What Is A Short Nipple Bottle And How Does It Help Your Child 

For many parents, sometimes you need to look at the type of nipple you’re putting on there.  You may not realize it, but nipples and bottles are actually something that a lot of parents don’t always get right. There are many shapes and styles out there, and ones that you should check out.  Here, we’ll talk about short nipple bottles, and how they affect feedings. 

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Short Nipple Vs. Longer Nipples 

The nipple shape typically is something that meshes with the sucking style that comes with this, so you should make sure that you get something that works for your child. The size of the hole will determine the speed of the milk flowing.  If the hole isn’t the correct size, it can affect the baby.

Typically, short nipples are good for smaller babies. This is used for children up to six months.  Longer nipples usually come in sizes 2, 3, or 4, and usually, they have a larger hole and are better for the baby to get at.  Usually, you can use any of these, but there are special nipples that are good for them. 

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The Importance Of The Right Nipple 

While your baby does choose the nipple at the end of the day, you need to make sure that you give them one that’s shorter for when they’re starting. The hole is usually smaller in shorter bottles, but if you notice that the baby is feeding to quickly and has gas, too slow and isn’t getting enough milk, or swallows too much air, you definitely need to look at the right nipple shape to make it work. 

Choosing The Ideal Nipple 

The right nipple for a child is one that lets a couple of drops of milk come out once you turn the bottle upside down, and then the dripping should stop. If you notice that it’s falling way too quickly for your child, get one with a hole that’s smaller. Short nipples are good to prevent this from happening, and if you notice that your baby is getting frustrated with the feeding process, or they’re sucking way too hard, or if you notice they’re having gas more, you should get a nipple with a bigger hole. 

How You Feed Can Determine The Bottle Too 

For some parents, the short nipple bottles work best.  Breastfeeding moms will notice short nipple bottles are the best option, for the reason that they are wider, have a squishier feeling to them, and the nipple mimics the natural form of the mom’s breast. That way, they’re able to latch and suck on it easily, without too much trouble.  You definitely will notice that short nipple bottles will help with the overall process.

But, if you’re feeding a baby any formula, or a mix of both breastmilk and formula, you might want to consider another option that allows for a wider nipple. That way, all of it can come out.  You may want to consider bottles with short nipples and angled neck a swell in order to reduce the gassiness of this in the process. 

Sometimes You May Need To Go Smaller 

Sometimes, some babies like the nipples that are smaller. If they have a mouth that’s generally pretty small, you should get a smaller nipple, so that they’re not drinking too fast. Most of these short nipple baby bottles are slow flow, so you don’t have to worry about potentially harming the baby with the milk speed, and they are often BPA-free. If you’re worried about the baby potentially choking on the milk, or drinking too fast and suffering, or just struggling with the milk production period, then you definitely should consider this option. 

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The Latching Matters Too 

How your child latches onto the breast is also an important factor when choosing whether or not you need a short nipple baby bottle.  If your child is known for a shallow latch, although successful, then you’ll want to figure out a nipple bottle that’s shorter. that’s because, if they end up having a nipple that’s longer and deeper, they tend to gag.  It can then cause the baby to throw up, which isn’t fun for anyone.

Short Nipple Baby Bottles Are Actually A Great Solution For This 

Short nipples allow for you to also have a V shape in some cases that differ from an actual nipple, so it might work for some children because it lets them choose how much of the nipple to take in their mouth. 

Evenflo bottles tend to be really good because they can help with controlling the milk flow, and the short nipples on this do represent the breast shape in both sizes, and softness too. 

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The Baby Is The Final Determiner Of The Nipple 

Remember, that while you may want your child to get the choice correct on their nipple, you need to realize that they will determine the best nipple for them. So, if you can, try to get a small variety of them. Remember, you might be able to use the longer nipples for when they get older, but, if you notice that you’re struggling with this, you’ll be able to give your child a nipple that works for them and they can try it. You should watch them, see if they’re taking it, or if they’re drinking too fast or struggling with it. If there is too much gas, it might be time for you to get a nipple that’s smaller. If you notice that there is milk coming out of the sides of the child’s mouth, then you should consider a smaller nipple for the baby to use, since this can affect the overall state of the child, and make it better for them as well.

The right nipple can play a major part in a child’s feeding habits, and by choosing the right one, you’ll be able to, with everything in place, create the best experience possible that works for you.

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