Early Pregnancy Symptoms People Often Miss

It is not surprising if every woman on this planet wants – either openly or secretly – to bear a child at one point. Some realize it after years of being alone and focusing solely on work. Others dream of experiencing it since childhood, to the extent that they don’t mind going through in-vitro fertilization or various medical procedures to get pregnant.

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Despite that, it seems more common for the expectant mother’s spouse, parents, or friends to notice it during the first months than the lady herself. That is especially true if you have always had an irregular menstrual cycle, and you no longer find it odd when your period skips a month or two. So, to help you or someone else know better in the future, here are the early pregnancy symptoms people often miss.


Raised Basal Body Temperature

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One of the real first signs of pregnancy is elevated body heat. You may not think much of it in the beginning since that usually happens when you are ovulating. However, an easy way to suspect that there may already be a growing baby in your belly is if you feel hot for weeks on end.


Vaginal Discharge

Seeing clear, white, or yellowy release from your vagina is another normalcy that may be among the early pregnancy signs. You see, that typically happens when that body part “cleans” itself to prepare for the possible fusion of sperm and egg. In case it is quite excessive, though, it should serve as a clue that you are likely pregnant.



Have you felt like you just ate stainless steel or coins?

That metallic taste in your mouth is honestly distinctive for expecting women as well. The proper term for this condition is dysgeusia, and it occurs when your progesterone and estrogen levels keep on increasing. This is one of the common early pregnancy symptoms that mothers experience.


Hyper Sense Of Smell

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Similarly, it is not only your sense of taste that changes during the early signs of pregnancy. Your ability to smell may also become extreme, to the point that you may get a whiff of food or people from a few meters. It is hard to tell whether it’s a good or bad thing, to be honest, since it helps you distinguish your favorite aromas as well as the suffocating odors.



Do you know how sometimes you feel acid coming up from your stomach, but other times that sensation isn’t there? The reason is that there is a valve that separates the opening of your esophagus and stomach. That keeps gas from going upwards quite often.

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Considering the heartburn appears to come regularly, however, and you are confident that you are not acidic, then it can be one of the symptoms of pregnancy. That’s because the valve mentioned above becomes lax when you are pregnant. The result, therefore, is that acid can freely move up, primarily when you have heavy meals and fizzy drinks.



It seems natural to miss pregnancy signs as well when you bleed lightly. It looks and feels similar to what takes place during menstruation, after all. You may even experience abdominal cramping and mood swings. However, once you rule out the possibility that the spotting may be due to infection, you can go to an OB-GYN to confirm if you are a soon-to-be mom or not.


Urination At Short Intervals

It is not true that frequent trips to the bathroom to pee are one of the later signs of pregnancy. You tend to want to urinate often during the first trimester as that’s when your body makes space for another human being, you need to produce more blood, and you drink water all the time.



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You may also notice that you cannot pass bowel or gas as quickly as before. This slow metabolism is a side effect of the hormonal changes you are going through, you know. Hence, doctors recommend prenatal vitamins to mothers, along with stool softeners, to make the process smooth.

The early pregnancy symptoms are as effortless to identify as they are to miss. You merely have to be aware of the transformations that your body endures, and then it won’t be difficult for you to know whether you are pregnant or not next time.



How soon can you get symptoms of pregnancy?

Some moms realize that they are experiencing early pregnancy symptoms even within a week after their pregnancy starts. This is usually when her egg connects to their uterine wall. Others do not observe symptoms until they are a few months pregnant. Nausea, frequent sleepiness, and missed period are some common pregnancy symptoms.

What does early pregnancy feel like?

When you are unusually tired, feeling bloated, urinating more frequently than the usual, and experiencing mood swings, you are most probably pregnant. Of course, a pregnancy test will confirm your suspicions, although not all women who experience these symptoms are necessarily pregnant.

When should I take a pregnancy test?

So as not to get a false positive or negative result, please do not take a pregnancy test until approximately a week after you have missed your period. If not, waiting for at least one or two weeks after having sex with your partner would be most appropriate.

Does the toothpaste pregnancy test work?

No, definitely not. A toothpaste pregnancy, which is done by placing a few drops of urine on a plate with toothpaste. If the color changes, the woman is said to be pregnant. This is not accurate, nor is it reliable. Additionally, there is no proof that toothpaste can really uncover a pregnancy hormone in a woman – or someone’s urine, for that matter. In fact, both pregnant and nonpregnant women will probably get the same results.

What is the feeling in your stomach when your pregnant?

If it’s your first time to be pregnant, being bloated is an almost normal feeling, like the feeling of being full after a major meal. Some first-time moms grow a small baby bump when they go into their first trimester when the uterus is usually as big as a grapefruit. In your second prenatal checkup, your obstetrician will finally feel your belly top.

What happens during the two-week wait?

The dreaded two-week wait typically happens between the ovulation phase and your expected period, meaning the period when you wait to discover whether or not you’re pregnant. For women who have been trying hard to get pregnant, this is a moment of increased anxiety and stress levels plus a few sleepless nights. However, rather than thinking about things that worry you, if you are expecting to get pregnant, try instead to think positive and remember to eat healthily.

How soon will a pregnancy test read positive?

If you decide to take a pregnancy test on the first day of a missed period and it turned out positive, then perhaps you’ve been pregnant for two weeks already. Try using the pregnancy due to the date calculator to figure out when your baby is expected to come out. Additionally, using more sensitive tests would also be able to help you know that you’re pregnant just eight days after you’ve conceived.

How can we confirm pregnancy?

There are three major ways to confirm a pregnancy. One is by purchasing a pregnancy test kit and using it at home. Another method is by having a blood or urine test done on your medical checkup. Finally, noticing early pregnancy symptoms such as inflamed breasts, frequent urination, nausea, and fatigue.

Does the sugar pregnancy test really work?

Up until today, there has been no concrete evidence that explains why or how a sugar pregnancy test works. Some who believe it does claim that hCG causes sugar to dissolve longer in urine, which in turn will create clumps instead. Therefore, there is no real proof that sugar pregnancy tests really work.

Why is exercise essential during pregnancy?

Following an exercise regimen while you’re pregnant is important because it leads to several benefits to pregnant women. Exercise increases one’s energy levels and helps them get a good night’s rest. It also decreases the occurrence of back pain and other types of pregnancy soreness. Plus, it helps control a pregnant woman’s weight, which is quite important whether a woman is pregnant or not. Finally, studies have proven that pregnant women who exercise actually experience an easier labor and delivery time.

Is bloating a sign of early pregnancy?

Just as you feel bloated during your menstrual period, you also feel like this early on in your pregnancy. This may be secondary to hormonal changes that cause your digestive system to work slower than usual. As a result, you feel constipated. Additionally, constipation increases abdominal bloating.

Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy?

There are many women who experience vaginal discharge despite the fact that they are not pregnant. However, most pregnant women do release white and sticky discharge during their first trimester. This is usually due to increased vaginal blood flow and an upsurge of different hormones.


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