Air Frying Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Snack

If you are a fan of frozen mozzarella sticks, you are going to really appreciate the notion of preparing them in your convection oven since it will allow you to get crispier and more evenly cooked mozz sticks. You can create wonderful cheesy snack at home, and these air fryer mozz sticks won’t have the greasy flavor. Mozzarella string cheese sticks are one of the most delicious appetizers that can be served at any party, athletic event, or even just as a simple evening snack cuisine with friends. These also have a great degree of adaptability, which means that you may use them for practically any event, ranging from a low-key get-together with friends to a more official get-together.


Mozz sticks are consistently ranked as one of the most well-liked desserts at parties and other social gatherings. You get a little touch of sweet, salty, and tangy in every mouthful of these gooey mozzarella sticks or frozen cheese sticks, and cheesy sticks are easy to make at home with only a few basic ingredients and an air fryer for food.

Air fryer mozzarella sticks are already delicious, but you can make them taste even better by topping frozen mozzarella cheese sticks with your favorite sauces, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, or pesto, or by seasoning them with a variety of spices, such as cumin powder, garlic powder or paprika.

This makes them even better.

What Is A Deep Air Fryer?

A piece of kitchen equipment known as an air fryer is a device for deep frying food using hot air as the primary heating source.

In contrast to a conventional oven, which relies on heat to cook food, an air fryer makes use of high-pressure air to do the job instead. You can prepare a wide variety of items using this cooker, such as potato wedges, homemade mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, and even French fries.

Air fryers are now available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from little versions that can produce only one serving to bigger machines that can produce as many as four separate portions at once.

The basket that holds the food in is always the most important component, and it is often constructed out of a clear plastic substance and a plastic mesh. The meal is prepared by placing the basket on top of a heating source, which then blows hot air into the air fryer basket from below.

Preparing Mozzarella Sticks In Air Fryer

Lining a baking sheet with parchment paper is the first step in making air fryer mozzarella sticks.

Unwrap the whole block of cheese, and then slice the melted cheese into mozzarella sticks measuring between half an inch and an inch in width.

Place air fryer mozzarella sticks in a bowl.

Then add a flour mixture with seasoning and an egg mixture. You can also add your favorite seasoning, like Italian seasoning.

Roll in a bread crumb mixture with your hands until each one is coated.

Place the air fried mozzarella sticks on the lined baking sheet, and then place them in the air fryer. Set it to 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 18 minutes.

Put the gooey mozzarella stick in the basket of the air fryer, spray the basket with nonstick cooking spray, and then drizzle just enough oil or saturated fat over the bottom of the basket to thoroughly cover it.

When you are frying, you don’t want to add too much oil or saturated fat since then you run the danger of it splattering out of the basket. It is only necessary for the oil spray to coat the bottom of the basket; the edges should remain uncovered.

The next step is to preheat the air fryer to high heat and get the temperature up to 365 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cook the cheesy snack for a further 5 to 7 minutes, or until the melty cheese has become perfectly crispy, golden brown, and has begun to pull away from the stick.

After removing the homemade air fry mozzarella sticks, they are ready to be served. Sprinkle the frozen sticks with Italian seasoning or any seasoning of your choice. You can match the cheesy snack with your favorite dipping sauces, bbq sauce, hot sauce, or marinara sauce.

Preparing mozz sticks snack in a convection oven to serve for your family.

Using Convection Oven To Make Mozz Stick: Helpful Tips

Check that the temperature in your air fryer is set to a high setting. Another option for determining the temperature is to use a thermometer.

  • Your air fried cheese sticks need to have a crisp texture and be of a somewhat more compact size. You need to roll them in panko breadcrumbs to make them crispy. Place them in a single layer in the basket.
  • While the batch of cheesy snack is cooking in the air fryer, sprinkle it with a small bit of salt.
  • Don’t forget to remove the mozz sticks from the oil before placing them back in the basket. Instead, place them directly on a platter as soon as possible.
  • Do not keep the cheesy snack in an airtight container that prevents air from escaping. The cheese will become unpleasantly rigid, and the flavor will be off as a result. Instead, you should cheesy snack in a container that won’t let air in but has a hole in it so they can still breathe.
  • It’s also possible to produce homemade mozza sticks in a conventional oven. If you insist on giving it a go, you’ll need to set the oven to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, spray the pan with nonstick cooking spray, and keep the cheesy snack in there for no more than five minutes.

If you want to make mozzarella sticks recipe that are both more nutritious and more delicious than the traditional kind, then you should experiment with cooking them in an air fryer. These crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside air fryer cheese sticks are a terrific alternative to classic fried treats, and they are a lot simpler to create than you may think they would be.

You can whip up a tasty and nutritious snack in a matter of minutes by following a few simple instructions. These mozz sticks, prepared in an air fryer, provide an excellent alternative for snacking at parties or as a treat for your children to have after school. You may even put mozz sticks to use in the preparation of a speedy appetizer for the next dinner party or get-together you host. Just serve it with marinara sauce or your favorite dipping sauce to save much in prep time.


With the help of an air fryer, you can enjoy all your favorite fried dishes without feeling as much of the associated guilt. An air fryer may help you acquire your favorite meals without derailing your diet, whether you want to cook a typical steak and chips meal, crispy chicken wings, cheese stick, or even crispy French fries.

Additionally, air fryers are wonderful for producing nutritious baked goods. You’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite delicacies, including cookies and bread and even French fries, without feeling guilty about their lack of nutritious value when you use an air fryer. What are you waiting for? Just add your favorite dipping sauce and try these cheesy snack now!

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How Long Do I Cook Mozzarella Sticks In The Air Fryer?

You should cook mozzarella sticks in the air fryer for 18 minutes. If you don’t have an air fryer, you can bake them at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 to 15 minutes. Place the mozzarella sticks in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and then cook them until they’re golden brown. Afterward, pair them with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy.

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There are a few ways to make frozen mozzarella sticks better. You can thaw the frozen mozzarella sticks before cooking, but this will take longer than using the frozen mozzarella sticks right out of the freezer. You can also use panko breadcrumbs for coating the air fryer mozzarella sticks instead of flour. This will give your jalapeno poppers more flavor and keep the frozen mozzarella sticks from sticking together as much.

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