Perfect Protein Shakes For Children 8+ Years And Above

Are you in search of effective protein shakes for kids? Finding the best one can be a little hard since there are many available in the market today. This article will guide you in choosing the ideal smoothie that your children or young adults can drink.


If you are like most moms with kids that are picky eaters, you will also be on the hunt for options to make them eat better. It seems that, for most healthy kids, a meal consists mainly of lactose free or dairy free soy milk, french fries, macaroni, and cheese or chicken nuggets. These may be good for the body, but they need much more than this in order to grow.

An essential nutrient that’s responsible for growth, strength, and brain power is protein. One way to look at it is by imagining the body made up of several parts, including tissues. Proteins build, maintain, and replace those tissues in your body. For kids, they need more proteins to keep their body growing. When they are injured, organic protein is essential for tissue repair as well. Ensure that it is USDA organic.

Organic plant based protein is also responsible for making hemoglobin, which delivers oxygen throughout the body. Without plant protein and dietary fiber, your body will not have any oxygen! Oh no!


Here is a list of reasons why protein is important in the kids balanced diet:

  • it’s a vital building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin
  • it’s ideal for body repair
  • it’s a component in red blood cells
  • it aids digestion
  • it promotes hormone regulation

The good thing is that you are no stranger to protein. In truth, a lot of foods in your pantry or refrigerator are best sources of protein. Some examples are peanut butter, cottage cheese, oatmeal, turkey,  chicken breast, lean beef, eggs, edamame, tuna (canned or fresh), salmon, Greek yogurt, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, almond, black beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, brown rice, and milk or chocolate milk. The only thing you need to do is to be creative enough to feed these to your kids. But when your child is allergic, much better to stick around peanut free food.

For most of the gluten free protein-rich foods above, you can combine them and make soup. Others can be pureed and added to pancakes, which are kids’ favorites. Another best way to make them eat a healthy dose of kids protein is by making smoothies! Smoothies are fun and flavorful. To make it more exciting, let your kids help in making them choose the ingredients that they want in their best smoothie. This way, they will be more excited to drink the soy free smoothie that’s rich in vitamin c, vitamin B, vitamin d, and other minerals.

What Are In The Best Protein Drinks For Children?


Strawberry Banana Shake


Healthy protein shakes- strawberry banana smoothie

A strawberry banana smoothie can have protein, too! This is one greatest protein source for your kids. Start with your frozen strawberry and banana to make a creamy smoothie. Then, add a base of water or milk and a little added sugar. You can also use fruit juice instead of milk and water to add a little natural sweetness. Then, to make your smoothie protein-rich, add silken tofu and cottage cheese. Your kids will not even taste the tofu at all. As with the cottage cheese, it will just add to the creaminess of the smoothie. This perfect protein drink will turn pink once blended. The color, though, can be attractive for children. Another best option is to use blueberries that will make the drink purple instead of pink.

Papaya Smoothie – Great Tasting Children Smoothies


First on the list of the best and safest protein shakes for kids is the kids favorite. Papayas are generally sweet and very likable for kids. A fantastic papaya protein-rich smoothie will include frozen papaya, pineapple, and coconut extract. To add protein, add flax seed and Greek yogurt. This will make an orange drink that is a delightful color for kids. Serve it best by putting sliced papaya on the rim of the glass or cup. Instead of using pineapple, you can add oranges.

Banana Shake – Potassium Rich


Next on the list of perfect and natural nutritional shake is a banana. Frozen bananas are best for smoothies. They turn out just the color of milk, so the adjustment to the color is not a lot. You typically want to stay away from too much sugar alcohol as much as possible, but using vanilla flavors in yogurt in this case will add taste and artificial flavors to the drink. You may also add some best flax seeds for a little texture with no artificial sweeteners.

Avocado Smoothie 


Although you want to stay away from anything green for your kids will likely associate green with veggies, avocado smoothies as protein shakes for kids are best. You only need to add some Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and sunflower seeds to make it protein rich. Then, add fresh fruit juice for natural sweetness. If you prefer not to use fruit juice, you can substitute milk or honey as a sweetener. This  drink will turn light green and become as creamy as an ice cream! If you are thinking of preparing the top protein shakes for kids, then check the list above for the best ones!


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