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One of the most significant challenges of parenting a baby is how to keep them busy. A Baby is always eager to move around, especially within a baby activity center. At the baby activity center, your baby dive into a world of activity. A baby can explore with learning activity center designed just for them.

A baby activity center helps children in developing their fine motor skills and coordination. Some models even play sounds or have entertaining lights

In this article, we will be showcasing the best activity tables that parents love for their kids.

When your little one grows and begins to crawl, keeping tabs on them can be more challenging. You can always use educational videos or mobile devices to keep your child busy, but there are a lot of cons to going for this route.

Thus, we searched for gear that can keep our little ones busy and entertained at the same time. As discerning parents, we always go for practicality. If we can use something for various functions, then that is the best buy, such as most tables.

This baby activity center can make your baby do different developmental activity. Some models even play sounds or have entertaining lights

One must-have is an activity center. It is also commonly called an exersaucer. Learn more about the best models and their practical uses here.

Skip Hop Baby Activity Center With 3-Stage Functionality

If you’re looking for a table that can grow with your little one, this Skip Hop Activity Center is for you. It has a 360-degree rotating seat, 25+ developmental activities, and clip-on toys for your child to enjoy. It can be used to sit, swivel, and bounce and play. Besides the unique design and cool patterns, one of the great features that will make you want to own one is that it is convertible to a play table when your little one outgrows the toys.


  • includes 25+developmental activities
  • gender-neutral
  • grows with the child in 3 stages
  • convertible
  • sleek design


  • not portable
  • pricey
  • seat is bigger
  • toys attached are not very durable

Bright Starts Disney Finding Nemo Style Activity Center

Surrounded by different Nemo-themed toys, your child will absolutely enjoy the Bright Starts Activity Center. It can grow with your little one since it is adjustable to 4 different positions. Additional features include light, songs, and sounds so your child can have even more fun. The 13+ interactive activities are a combination of learning and play. Definitely a great option for your little one.


  • the seat can rotate 360 degrees
  • detachable toys included
  • adjustable
  • easy to clean
  • with a comfortable high-backed seat


  • the toy makes flashes that may provoke epilepsy in sensitized children
  • only babies that can sit upright are recommended to use
  • not easy to transport
  • Some toys attached are not durable

Oribel PortaPlay Wonderland Activity Center

The Oribel PortaPlay Wonderland is lightweight (under 14 pounds) with adjustable legs that you can lengthen as your child gets taller. Its most famous feature is its portability. No need to detach the legs. You can fold them easily and carry the travel center to keep your child happy in any location. The 360-degree rotating seat allows your child to engage with the toys and promote development.


  • folds compactly
  • safety features meet and exceed both the US and European standards
  • the seat can turn 360 degrees
  • convertible to a toddler table


  • the seat does not bounce
  • no tray at the center for the baby to rest his/her feet.
  • toys cannot face outwards
  • less interactive toys for many stages

Bright Starts Around We Go 2-in-1 Walk-Around Learning Center

Encourage play-to-learn activities with the Bright Starts Around We Go Walk-Around. This comes with safari-themed animal friends, music, vibrant colors, a flipbook, and 10+ activities that will keep your little one entertained while developing their fine motor skills. The Bright Starts Around We Go is made for multiple ages. You can remove the walk-around seat and convert it into a standing center as your kiddo learns to stand.


  • convertible to a toddler table
  • can grow with your child
  • a seat that can rotate 360 degrees
  • lots of entertainment delights for the baby
  • easy to clean


  • expensive
  • can take up a lot of space in the house
  • some of the toys don’t stay well attached
  • needs some weighting around the base

Activity Centers Benefits

Let’s face it. If we have many things to do around the house, we cannot focus on keeping an eye on our child the entire day. It’s also increasingly hard to keep a baby entertained and interested when they are starting to get curious about the things around them.

The best options have many fun toys that target different areas of your child’s brain, making them both educational and enjoyable. These toys will keep your child entertained so you can move around the room. Get to do those chores while your child gets busy with their table.

Some of these task centers have a light-up piano that your child can step on the foot platform or even a toy baby dresser that your kids can pretend-play, packed with features to stimulate their imagination.

The Baby’s View 3 Stage Activity Center and The Skip Hop Activity Center are also among the parents’ few favorites, packed with plastic toys designed for safety and durability. Most of these models allow a maximum weight of about 25 lbs, and most babies can fit into them, making them a versatile choice for growing babies.

Keeps Your Babies Visible

This activity center not only features toys but also help your baby learn to walk.

Compared to a baby walker, activity centers are immobile. Many dangers get attributed to walkers, such as falling from stairs, hitting pieces of furniture, etc. The best tables offer adequate support and don’t allow any movement so your child won’t spin or fall and hit their head. You can keep your child in plain sight and avoid the risk of any untoward incidents happening.

Develops Baby’s Motor Skills

Toys and activity for your baby at the center.

A center can help develop your child’s fine motor skills. When your child is on the toddler play table, they learn to sit upright, flex their legs, and balance through the play table when set at just the right height adjustments. You can also let them use this as an art table.

Develop Baby’s Hand-Eye Coordination

The best activity centers can improve hand-eye coordination. We often ignore the fact that we can grasp, push, or turn things around. However, babies still have to learn these valuable skills.

The colorful, removable toys in your child’s activity table will help your child practice hand and eye coordination. In time, your little one will be able to play with his/ her toys with ease on the play table. You can also try the twirling caterpillar tower which involves you and your child in the same fun activity.

Activity Hub As A Seat

You don’t need to buy additional seats for your child, especially if you’re just at home. Most play stations can also be used as a seat for short periods. In line with this, parents much choose an activity center with a soft machine washable seat fabric so as not to irritate the skin.

Are you helping your child learn the alphabet? Put your child inside the exersaucer and sing to your child. You don’t have to experience more aches and pains from carrying your child the entire time. These centers are tremendously a lot of help!

Activity Hub During Mealtimes

Baby eating alone.

Is your little one fussy when you try to feed them? Make mealtime a fun experience for your child by turning them into a center.

When your child is distracted, it may become easier for you to feed your little one. Later on, you can transition to help them feed on their own with the help of the play table.

Take A Breather

If you have been itching to take a breather from household chaos, investing in the best activity center can help.


Do you want to take a walk outside for several minutes? You can hire a babysitter for an hour and just let your child enjoy their entertainment center.

The play center is essential gear, especially for babies who are starting to sit up on their own. Babies will be able to develop hand-eye coordination and develop gross motor skills while in the infant activity center.

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