5 Moms’ Choice For The Best Pants For Tall Skinny Toddlers

When you become a parent, everything will drastically change for you—your lifestyle, your priorities, your daily routine, and even the clothes you buy! But there are so many choices out there, how do you know which to choose?

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Shopping Shouldn’t Be A Struggle

As mommies, we want to give the best for our children even when it comes to clothes. Not only do we consider comfort and style when buying different clothing wear, but we also want to make sure that it suits and fits them well!

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Parenting can be a hard thing to adjust to for some, but despite it being a transitional stage, it can be one of the most fulfilling and most meaningful roles one can ever play in their lifetime.

However, for some parents, finding the best pants for tall and skinny toddlers can be quite a challenge. The pants we buy may be too loose or too short, and sometimes, it’s just quite a struggle to deal.

No matter what size or body structure your child has, shopping for clothes should never feel like a burden! It should be one of the best bonding moments for you and your child.

But because we care for all the struggling moms in the world, we might just have made life a bit easier for you!

Best Pants For Tall and Skinny Toddlers

If you’re taking too much time looking for the best pants for tall skinny toddlers, we’ve compiled a list of shops you can check!

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Although the items may vary, at least you won’t have to worry as much in purchasing the best pants for tall skinny toddlers if ever your child is one!

1. Target’s Cat and Jack

We’re all familiar with what Target can give us in terms of groceries and other items, but did you know they sell one of the best pants for tall skinny toddlers?

From straight fit lounge pants to sweatpants and pull-on pants—name it, they’ve got it! Cat and Jack’s brand is from Target and can be found in-store in their toddler section.

Also, they have a website where you can quickly check out the items and filter them according to your choices! They have filter tabs if you want to sort out the size, the gender of your child, the brand, the color, the type, the price, and so much more! The Cat and Jack brand are great for your tall skinny toddler to wear.

Check out their website today if you are interested!

  1. Carter’s

Carter’s is one of the most committed brands in bringing the best pants for tall skinny toddlers! Many mommies have given testimonies to how amazing these pants fit their children!

The thing about Carter’s is that their products suit children well! They aren’t hideously baggy or awkwardly short, and they sell their products at a very reasonable price! Not only that, but their sales or deals can also save you some money if you’re lucky! If you have tall and thin skinny kids, their shop is one of the ones to visit.

You can’t spell convenience without Carter’s!

  1. Old Navy

Ah, one of the classics! We’ve known Old Navy for bringing out the superior products for adults, but if you didn’t know it yet, they also have various products for kids!

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Since they’re a classic brand, they offer one of the best pants for tall skinny toddlers as well! Not only that, but they’re also one of the most stylish brands! For sure, your children would mark this as their favorite brand after experiencing their products that are stylish and comfy. Even super tall kids can find pants here!

You can check out their website here for more information.

  1. Pants for Peanuts

Now, if you’re looking for something more impactful, you can also find one of the best pants for tall skinny toddlers in this next brand. This one’s pretty meaningful compared to the other brands!

Pants for Peanuts is a project launched by Natalie, the owner, and she started this because she had a very light baby at birth, somewhat like a small baby peanut. Because of this, Natalie knows the struggles of having to go from store to store, grocery to grocery, just to find the best pair of pants that would fit her baby quite well.

With this, she made shopping for the best pants for tall skinny toddlers hassle-free and more enjoyable! With Pants for Peanuts, you can buy pants and order by color, not by age, making it accessible and inclusive to everyone. This one also can help you if your little one is just learning potty training because they will fit kids of any size and allow your toddler to learn how to put up and down his or her pants quickly.

  1. Children’s Place

Last but not least is Children’s Place! This online brand is one of the top choices when it comes to the best pants for tall skinny toddlers. You’ll see so many testimonials and good reviews about their products, so why not try it yourself?

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Children’s Place, as their name implies, is the best brand to search for all of your toddler’s clothing needs. They offer a clothing line made, especially for both male and female toddlers. Not only that, but they also have the most fashionable, trendiest, and most comfortable clothing pieces!

Their website displays a lot of choices, and you’ll end up having the best finds for the lowest prices. Check them out now!


  • How do I find out what size my tall skinny toddler wears?

Good question, since it is hard to get your young toddler to try on clothes. And it can be a pain to buy them something new just to find out it is too short or too tight on them. Then you get to fuss with returning clothing, something no one ever wants to keep doing.

A lot of the clothing tends to rely on the age of your toddler, 2T being two years, 3T 3 years, and so on. However, just because your tall skinny toddler is two years old does not mean he or she will fit in 2T, it might be 3T that you need. Therefore, measuring your toddler before you go shopping is a good idea to do.

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  • How do I measure my toddler?

When your child has no clothes on (just their diaper), go ahead and measure him or her. First, you want to use a cloth measuring tape and measure their waist, hips, and inseam. Since most toddler clothing goes by age, this may be a little tricky; however, you can measure them first, then head out to the store. You can also check online or ask the retailer you go to what pants would best suit your tall skinny toddler based on their measurements.

Keep in mind each retailer, whether it be online or in-store, will vary in sizes. 2T at Target will most likely not be the same as 2T at Children’s Place. This issue is similar to a problem that women tend to have when they go shopping for clothing. Different manufacturers make clothing differently, and you just have to see where your child fits at each different place. It is a pain, but if you find that one store that fits your child perfectly, do not go anywhere else if you can avoid it. Once you find which brand fits, stick with it. It will make a lot of things more comfortable for both of you.

  • What is the difference between 24 months and 2T?

This question very common for new parents tend to have. Twenty-four months is two years, but 2T is two years, so which one do you choose? The main difference is, 24 months is for babies, but 2T is for toddlers. Two years is a transitional time, where your baby becomes a toddler. Some 18 months’ clothing may still fit, whereas 24 months they are just growing. However, some babies, especially those breastfed, maybe taller or have a higher weight at that age. 

Children that have just turned 24 months may be short and only fit in 24 months clothing. However, if you have a tall toddler, 2T will probably fit him or her best. Twenty-four months tend to be shorter than 2T, so if your toddler is still short, 24 months would be better at this time.

  • How can I tell the difference between brands?

For example, the clothing brand Carter’s has a 24-month size for toddlers that are 32.5-34 inches tall with a weight of 27.5-30 pounds. Their 2T clothing, however, is for toddlers that are 34.5-36 inches tall and with a load of 29-31 pounds. Can you see the difference here? The 24 months are shorter and somewhat smaller around the waist, whereas 2T is for the taller toddlers that weigh a little bit more. Not much of a big difference, but enough to see what your child will need to wear after their 2-year checkup.

Some brands may vary in this regard, but usually not by much. The main differences tend to be in the neck of shirts for toddlers. The bigger their head, the bigger the shirt they will need. But for pants, it generally stays pretty similar to what Carter’s measurements are. This one will give you a baseline to base your toddler’s measurements off of, so when you go shopping for clothing at any of the above-listed stores, you will be able to get an idea of what size you will need for your tall skinny toddler.


Now that you have seen some of the best places to get the best fitting skinny jeans, jeans with the adjustable waistbands, and more for your tall and thin children, you should know where to go to find some decent clothing now. Oshkosh clothing is also suitable for your children, and you can find these clothes almost anywhere. Tall and skinny, short and chubby, your kids can find what they need wherever they go now!

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We hope we’ve made your family shopping a whole lot easier! Remember to give what’s best for your little ones. Don’t settle for less because the perfect pair is just waiting for you out there!

Got anything significant stores to add to our list? We would be happy if you share them with us! Happy shopping!


Do babies need to wear pants?
Babies and toddlers don’t entirely need to wear pants. However, a few collections of it can help keep legs warm in cold weather.
Can little boys wear leggings?
Yes! Boys can and should wear leggings because they are comfy trousers.
For what purpose are baby leggings?
Baby leggings and pants are the perfect way to protect babies little knees from sore and redness from crawling all day.
What are the best pants for toddlers?
The best pants for toddlers are the following: Boden Knitted Leggings, Primary Classic Baby Legging, Miles Baby Check Leggings, Babysoy Star Pants, Carter’s Pants, Hanna Anderson Wiggle Pants In Organic Cotton, and Old Navy Pull-On Skinny Jeans for Baby.
Is 2t the same as 24 months?
Yes. Best pants for tall skinny toddlers at 24 months are for 18-24-month-old babies.
What is the next size up from 24 months?
The toddler clothing line starts at 2T. So, do not get confused when you find that in some brands of clothes, your baby is a 2T and in others.
What does the T stand for in children’s clothing?
The “T” found next to size numbers stands for “Toddler.”
What is the weight for 2t?
The weight for 2T is 25–27 lbs. That’s 32–34 inches.
What is the difference between 2 and 2t?
Usually, 24 months is a bit shorter and broader, while 2T is longer and more slender.
How do kid sizes work?
The clothes’ size has a basis on either the child’s weight and length. However, since babies may vary a lot in size, it’s better to base the size on the baby’s weight and height.
What to look for the Pants for a Tall Skinny Toddler?
The best pants for tall skinny toddlers that you should look for should have an adjustable waist.
Which is better jeggings or leggings?
Jeggings are skin-tight stretchy denim, while leggings are usually from a softer material. That is why leggings are somehow the best pants for toddlers.

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