7 Enjoyable Tricks Using The Skybound Trampoline

The Skybound trampoline is the industry’s leading trampoline product. It’s famous for its superior rust protection, easy-installation feature, safety certified jumping pads, and an agile bounce.

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Because of its unique offerings, we recommend this for some trampoline fun. We have listed down seven fun and cool tricks you can do with your Skybound trampolines.

Double Bounce

The double bounce is probably the easiest trick in the books. The odds are you have already discovered this on your own.

This technique will require at least two people on the Skybound trampoline. Start by placing yourselves on the center with your partner. Then, both of you should try to bounce as high as you can. One of you should land half a second before the other one does.

The person who lands earlier tends to pull down the trampoline USA with their weight. Hence, once the second jumper hits the pad, he or she will be thrown upwards with extra force.

Remember to perform this trick with caution since there’s a significant chance of injury if executed wrong. There’s even a possibility that one will fall off the Sky bouncer trampoline because of the tremendous force on the landing. Check out skybound com for some safety tips.

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Knee Drop

Start by practicing the proper knee drop position. Kneel on the Sky bounce trampoline with a straight back, upward arms, and pointed toes and make sure that you’re not sitting on your heels.

Once you have perfected the position, stand up and complete three little bobs. Bobs are small bounces where your feet do not leave the pad. After the third bob, jump as high as you can, flex your leg at your knee, and land on the proper knee drop position.

Seat Drop

The seat drop is a neat and unique way to land on your butt without hurting. Start by jumping straight as high as you can. Once you have established your jumping position in the air, bring your legs forward. Make sure that it’s parallel to the floor and Skybound trampoline as much as possible. Doing this will enable you to land on your butt.

Pike Jump

To start, accomplish a high jump in the air using the Sky bound. While you’re up there, stretch out your legs in front of you so that it will form a 90-degree angle with your body. Reach forward as well while in that position. Try touching your toes so that it easier for you to align your body with the intended shape. Getting the perfect balance between reaching forward and bringing the legs up will help you create that nice line while in the air.

This trick is not as simple as you think. However, rest assured that you will be able to accomplish the pike jump perfectly with practice.

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Trampoline Spin

If you want to know how many spins you can accomplish before landing, this is the perfect trick for you. The trampoline spin is as easy as it sounds. However, we recommend that you start practicing first with a small turn. Once you have mastered this, try leveling it up a notch so you can get used to the spinning motion.

The challenge with this trick is that people underestimate the difficulty of landing. Being able to land correctly is not as easy it looks. Remember to bend your knees once you feel the contact on the Skybound USA. That’s one of the techniques for a proper landing.


If you’re up for some advanced tricks, try executing somersaults. There are two types of somersaults you can try—the back somersault and the front somersault.

The back somersault entails you to flip your body in a backward direction and landing on your feet. The front somersault, on the other hand, requires you to execute a front flip in the air and land with a straight body.

If you want to level this up, you can add some spice on it. You can do a double or triple somersault and even follow the somersault with a twist at the end before landing.

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If you want to impress your audience, try doing the handsprings. It’s an attractive crowd pleaser.

A handspring starts with you arching backward on the Skybounds until you accomplish a bridge with your belly up. This position will require you to place your hands over your head while bent backward. Once you have done this, the next step entails you to flip your legs over in just one movement so that you will be brought back to a standing position.

Remember that you should only attempt this trick if you have enough flexibility and gymnast abilities flowing in your body.

If you are ready to show your Skybound trampoline tricks to the whole world, visit skybound.com and buy one now!

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