap. Adjustable height will help prevent your child from hitting the wrong place, but boxing gloves are very important. 

Boxing gloves are worn by both adults and in kids boxing for a variety of reasons. Even though their hands are small, they can potentially break their fingers. Boxing gloves prevent your child from breaking their hands from the recoil of the punch. Even if your kid doesn’t hit hard, boxing gloves prevent that from becoming a mess over time. 

It Needs to Be Tried Before Bought

If possible, especially at some sports stores where they may have models available, try out a punching bag before you buy. Your child may want to put it on a test run to make sure it feels good and appropriate for their hands. Punch the bag a few times and see if your child likes using it. If they do, great. If not, look for another punching bag. A boxing bag that fits what your child wants to do is great, because then, they’ll use it.  You also may want to check for adjustable height too. With adjustable height, it also prevents your child from punching in the wrong place. 

Make Sure They Want A Punching Bag

A child can be interested in a punching bag. Maybe they want to lose weight, or grow stronger. Maybe they saw a boxer on TV, and they want to grow up to be just like him. No matter the case, you can buy them a punching bag to try. However, don’t force the lifestyle on them. That can be a bit stressful for your kid, and that’s the last thing they need.

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Health Benefits Of A Punching Bag

Before we go, let’s summarize the benefits of a punching bag. These apply to adults as much as they do for kids.

A punching bag can help healthily relieve stress. If your child is dealing with bullies, test stress, or other problems, a punching bag helps them release all that pent up energy.

A punching bag can help a kid who wants to learn self-defense. Your kid should only fight back if he has to, but there are many cases where self-defense can be ideal. A bully, kidnapper, or anyone else can be a danger.

A punching bag helps a child improve their muscle strength. Not just their arms, but their core as well. You’ll be quite amazed at just how much a punching bag can do for you.

A punching bag can help those who need to unwind after a long day. A kid is full of energy, and punching it out can tire them and put them to bed fairly easily.

There are a lot more reasons to buy a punching bag. We just listed a few of them. If you want to, you can look up more information about the health benefits and decide if it’s right for your kid.

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Shopping for a punching bag requires some smart shopping, but it’s not too complex. As long as you find a sturdy one that is appropriate for your child’s size, then you can buy one that will last them a while. If they are entering their teen years, an adult punching bag can suffice as well. There are plenty of punching bags on sale, and you may even be able to find gift cards too to help offset the costs, especially if your child is serious about using 

It’s a healthy way to exercise and to learn self-defense. Your kid may not (or they may be) the next Mike Tyson, but they can still have one great workout and build character along the way. Try it out for your kid and see what we mean.

Punching Bag For Kids FAQs

What is the best thing to fill a punching bag with?

Punching bags can be filled with cotton rags 12 inches from the bottom of the punching bag. Then having the sand in a small bag, you can place it at the center then stuff the surrounding with more rags. As the punching bag gets hit, the filler will just settle after.

What are good punching bags?

There are lots of good punching bags that are available in the market today. But among the top picks would be the Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit, which includes 70-pound heavy bag, gloves, and 108-inch hand wraps. You can also consider the Last Punch Heavy Duty Pro Punching Bag with Chains Empty, which you can fill with anything you want.

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Are inflatable punch bags any good?

An inflatable punching bag is a great tool to improve reflexes. They are also a great help on a cardio workout. Having inflatable punching bags is an affordable way to work out and burn calories.

How much does a boxing bag cost?

Prices of boxing bags vary depending on their quality, purpose, type of bag, and how it can be set up. But it usually ranges from $70 up to $120. But heavier bag costs more and can usually go up to $200.

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