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It is indeed right that you are doing research now that you are looking for a new or perhaps your first baby car seat.

The Clek is a convertible car seat perfect for infants and toddlers. Its lightweight design and advanced side impact protection will keep your baby safe. The Clek Fllos are designed to be easily used with the car’s LATCH system. The Fllo is constructed of the same tough materials as other Clek products, so you can be sure it is safe.


Among those that dominate the car seat market, particularly convertible and all-in-one types, are the Clek types of Fllo products. These seats are unique in their design and functionality, setting them apart and ahead of the competition.

One distinctive feature of these convertible seats is their extended rear facing mode. Many models are designed to rear face for longer, catering to the latest safety guidelines that suggest children should rear face as long as possible for maximum protection.

Additionally, seats come equipped with a steel anti-rebound bar. This feature improves stability by limiting the rotation of the seat, providing an extra layer of safety during a collision.

Seats also feature built-in lock-offs, a design element that ensures a tighter installation of the seat into your vehicle, reducing the chance of movement during sudden stops or accidents.

Another standout feature of Clek seats is their ability to sit upright even in rear-facing mode. This design helps accommodate older children who may want to sit more upright while still maintaining the safety benefits of rear-facing.

In this post, we will delve deeper into why the Clek products stand apart and ahead of the competition in the convertible and all-in-one car seat market.

1. Clek Fllo Is 100% Guaranteed Safe For Your Kids

As the first factor and feature that every mom and dad should look for in a car seat, the Clek packs industry-leading safety car seat features! Compared with other brands, the Clek car seat sports a steel anti-rebound bar and a better-patented energy management system (more about it here). Something that is not in other competition, the Fllo’s rebound bar, prevents rebound in case of a frontal collision and rotation in case of a side collision.

2. Can Be Used Rear-Facing or Forward Facing

Similar to other convertible car seats, Fllo car seats can also be used rear-facing and forward-facing. Another one of the best features of the new Fllo is its extended rear-facing capabilities that can be used for up to 50 pounds, designed to international best practices.

The Clek Fllo is the safest, most versatile car seat you can buy. The Fllo is convertible.


3. Clek Is Best At 3-Across Because Of Its Narrow Design

Unlike other car seats, the 17-inch tall Fl lo makes it easy to ride 3-across. The car seat is known to be the narrowest in the market! The most recommended in this aspect is the Clek car seat, compared to the other convertible car seats, which seem to be a little too big to fit in 3-across.

4. Clek is Easy To Install In Any Vehicle

Like other convertible car seats, this brand car seat also received praise for its ease of installation. It has its LATCH system as well. The car seat can be installed even without the LATCH but using only your vehicle’s seat belt. The connectors used in the LATCH are button-style and are much easier to maneuver than the clip style. Another brand which is Thunder is also complete and clear with its labels and instructions.

Clek Fllo Compact Convertible Car Seat for Infants The Clek Fllo can be used from infancy to up to 65 pounds. The Clek Fllo is a compact convertible car seat. The Fllo has a 5-point harness with 2 crotch strap positions and 3 shoulder strap positions that allow you to adjust the fit as your child grows. The Cleck's seat also has an easy-to-use headrest that adjusts forward and backward to properly position your child's head.


5. Clek Is Very Compact And Travel-Friendly

Users also praise the car seat for not being as heavy as the others in the market! There are no removable bases, which makes it easy to carry everywhere. Compared with the other convertible car seats,  Fllo’s rear-facing has many convenient features that make every trip enjoyable for your baby. It has features like a headrest adjuster button and better crotch straps.

6. Clek is One Of The Most Stylish Car Seat

Another reason that sets it apart from other car seats is its stylish and top-notch fabrics. The Filo car seat is free from brominated and chlorinated flame retardants. However, unlike other car seats, Fllo uses Crypton Super Fabrics, which offers the best protection against stains and odor-causing bacteria.

7. Approved By Majority of Overprotective Parents

It is living up to its tagline that reads, “We Make Car Seats for Parents Like Us.” The company’s manufactured booster car seats are not only for babies but also for the peace of mind of overprotective parents.

Mommy’s and daddy’s eyes may be on the road, but they can stand confident, a hundred percent sure that their protective hugs are also with their babies strapped into their environmentally friendly booster car seats. These seats are designed to safeguard against side impact collisions, adding an extra layer of reassurance for parents during their journey.

The Clek Fllo is the perfect car seat for your little one, because it's compact and can easily be folded up to fit in any trunk. Clek Fllo is also designed with a soft and comfortable fabric that will keep your child comfy. The Clek Fllo is a convertible car seat. The Clek is a convertible car seat designed for extended rear-facing use and forward-facing use. The Fllo combines safety features, a compact design, and ease of installation, making it a popular choice among parents.


Choosing the best car seat is difficult, especially for overprotective moms and dads like us. 

We must give the most weight to the factor of guaranteed safety. If you are going to read other genuine reviews, some other brands will be favored by those who prefer low-priced toddle car seats. True enough, other toddler car seats are much cheaper in price tags than the Clek Fllo. However, price tags should not always be the deciding factor in choosing.









As enumerated above, the perks of this brand are unquestionably worth your investment. Among its many features, the extended rear facing use offers safety that genuinely stands out, especially for parents who love traveling. Combined with the C Zero Plus performance jersey knit fabric, it ensures the utmost in comfort and convenience. The adjustable headrest and an angled seat base make it the best choice in the market, able to fit most vehicles for a truly versatile solution. Rest assured, the safety and guaranteed convenience of it to make it an unbeatable choice.





Fllo Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the difference between the CLEK FLLO and Foonf?

FLLO and Foonf both have high-quality standards and features and only have very few differences. One is with their base, where the this one is flat with a rear-facing flip foot while the Foonf consists of a portable base when using the rear-facing position. Additionally, this brand has a primary latch attachment, while the Foonf features a rigid latch for appropriate forward-facing installation.

Is It FAA-approved?

The FLLO is thin and generally easy to use, and the ARB can be removed, which is why attaching it to different vehicles is possible. The FLLO is FAA-approved, and transferring it from one vehicle to another can work despite its bulkiness.

How heavy is this seat?

It is now built with a new harness that is covered with comfortable padding on its seat cushion, headrest, and side and rear panels. This is why its overall seat weight is 25.8 pounds when the anti-rebound bar is detached and 28.9 pounds when it is attached.

How do you install clek seat?

When installing the Cleak seat, you first detach the seat padding, which houses the EPP foam and aluminum honeycomb deformable cores, to adjust the foot to a rear facing or forward facing position. Once the locks and latch belts are opened on your Clek Foonf, you mat now connect the connectors to your vehicle’s lower anchors. For installing the latch for forward facing mode, follow the first two instructions and then pull the crotch strap so that it lengthens. You can now remove the latch belt from under the seat cover to fix the seat padding back into place and position the latch to forward-facing. This process assures a secure installation of the seat in your vehicle.

What is the safest convertible car seat on the market?

If you are searching for the safest narrow car seats, it would have to be either of the three – Clek’s Fllo, Chicco’s NextFit, or Britax Marathon ClickTight. Although Chicco’s seats are relatively more challenging to install compared to the Clek or Britax seats, they are worth considering because of their durability and security standards.

Is the CLEK more comfortable than other car seats?

The FLLOS are more comfortable than the Foonf. It is lighter and narrower, and despite this, it does not compromise safety and comfort at all. It is also a lot cheaper than the CLEK Foonf.


How do you recline a CLEK?

To recline a CLEK, you must park on a flat surface. Think of a line parallel to the ground and within the ground level. If that line level to the ground goes through the dark blue area, which is the area for rear-facing, then it is the appropriate recline level. If you think you need to adjust more, then try using a rolled towel. Read more about it here on BestCarSeatHub.

Is this brand made in China?

With its thin profile and generally easy-to-use design, is equipped with a rigid latch system, a feature originating from Canada, which ensures a secure fit in your vehicle. The Anti-Rebound Bar (ARB) can be removed, further simplifying the process of transferring it from one vehicle to another. Despite its bulkiness, this specific brand is FAA-approved, making it possible to attach it to different vehicles. With diverse fabric options and a helpful recline feature, it provides comfort and flexibility. Moreover, its latch installation allows for a secure fit in both rear-facing and forward-facing modes.

What is the rear-facing limit for this brand?

The Clek is a popular convertible car seat known for its safety features. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the Clek  allows for rear-facing use for children who are 14 to 50 pounds (approximately 6.35 to 22.7 kilograms) and up to 43 inches (about 109 centimeters) in height.

However, regulations and recommendations can change, and product specifications may vary over time or between different regions. Always refer to your specific car seat’s user manual and the most recent guidelines from the manufacturer and your local authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of your child.

Can this brand’s car seats touch?

It doesn’t specifically prohibit their car seats from touching each other. In many cases, it’s nearly impossible to avoid having car seats touch, especially in smaller vehicles or when you’re trying to fit multiple car seats or passengers in the back seat.

However, the most important thing is that each car seat is installed correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This means that the car seat should be tightly secured, with less than an inch of movement at the belt path. If having the car seats touch each other interferes with a secure installation, it would be a problem.

If you’re unsure about whether your car seats are installed correctly, consider getting a professional car seat inspection. Many fire departments, police stations, and hospitals offer this service. Also, always refer to the specific user manual for your car seats and if in doubt, reach out to customer service for the most accurate information.

How many years is this brand good for?

Is this brand compatible with Nuna?

Can you use this brand without the base?

Can this brand be installed with seatbelt?

Which seat is safest for rear-facing car seat?

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