What Is The Best Ten Inch Guitar Speaker?

So, you want to replace the speaker in your guitar amp. It’s time – whether you’ve decided you deserve an upgrade and you’re ready to take the plunge or your current guitar speaker blew out, we’re here to help you decide which of the best 10-inch guitar speakers is suited for your needs.

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Now, many guitar players are total gearheads. They know all of the ins and outs of their instruments as well as exactly what they’re looking for in every piece of gear, down to the most minute details, and they are picky about what they choose

Quality over quantity, right?

Well, the thing is, they weren’t born that way. Before the days of the internet, many guitar players had to learn the hard way, working with all kinds of different gear that maybe fellow bandmates or friends had to figure out what exactly they like using.

Nowadays, it’s a little easier and someone who’s just getting into the guitar gear world or looking to upgrade a piece of equipment they’ve never used before can dive right in. And, that’s where our round up of the best 10 inch guitar speakers comes in.

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What To Know Before You Buy

One important thing to note about them is that there are three large speaker builders for guitars – Eminence, Celestion, and Jensen – whose speakers you can actually find in most amps. 

When it comes time to choose the best 10 inch guitar speaker for your needs, you’ll want to consider what exactly those needs are and then what the different elements of the speakers will be that affect how you choose them. We suggest considering three main factors.

Factors To Keep In Mind


Now this may seem really obvious – or it may not – and we just want to make things super clear: when we say something like, “Oh, this is the best 10 inch guitar speaker,” that 10 inch measurement is the diameter of the speaker.

You should double check to make sure that 10 inches in the appropriate size for what you’re looking for, since they also come in other sizes, like 8 and 12 inches. Each inch can make a difference, so consider what inch guitar amp you’d be using them with.

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When we think of tones, sometimes we think of American vs. British sounding tones (or maybe we can even just skip the tone and call it ‘sound,’ since that’s how most people would describe it). What makes that difference, though?

There are three main aspects that contribute to tone: wattage, impedance, and frequency response. We could write a whole article about how each one affects tone, but we’ll keep it simple with an example.

A 10 watt speaker at 8 ohms is not going to sound the same as a 10 watt speaker at 4 ohms. Some people might say it sounds “crunchier.” With that in mind, it’s important that you decide what kind of tone you prefer and consider the wattage, impedance and frequency response from that standpoint.

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Materials – Ceramic vs. Alinco

There is a long story behind the rapid conversion from Alinco to ceramic magnets that took place in the 1970s. It’s a story of war, embargo and a stroke of luck on one Alinco manufacturer’s part, which essentially allowed them to easily replace Alinco magnets with ceramic ones.

We won’t get into the details but there are a few things you should know about the differences between the materials so you can be aware of which may be a better fit for your needs.

Nowadays both are available, although Alinco speakers would likely be vintage. Some people swear by Alinco over ceramic, saying it gives better heat stability and biggest suitability to shielded applications as well less susceptibility to flux modulation, while others point out that Alinco is way more vulnerable to demagnetization. 

In any case, we recommend ceramic for the sake of availability and price, especially for people getting a new speaker for the first time for their guitar set-up.

The Best 10 Inch Guitar Speakers

So now that we’ve gone through some of the basics of what you might come across when looking for a speaker for your guitar amp, let’s have a look at three of our favorites.

Remember how we told you about those three main brands? Well, we wanted to bring you the best 10 inch guitar speaker from each one.

Keep in mind that all of the speakers on this list are ceramic, since that’s what is more easily available at a lower price. We wanted these options to be great, but still accessible options for all of our readers.

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EMINENCE Patriot Ragin Cajun 10″ 

This speaker rings in for 75 Watts at 8 Ohms and boy, oh, boy can it get loud. If you’re looking for a speaker to bring up the sound of any 10 inch amp, this will do it for you.

It’s perfectly suited for rock, blues or jazz and can work well whether your amp is open or closed-backed.

Celestion G10 Greenback Guitar Speaker

If jazz or blues are your middle name, then this is the speaker for you. The bass is strong, while the heavy low end somehow still doesn’t lose even your slightest fingerpicks. Details, baby!

It also has a friendly and accessible sound, making it a good choice if you’re not sure what you’re looking for in your guitar speaker. 

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Jensen Speaker, Green, 10-Inch

If you’re looking for a speaker a little easier on the pocket (maybe you already splurged on your cabinet — we get it), then this is the speaker for you. It really gives you your bang for your buck.

It has a steady, constant sound in the medium and high range, and a very sweet one in the low range, making it an excellent choice for rhythm guitarists. For reference, it’s 25 watts at 8 ohms.

Another bonus?

Its smaller magnet makes it super lightweight – an excellent choice if you’re going to be taking it on the go often or looking to reduce the weight of your equipment.

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