What Hot Wheels Race rack Is popular With Kids?

Who doesn’t love Hot Wheels? These toy cars are collectible, can glide across floors with style, and they are durable as well. Odds are, you’ve played with Hot Wheels growing up, or knew someone who did.

Also, you may have had a race track as a child. These race tracks can enhance the experience of your Hot Wheels. It allows cars to drive across many different courses. Tracks nowadays have even more features and are so intense, you may be competing with your child to play with it. Without further ado, here are some tracks you can play with.

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Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Here’s a good track to introduce, as it shows just how imaginative these sets can be. There are ramps, boosters that can make your cars fly, and over 16 feet to play with when it comes to track. There are four intersecting zones, also known as crash zones.

Crash zones allow your cars to crash into one another. Since Hot Wheels are durable, they won’t be damaged, but it will feel intense.

Overall, this set is quite fun to play with, and it shows adults just how far Hot Wheels have come.


Super Ultimate Garage Playset

If your child collects Hot Wheels, they will need a place to store them. The drawer? Nah. The toy box? Too messy. One place they can store their toys in is in the garage. This can fit 140 cars and possibly more. It even has an elevator so that your child can transport them. It’s over three feet tall.

And that’s not all. It comes with a car wish, diner, penthouse, and a Gorilla that will try to grab the cars. This playset is a bit pricey, but it’s something your child is going to love! With so many moving parts and scenarios to encourage your child’s imagination, it’s one of the best sets out there.

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Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi-Loop Box

Many of these sets have a design already. What if you have a creative kid who wants to build their own track from scratch? Luckily, there is a solution, and that solution is the track builder. Your child can create their own tracks and experiment with them. This multi-loop box has it all, and your child will love it. They can even use household objects to make the tracks easier.

Also, as the name implies, it has loops. Your Hot Wheels can feel like roller coasters as they go up, down, and through the loops. It’s so fun to watch and feels so satisfying too.


Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway

Racing Hot Wheels is another game kids love to play. Hot Wheels can go fast, just like real cars, and raceways show you just how fast they can go. This raceway is easy to fold and store, and once you unfold, you have eight feet to work with and multiple lanes. Six cars can race, allowing your child and their siblings or friends to race.

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Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset

Okay, so maybe normal racing is a bit boring. Why not give your child a more exciting track to work with? This playset allows the cars to spin, and it’s quite mind-blowing, to say the least. The cars have different crash zones and as they’re spinning, this can make for some interesting scenarios.

It comes with two launchers, and it allows for two people to race to the finish. You can even use other tracks to add on to it. If your child is a true racer, they can’t go wrong.

Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Playset

When you think of Hot Wheels, you never really imagine an antagonist. However, this playset comes with a villain. The Cobra. By that, we mean a giant snake. The cobra can bite your cars and keep them hostage. You must launch your cars and land on the back of the cobra in order to free the car it’s devoured.

This playset encourages a lot of imagination. Your child will have a great time trying to take down this monster, and many stories can be created by it. We say give it a try and see how your kids will like it.

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Corkscrew Crash Track Set

This is a track that is quite unique. It has boosters, loops, crash zones, and corkscrews. This is a fast-paced, powerful track that can show your kids some great races. It involves your children learning perfect timing. If they mess up, their vehicle will crash. However, the crash is so glorious that your child may see it as a reward. It’s a great way to improve a child’s motor skills, and we believe that they will have lots of fun seeing how they can avoid crashing.


Total Turbo Takeover Track Set

Finally, we have a two-way booster set that’s great for a child who loves speed. It even comes with Hot Wheels, so your child doesn’t have to worry about buying them separately. This set is great for kids who want to have a blast with racing and going turbo.

You can fire the cars like a gun, and they will go in all sorts of directions. It comes with 360 degrees of actions, and your cars will go through all sorts of obstacles. Just remember that this toy is battery powered, and batteries are sadly not included. However, it’s still a great toy that your kids will love.

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As you can see, Hot Wheels tracks have evolved quite a bit. It used to be a small race track with a little loop. Now, tracks are much more mechanical, adding boosters, ways for you to crash your car, and many different races and themes.

This is why Hot Wheels is still around. No longer is it just a bunch of die-cast cars. Now, it’s an entire universe. Buy your child some Hot Wheels tracks, and you’ll see what we mean by that. Anyway, happy racing.


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