Best Outdoor Cameras For Security

Surveillance systems are an important technology that should be a part of your home. Anything can happen outside your home, and the top home safety systems can help answer questions you might want to ask if something bad occurs while you aren’t looking. Most systems come in all shapes and sizes, so figuring out the right ones for your home may be difficult.

Let’s talk about the outdoor security systems. The best surveillance systems should have great video quality. You want to be able to mount them where they’ll have a broad view. A wired system often works well with some light included. Other features are two-way audio, sirens, night vision, motion sensors, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

A minimalist outdoor security CCTV. Check out our list of the best security devices.

Are Outdoor Security Cams Worth It?

We believe wireless safety systems are worth it, no matter where you live. The hard truth is that bad things can happen anywhere. Someone could try to break into your home and rob you if you live in an upscale gated community, just like they can in a lower-income neighborhood. It’s worth it to have indoor and outdoor cams with continuous recording wherever you live as an added layer of protection for you and your family. Most can even deter porch pirates, which strike everywhere.

Benefits Of The Best Outdoor Security Devices

There are other reasons for having a home surveillance system, too. If you want to keep an eye on your kids playing in the yard, Apple’s Homekit Secure Video can help you do that. You could also spot the animal that keeps coming to eat in your garden through the camera’s video history. Then, you can take the necessary steps to deal with the issue. Outdoor cams are amazing smart home devices that offer a sense of security.

Using unlimited indoor and outdoor surveillance can provide comprehensive coverage of your property, allowing you to monitor multiple areas simultaneously and increase the chances of capturing important footage. While a single device may not provide complete coverage of your property, having at least one camera equipped can still be a valuable tool in deterring intruders and capturing footage of any potential incidents. You should also consider the camera’s IP rating.

One of the biggest reasons people install these devices is for professional monitoring, to see who might come to their homes when they’re away or even when they’re home. It’s a safer way to greet the person at the door than just opening it. Most doorbell outdoor cameras have two-way audio, so you can speak to the visitor. One example of this is the Nest cam, one of the top smart devices.

Choosing The Top Outdoor Security Cameras

There are some specific factors you should consider when deciding on the best surveillance systems for your home. One of the biggest considerations should be the size of the field of view. If you’re going to put the unit in your entryway, a smaller field of view is fine. You need a larger field of view if you’re trying to monitor your entire front or back yard. A floodlight camera can also be used in a large backyard, even if you have existing outdoor light.

  • Many crimes happen at night. Color night vision is the best feature for an outdoor device.
  • The best cameras have it, but it’s still best to check.
  • Along with the night vision, you want to check for low-light performance.
  • The best outdoor security cameras have an aperture, which allows light into the lens.
  • Look for the best home security camera with a wider aperture.
  • If the aperture isn’t wide enough, it won’t perform well when the light dims.
  • Check for the best high-resolution surveillance cameras that provide the best pictures and video clips.
  • If something happens, you want the best chance of identifying people or animals in the video.
  • Make sure the picture isn’t grainy and hard to see. Look for the best image quality.
  • It’s important also to consider whether it offers local video storage, as this can provide the best control over your footage and ensure that it is not vulnerable to hacking or cloud-based server issues.

Aside from this, try to check whether it offers cloud video storage. This can provide the convenience of accessing footage remotely and ensure that your recordings are backed up in case the local storage is damaged or stolen. It’s also important to consider whether it offers free cloud storage, as this can save you money on monthly subscription fees and provide easy access to footage from anywhere with an internet connection.

Moreover, you must also determine whether it can store recordings locally on a local disk or a MicroSD card slot, as this can provide added security and peace of mind. Free local storage for video recordings is a definite plus. The best home surveillance systems often have motion sensors, which means the camera detects motion. Some of them work to trigger the camera to go into record mode. You can also get a unit that turns in the direction the motion is detected to get a well-recorded video.

It’s good if you know where you’re going to place your home camera before you go shopping for it. Placement will determine what kind of power source you’ll need. If there’s no outlet within reach of the camera, you’ll have to go with a battery-powered camera with the best battery life. Some models use two AA batteries. If you want to spend more money to get a more streamlined setup, you can pay to have an installer wire your system.

It's best to have a professional install your security devices if you're not sure how to do it best.

Are Wireless Security Cameras Better Than Wired Ones?

The question isn’t which of these is better. It’s about you and what will work better for your system setup. Security systems that are ideal for your home may not be the same ones that are ideal for someone else’s. Your home’s structure and property size will have much to do with choosing between wired or wireless systems.

If a professional installer sets everything up, you’ll want a wired home camera. They can tie everything right into the power line outside, hide the wires for you, and run everything through the walls, making your system neat. If you don’t have a professional installer set up your home camera and there’s no outlet to plug it into, you’ll want to go with a battery-powered wireless camera. In that case, you’ll want to compare the average battery life of the camera options.

Best Outdoor Security Devices

The following are the best cams for your home.

Blink Security HD Best Wireless And Water-Resistant Camera

This wireless security camera is a set of two blink surveillance outdoor cams for your home. They’re powered by batteries that can last up to two years. You’ll set everything up through the Blink app, which gives you a live feed in HD whenever you want through the camera’s app. The Blink camera has two-way audio to speak to visitors or intruders through your systems. You’ll also have motion detection sensors, Alexa voice control compatibility, and infrared night vision included with this camera.



  • Small size, not much of a deterrent
  • Sharing videos requires a password and username
  • Motion detection range isn’t the best

Mibao 1080P Best Wi-Fi Security CCTV

Mibao is one of the most affordable devices on the market. It’s a waterproof wireless camera with night vision. You’ll have two-way audio to speak to anyone outside and hear what they’re saying. It can be used with iOS and Android devices. It has an upgraded antenna, so you get secure connections at fast speeds.

You’ll have 1080P HD resolution and motion detection that work to notify you anytime someone is around your home. The viewing angle is wide to see all or most of your yard. Installing two surveillance devices can provide wider coverage of your property and increase the effectiveness of your home system.


  • Best budget device
  • Set a timer to record as long as you want it to
  • Weatherproof
  • High-quality integrated microphone
  • Wireless outdoor surveillance cameras
  • Very clear picture quality


  • The app isn’t the best
  • Motion detection is too sensitive, even on the lowest setting
  • Night vision lights around the camera lens give the camera away at night

Zumimall Best Solar Wireless Powered Outdoor Security Cam

The Zumimall Solar Powered Home Camera has a solar panel to charge it. It’s a little pricey, but you get a lot for the money. The camera has a very wide view. You can pan it 355° horizontally and vertically within 120°. It also has IR night vision motion detection out to 55 ft. Your videos will have great clarity, too, with natural colors included. The body of this camera is made from durable materials, and everything is fully weatherproof. You’ll have two-way audio that has a good range and blocks background noise.



  • Pricey unit
  • Has some connection issues
  • Customer service isn’t the best

XTU 360° Best Outdoor Security Camera With Night Vision

Those looking for outdoor cams as part of their security systems that they want to be seen should like this by XTU. It’s easy to see on the outside of your home. It can pan all the way around for the full 360° view. You can also tilt it up and down and zoom in remotely from your phone. It’s fully weatherproofed and has excellent night vision capability.

You can also connect this with Alexa or Google Assistant and store video in Google Assistant’s cloud storage. The motion detection program can be set to three sensitivity levels, and the audio has two-way functionality. XTU gives you access to a few different cloud service options.


  • Easy setup through a scan of the QR code
  • Full range of view
  • Crisp images with eight infrared LEDs
  • Smart features
  • Motion detection with body tracking for the best alerts
  • Lifetime support after purchase


  • The camera is so slow
  • The auto-tracking feature doesn’t work properly
  • Wi-Fi connection isn’t the best

Wyze Cam Outdoor V2

Wyze Cam V2 is a wireless camera from Wyze, a company known for offering affordable smart home technology products. The camera features 1080p HD video, night vision, two-way audio, and up to six months of battery life. It can be connected to Wi-Fi and offers cloud and local storage options for video recording. The Wyze Cam V2 is designed to withstand weather conditions and can be easily mounted on walls, fences, or other surfaces using its magnetic base.

These Wyze outdoor cams also have a person detection feature that uses an AI-powered algorithm to detect motion and differentiate between people, animals, and other objects. This feature can help reduce false alarms and only alert you when a person is detected, which can be particularly useful for outdoor cams that may capture a lot of motion. However, it’s important to note that person detection is unavailable on the camera by default and requires a cloud storage subscription plan.


  • Compared to the best surveillance cameras, the price is very reasonable.
  • It has a 140-degree field of view, 1080p HD camera quality, and night vision.
  • With two-way audio, you can talk to guests or intruders.
  • It has a long battery life of up to six months, based on how it’s used.
  • Can store video locally.
  • Provides both local storage and storage in the cloud.
  • The design is weather-proof, and the sticky base makes it easy to put up.
  • It works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can control it with your mouth.


  • There is no way to record continuously; it only works when noticing motion.
  • The free cloud storage plan only lets you store 12-second video clips.
  • You must pay for a contract if you want to store longer videos.
  • Some users have said the camera is difficult to connect to, especially when it is far from the router.
  • The mobile app for the camera can be slow to start and crashes often.
  • Some users said the original setup and configuration process was hard for them.

Ring Cameras

Ring home surveillance cams work indoors and outdoors. These cams are straightforward to set up, have a simple mobile app, and offer live streaming, motion detection, two-way audio, and cloud storage. Ring offers fixed wireless, battery-powered, and motion-censored doorbell cameras. These cams are typically used with Ring’s smart doorbells and security systems for total home security. Some models of Ring Cams do have a built-in spotlight.

For example, the Ring Floodlight Cam has two built-in LED floodlights illuminating the area when motion is detected, a camera, and a siren. The Ring Spotlight Cam also has a built-in spotlight that can be activated by motion, and it comes in battery-powered, wired, and solar-powered versions. However, not all Ring Camera models have a built-in spotlight, so it’s important to check the specific features of the model you are considering.


  • Easy to install
  • Best range of options
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Affordable pricing
  • Integration with other ring camera products


  • Subscription required for cloud storage
  • Limited field of view
  • Privacy concerns
  • Reliance on Wi-Fi
  • Battery life isn’t the best

Home Security: Conclusion And Final Thoughts

Security systems that include outdoor cameras can help to give you and your family peace of mind. You’ll know when someone is outside or trying to enter your home. You’ll have video of anyone stealing something or damaging parts of your property. You can even talk to visitors when you’re not home to greet them.

Having a good camera gives you more function than home security systems. It gives you a greater warning level and more time to react. There are cameras in all sorts of price ranges and with various kinds of features. We hope you know what to look for in order to find the perfect security camera for you, and you can add cameras to your security systems that help you feel safer in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Outdoor Security Device?

The Arlo Pro 4 is one of the top power cameras. This security camera ranks high for its video resolution. The Ring Stick Up Cam has many capabilities that give it the upper hand. Depending on how much space you need to cover, a single camera with advanced motion detection and local storage may suffice. Make sure you look for a camera with excellent battery life.

An Arlo Pro 4 surveillance, one of the best outdoor cameras with a lot of power. The recording resolution on this CCTV is one of the best on the market. The Ring Stick Up Cam can do a lot of things that give it an edge.

How Can I Hide My Outdoor Cameras?

You can use fake rocks or fake hanging plants. You can also purchase specialized cameras already integrated into something to be placed outside. It’s also possible to put some cameras up under the eaves of a house. Birdhouses are a great way to disguise single cameras, as well.

Arlo Or Ring Security: Which One Is Best For Your Home?

These are both very impressive for security systems. The Ring security camera has an edge over Arlo because of some of its extra features, cam battery, advanced technology, monitoring options, and reputation.

What Is The Top Outdoor Home System Without A Subscription?

The overall top security system is SimpliSafe. You can purchase components in an a la carte style, and you don’t have to sign up for a service.

What Is The Top CCTV System On The Market?

The makers of best quality security cameras include Arlo, Ring, Wyze (wyze cam v3), and Google Nest surveillance cameras.

Some of the best security devices available on the market. These outdoor security systems are the best way to keep your home safe.

Surveillance Vs. Outdoor Security: What’s The Difference?

A security camera sends a signal from the camera to a monitor. A surveillance cam sends messages differently through IP networks to a security hub.

On the market, one may find various devices designed to be easily installed in their respective locations. The following are examples of some of the models that are among the easiest to set up:

  • Ring Stick-Up Cam: This is one of the best wireless options and can be set up in just a few minutes using either the screws or the sticky mount that comes with it. Both options are included in the package.
  • Blink XT2: The Blink XT2 camera can likewise be set up in minutes and offers wired and wireless connectivity. The camera comes with a base that has holes in it so that it may be screwed onto a wall or other surface. This is one of the best options.
  • Arlo Pro 3: The camera with the Arlo Pro 3 may be installed using a magnetic mount, allowing it to be affixed to any metal surface. Additionally, the camera possesses a battery capable of recharging and operating independently of any connections.
  • Wyze Cam Outdoor: The Wyze Outdoor Cam is one of the best budget-friendly options that can be installed using either the screw mount that it comes with or the magnetic attachment that is included. The camera may also be folded up and taken with you everywhere, regardless of the climate.
  • Nest Cam Outdoor: Although it is more difficult to install than other cameras on this list, the Google Nest Cam Outdoor can still be set up in around a quarter of an hour. The camera is wired and must be connected to a power source; however, a simple installation guide is included in the package. It also offers the best image quality.

In general, the Ring Stick Up Cam and the Blink XT2 probably need the least effort to set up because they are both portable and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

What Is Better, Ring Or Nest?

Which Outdoor Camera Is Most Suitable For Night Vision?

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