Review Of The Maxi Cosi Travel Set

Have you considered a travel system for your journey to the hospital to meet your newborn? The convenience of a Maxi Cosi travel set is unparalleled. It bundles a stroller, an infant carrier, and often more all in one practical package. For parents, investing in a first car seat like this can be more economical in the long term, despite the initial cost being somewhat higher.

Maxi Cosi - Having a travel set is so convenient. You get the stroller, the car seat, and more, all in one package.

With that said, today we are looking at the MaxiCosi Pria 5-in-1. Is it a good travel set for cars, or is it lacking? Let’s find out with these MaxiCosi infant car seats review so you can decide. 

What Is The Maxi-Cosi Travel Set?

This tall but not-so-cheap travel set has a light car seat equipped with a no-rethread harness and lower anchors, making its installation not only easy but also ensuring safety. The car seat, also boasting impact protection, comes with soft harness covers that increase the comfort level for your little one, preventing them from feeling overwhelmed or lost during rides.

It’s easy to fit the car seat on the stroller via the well-guided belt path. The convertible seat is reversible, allowing you to adjust it to the most comfortable harness height and position as your child grows. Transferring the car seat to your stroller is straightforward, enabling you to maintain your baby’s comfort throughout the journey. This adds to the ease of use for parents who’ve bought this system hoping it would complement their lifestyle without a lot of data testing or manual reading.

As for the stroller itself, it does have a smooth experience for vehicles, with a reclinable seat. Reclinable seats are always a plus in any stroller because some babies are picky with their seating positions. 

The MaxiCosi stroller is also easy to clean and self-wicking, allowing your baby to stay cool and dry when the weather isn’t behaving well, ensuring no bad experiences on the go.

In comparison to other infant carriers, the MaxiCosi car seat accommodates children up to 30 pounds, while the stroller supports up to 50 pounds. This range is quite versatile, though it means there’s a somewhat inconsistent weight limit – something that might be a deal breaker for families hoping for a more reliable and versatile solution for their growing toddlers, making the process of choosing the right travel set less daunting.

Maxi Cosi - This travel set has a light car seat and a stroller. You can use the car seat and and then transfer it.

Maxi Cosi Features

With that said, let’s look at the features in a little more detail.


This unit has received positive opinions due to its lightweight nature, making it practical for a family. The stroller itself weighs 21.5 lbs. While not the lightest stroller, it’s still lightweight and saves space. The convertible car seat weighs 9 pounds without its base, allowing you and your partner to confidently carry and pass it to each other.

Stroller Features 

This stroller boasts several unique features, including a five-point safety harness for your baby’s security. The seat can face rear or forward, providing room for parents to choose their preferred orientation. The stroller also stands out with its cup holders, adding an essential convenience for parents on the go. The center itself, distinct from other car seats, is fully reclinable. It has a unique Carriage Mode and a recline angle indicator to ensure it’s in the correct position, making things much more accessible. 

In addition, this stroller features a handlebar you can adjust, and it has a convenient locking mechanism for added safety. This comfortable car seat has also impressed us with its superior crash test results. Including a soft headrest pad further enhances the comfort level, setting it apart from the competition. We do love how easy it is to use this stroller.

Unique Features

Folding is also easy, and the car seat base includes latch anchors to secure it, ensuring it stays in a forward-facing position. When you fold it, it can stand upright without assistance, which is always interesting. It even includes an anti-rebound bar for additional safety, catering to the needs of toddlers as well.

The stroller’s brake and foot brake are also easy to use. It’s designed with a comprehensive weight range, catering to various stages of your child’s growth. The “air protect” feature contributes to its safety measures, offering additional head protection. Furthermore, the fabrics are dryer safe for your convenience, simplifying the cleaning process.

The tires themselves are filled with foam. Some parents may prefer these foam-filled tires because they require no air, but it depends on what you need the stroller for. Some foam-filled tires can’t handle certain types of terrain.

Finally, this stroller has a nice canopy that covers the baby and a huge storage basket. Being able to store everything is always a nice feature. We’re glad this travel set has that in spades, and the canopy protects everything.

Maxi Cosi Car Seats Features

The car seat can fit newborns, smaller babies, and kids up to 30 pounds, and just like the stroller, it has a 5-point harness. Sadly, MaxiCosi is only for rear-facing in the back seat, which is disappointing. Still, the good news is that its services include self-wicking fabrics and extra soft head padding, ensuring comfort for your baby. You can wash the fabric by machine.

MaxiCosi has quite a few safety features as well. It protects against side impacts, and its LATCH system makes it so that installing it is a breeze. Some car seats are a little hassle to install, so we are glad this car seat breaks the mold. You can also add an infant insert, so it’s not a hassle to nestle in and out.

Maxi Cosi

Review About Maxi Cosi 

Reading the Amazon review is always helpful, as you can determine whether parents like you love or hate specific infant seats. As of this post, there are almost 150 comments, with 4 out of 5 stars on average. This means the reception is mostly positive, but there are a few complaints. 

In this set, the negative comments are very vocal. You go on Amazon, and the negative feedback is the most upvoted. This is quite common in any other seat. People are always looking for the negative rather than giving both the positive and negative a fair shake. 

However, we’ll try to keep the consensus balanced. 

Lightweight Travel Set For Infants

Many parents love this travel set for their infant primarily because it is lightweight. Many parents have to handle heavy objects when dealing with baby products, and sometimes, you need a spare travel set. Specifically designed for tiny babies, it offers a secure rear-facing position with an adjustable crotch buckle for added safety.

Even though it is light, it’s also a high-quality set. Many parents enjoy its maneuverability and praise how easy it is to use, making it a popular choice among baby travel sets.

Pros And Cons Of The Brand’s Product

Another praise was the light cushioning of the seat, with many parents envious of their baby’s comfort.

Meanwhile, there were some complaints. Many parents said that the MaxiCosi seat, despite meeting federal standards, and other parts were flimsy and that the seat was too hot, making the child feel uncomfortable. According to their feedback, some parents complained about the height limit in inches, noting that it did not fit perfectly for taller children, which was annoying to maneuver.

Some parents, unfortunately, received defective MaxiCosi units. While this is unlikely, obtaining a defective unit understandably leads a parent to leave scathing feedback. Some said that it is hard to install, proving that despite its many merits, there are some areas for improvement.


Price Of Maxi Cosi

The MaxiCosi travel set costs around $339 on Amazon. This price suits a MaxiCosi travel set (see the comparison here). Since it combines the car seat and the stroller, it can help you save money in the long run. It’s a mid-range travel set. There are cheaper MaxiCosi units, but they are also more expensive. It’s a lovely mid-range baby set if we do say so ourselves. 

Maxi Cosi Verdict

  • This is a great travel set, albeit one that isn’t perfect. We wish the MaxiCosi car seat had a little more, and with a vocal minority of complaints, it may make you think twice about purchasing it. However, with many satisfied customers, you may like it if you can buy it risk-free. You have to remember that many travel sets focus on convenience, and many will have stroller seats with potential that aren’t fully fleshed out. However, you still get a quality enough travel set worth the purchase. 
  • I hope this review helps you decide what car seat to get. Try out this car seat set today and see if it’s for you. Chances are, you’re going to love it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It A Good Infant Car Seat Brand?

  • Maxi Cosi has gained popularity for providing safe and comfy car seats. Maxi Cosi is not the most affordable brand, but you may not mind splurging on a Maxi Cosi for your child’s safety.

Is It FAA-approved?

  • Maxi Cosi’s car seats are FAA-approved. It means you can take the Maxi Cosi car seat in the plane and secure it with a seat belt.

How Long Is Maxi Cosi Car Seat Good For?

  • A Maxi Cosi car seat can be used for six to eight years. You can see the expiration date molded into the shell of the Maxi Cosi seat.

What Age Is The Maxi Cosi Car Seat For?

  • Your baby can use a Maxi Cosi car seat as early as four months old. You may opt for a convertible type to avoid buying a new Maxi Cosi car seat multiple times.

When Should I Upgrade To A Convertible Car Seat?

  • The child’s age is not the ideal deciding factor when upgrading Maxi Cosi car seats. It would help if you based it on their height and weight instead. If your baby has exceeded the maximum size and weight limit the brand has set for a model, it is time to look for a new car seat.

Is Maxi-Cosi High End?

MaxiCosi is a high-end brand, distinguished for its premium quality. It caters to a group of parents who account for both safety and style in their choice of baby products.

Where Is Maxi-Cosi Made?

Maxi-Cosi is manufactured in Europe, following stringent safety and quality standards. This line of products is designed with both fun and functionality in mind.

Is MaxiCosi A Good Car Seat?

Yes, MaxiCosi is an excellent car seat choice, known for its safety features and comfortable design, ensuring half the journey is about your baby’s comfort.

Is Maxi Cosi Chemical Free?

While not entirely chemical-free, Maxi-Cosi focuses on reducing harmful substances in its products, ensuring safety from the birth of your child.

Who Makes Maxi-Cosi?

Maxi-Cosi is produced by Dorel Juvenile, a company renowned for its innovative child safety products and a leading name in the baby gear market deals.

Is Maxi-Cosi An American Brand?

Although popular in the US, Maxi-Cosi originated in Europe and is recognized globally for its high-quality child safety gear.

Why Was Maxi-Cosi Recalled?

Maxi-Cosi has been recalled in the past upon request for modifications to meet or exceed safety standards, ensuring your family’s well-being.

Who Makes The Safest Car Seat For Babies?

Brands like Maxi-Cosi are at the forefront of manufacturing the safest car seats for babies, emphasizing safety and comfort in their designs.

What’s The Safest Car Seat For Newborns?

For newborns, the safest car seat options are provided by brands like Maxi-Cosi, which additionally offer features that cater specifically to the youngest passengers.

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