A Comparison Of The Walmart Baby Registry To Other Popular Baby Registries

I think it’s safe to say that all moms in this world crave beautiful things for her new baby – and this applies to second-time moms as much as first-time moms. That is why it’s always practical to create a baby registry.

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A baby registry doesn’t only help moms determine what’s more necessary but also guides them into knowing what outfits and baby things are available for less because all baby registries always offer gift coupons, samples, and freebies. They also give out discounts for the items that you didn’t get to buy on your list. Isn’t that convenient? This means huge savings on your baby’s needs and on the extras that you want to buy – shoes, cute costumes for pictorials, toys, and whatnot.

Creating A Baby Registry

 It doesn’t take much of your time. Perhaps if you were a first-time mom, it would take you a little longer, but if you’ve had your second or third, I imagine you wouldn’t need quite as much, right? Also, listing baby items in some baby registries can be a lot of fun, with all the freebies, discounts, and gift coupons you get just for signing up.

There are several baby registry shops and sites to choose from, but I have listed here the most popular. I prefer the Walmart Baby Registry, and I have included it here, along with a few others that are also worth visiting. When you have read everything here, you can choose the best or the most useful site for you, and then start adding all the baby essentials to your registry list.

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Top Baby Registries


What I like first about Walmart is that there’s a lot of them in the country! You see them practically everywhere, so people tend to choose Walmart first because of this reason. You can also sign up for a wide array of items that are available in the store that are not in the baby section. Still, you need otherwise, like thick curtains, humidifiers, laundry detergents, and many others. The Walmart baby registry manages and recommends items that you may need.

Another great thing about Walmart is that it offers everyday discounted prices so you’ll have a higher chance of saving money when you shop for your baby needs, particularly for things that are not for babies only, like the humidifiers and curtains. Signing up for the Walmart baby registry manages you to get these perks and freebies. If you want to check out their app, on the other hand, it’s so easy to register items and browse through the online store. You can just scan the barcode, and you’ll know the prices.

Signing up for the Walmart Baby Registry for the first time means receiving freebies from branded baby companies, plus a free shipping promo if your car seat strollers items total more than $50. You’ll also get recommended items to purchase from top brands.

The big takeaway from Walmart is a 5% off from Top Cashback or 1-2% cashback from Ebates. Walmart’s baby registry manages to help you save money while giving numerous discounts and good deals.

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This company lures its customers with its popular free 90-day return on almost all items (including baby toys, nursing feeding items, and car seat strollers), quick delivery, and free shipping for orders over $25. The site is very manageable, and you can access their site anywhere and whenever.

Ask the seasoned members about their perks, and they’ll tell you about Amazon Prime for Free for 30 days. They’ll also explain how you can save 20% on several baby essentials, such as a baby bath or a car seat, and a 15% discount on other items if someone refers you to Amazon Prime Membership. If you’re not a Prime member, you’ll still get a 10% discount. Not bad at all. Here are other save money perks courtesy of the Amazon family:

  • 20% off on Tiny Prints items
  • 25% off on maternity items
  • Free parenting book
  • 25% off on prenatal vitamins
  • 25% off on other selected baby outfits
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You’ll be making a great move when you decide to register to Babies R Us, as you’re on for endless discounts and impressive savings. Visiting their store always lures moms to go back over and over. The customer service is excellent, with warm and approachable consultants rounding the store, and a mother’s very own exclusive shop.

For Reward “R” Us members, here’s what you’ll earn: 10% money back just for registering, 5% off on the first $300 purchase, and 10% discount for over $300 worth of purchase. You’ll be surprised how quickly $300 can add up when your buying things like car seats, a baby potty, and other health safety items for your baby. You’ll be receiving your money back earnings three months after the baby’s due date. And what’s more is, you can buy anything from the store using your money again – no exclusions!

And as if all that’s not enough, Babies R Us also provides in-store pre and postnatal classes. They’re also known for their significant trade-in events where the store offers an opportunity to save money with a 20% discount on walkers, swings, cribs, high chairs, or strollers when you bring your old ones and trade them for their new items. You can trade-in as many as you want.

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 Buy Buy Baby Registry offers a store and an online site. Consultants are available at the stores for help. One purchase at the store, and you’ll instantly get what you call an excellent bag containing coupons and great freebies.

The first line of perks from the Buy Buy Registry includes a baby book with tips and tricks for your baby’s year one, a registry favorites pages, an online shopping guide, and a registry checklist. Aside from these, they also acknowledge competitors’ coupons and match their prices. Plus, they do gift wrapping and home delivery and assembly for whatever it is you’re buying, including a baby potty or car seat.

To add to that, this baby registry has created a unique promo called a friend referral program, where if you refer a friend who’s pregnant or to be married to make a baby shower registry, then you get a 25% discount on anything you buy at the store worth $100 or over. The company has more promos, gifts, and ways to save money, so search the web now and get your opportunity.

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Target has been known for years for its assorted products sold at very reasonable prices. They have a range of baby stuff that often runs fantastic deals, like diapers, baby potty cribs, activity gear nursery, baby furniture, car seats, and more. Their store coupons and their Cartwheel savings offer are among their highlights.

To make it more convenient to manage your registry, Target has created an app. There, you can search for the items you like, organize them, and find discounts and welcome gifts that you can take advantage of. By the way, your free welcome gift is an incredible $60 worth of samples and coupons and 15% off on what remains on your list two months before your delivery date.

Plan to have your items delivered? Target offers free shipping on items worth $25 and above, like activity gear nursery items and car seats, with an easy return policy within one year. And with your Target Red Card, you get to save 5% every day!

Walmart Baby Registry Conclusion

Whether you register for Walmart or the other baby registry companies mentioned above – or whether you’re a first, second, or fourth time mother, you MUST create a baby registry. Why? Because you get nothing but the best deals from top of the line brands for your entire baby needs. Including deals on a baby swing, baby bottle, breast pump, baby registry car seats, baby potty, health safety baby bath, and baby clothing special offers. And most of all, you save a lot compared to purchasing items in regular stores or malls.

So before you’re due, go ahead and set up your baby registry list for your new bundle of joy. You wouldn’t want to miss the freebies, the gifts, and all the fun!

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FAQs On Walmart Baby Registry

How do I find a Walmart baby registry?

Download the Walmart app from Apple or Android App Stores. Once in the app, select Services, then select Registry. Select the Baby registry and fill out any other requests or necessary information in the application. You can also simply visit the Walmart page here.

Does Walmart give a gift for the baby registry?

Customers who create a Walmart baby registry may receive a Welcome Box. The freebie contains a baby formula, diapers, toys, and the like. However, the freebie is not always available as Walmart may run out of stock. But they’re always happy to give you free tips and ideas for any baby products you’re searching for.

How do you find someone’s baby registry?

Various companies offer baby registry services. To find someone else’s baby registry and their registry picks, you can search on their respective websites. Baby registries under companies such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target are available on their websites.

Does Walmart give a discount on registry items?

Walmart has a service called price matching, wherein the company matches a competitor’s online price for the same product you have chosen. The discount is only applicable to one product per day. Walmart does not provide a completion discount, a benefit that other retailers offer, especially when it comes to an item that monitors baby or nursing feeding items that you know you will need.

How do I get a Walmart welcome baby box?

To receive a Walmart Welcome Box, you must sign up for a baby registry. Afterward, you can sign up to receive a Welcome Box once you’re registered.

What stores give you free stuff for the baby registry?

Several stores give away baby savings baby freebies. Walmart, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Toys R Us/Babies R Us, Burlington Coat Factory Baby Depot, Pottery Barn Kids, and Motherhood Maternity Stores offer freebies when you sign up for a baby registry. Some of these freebies can include baby toys and baby savings with tips and ideas. 

How long does it take to receive the Walmart baby box?

Walmart offers a Welcome Box once you’ve signed up for a baby registry baby. After four to six weeks, the Welcome Box will arrive.

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Does Walmart give you a gift for the baby registry?

Upon signing up for a Walmart registry baby registry, you can receive certain benefits and baby savings. One of the advantages is the Welcome Box, a gift that includes baby-related products, such as baby clothing, baby toys, baby gear, or even some tips and ideas.

Can you register at Walmart for baby showers?

Parents can sign up for the baby registry Walmart provides for parents. You can announce your baby shower in style through their affordable collection of baby shower invitations. This way, your guests know where to buy gifts, baby gear, a breast pump for nursing feeding, baby clothing, etc., for your baby shower and your new baby.

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