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Maxi Cosi’s Pria 85 comes from a long line of reliable convertible car seats for little ones. It’s an upgraded version of the Pria 70. The Pria 85 convertible toddler seat makes use of premium fabrics, an easily removable cover, and a sturdy stock of harness covers. It even has removable pads to give smaller babies a snug fit. All these make traveling easier for the parent and child. You will soon discover this once you get to try and experience its convenience and comfort over other car seats. Keep reading to learn more.


Are you still wondering if you should invest in the Pria 85 for your baby? To help you decide, discover these seven helpful features of the Pria 85 according to parents and other customers.

It Keeps Your Child Safe

Like most car seats, the Pria 85 convertible car seat was designed to keep your children safe in cars. But you will discover a couple of features that will set this product apart from all the other seats on the market.

The Pria 85’s adjustable height guarantees that it can safely fit children of different sizes. It also has a big seat area for more room, giving babies the most comfort. Furthermore, the multiple harness straps, impact protection, and child restraint systems make sure that you can buckle up your baby safely. It has a lap belt and top tether to prevent head injury. A few bumps on the road won’t be any trouble for them, especially if you install this convertible unit properly. Try calling your favorite store. There might be a few stocks waiting for you!


You Can Take Your Infant Out Alone

The safety measures of the Maxi Pria 85 allow you to drive out with just you and your baby. Your baby will be safe and snug, strapped into their Pria 85 car seat.

This guaranteed safety doesn’t just put the parents’ minds at ease. The Pria 85 also allows them to bring their baby out without waiting for their partner’s assistance. A stroll in the park with the growing baby could be precisely what they need.

It Keeps Your Child Comfortable

You don’t have to worry about the car seat being uncomfortable. It’s made from soft fabrics that feel like a pair of sweatpants. The seat pad unsnaps, making it easier to clean when needed. It also has a deep recline that’s easily adjustable to support the child’s head. It even has a cup holder. This makes it even easier to decide to buy one!

Its cozy seat and sleek look are proof that this product is the ideal combination of style and comfort. You won’t hear complaints from your baby.

You Can Control Rowdy Children

If your kids tend to get rowdy in the car, the Pria 85 can make them more manageable – eventually, you will discover how true this is. There isn’t much that a hyperactive child can do when they are buckled down in the Pria 85. This seat should make for a safe drive.

It Gives You Peace Of Mind While Driving

With the guarantee of the security of your child within the age and weight limits, you can relax as you drive. No need to keep looking back to make sure the little ones are alright because the car seat secures them for you.

This is all with the help of the Pria 85. It’ll ensure your children’s safety, as well as your own!


You Can Keep Messy Items In Place

But did you know that children aren’t the only ones that can be buckled into the Pria 85? If you have any items that need to be handled with care, you can strap them into the car seat, too. You don’t have to be uneasy about the car seat moving around.

Any fragile package or even packed lunch that you don’t want spilling can be strapped in. It can ensure that your package gets to its destination unharmed.

Emergency Car Seat For Small Pets

The uses of the Pria 85 car seat don’t end with your little ones and the items that you can store in it. In case your dog or any other small pet is being too rowdy, you can buckle them in the car seat as well.

Note that this is for emergency purposes only. This car seat is made explicitly for children. However, if the time calls for it, you can let the pets use it aside from your child.


The Pria 85 Maxi Cosi is an excellent car seat that ensures your children’s safety and comfort. Its plush fabrics and adjustable features make it highly customizable to suit your children’s tastes.

With such high quality and a relatively reasonable price, the Pria 85 is an excellent investment for any family who has a child. Before making a decision, checking Maxi Cosi reviews can provide further insights into the real-life experiences of other families.

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