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Owlet Dream Sock:

What Does It Do?

Parents don’t need to be as brilliant as an owl to realize small babies are delicate. The tragedy of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, happens even to alert mothers. All it takes is for small babies to roll the wrong way, or for their breathing to change, and they are dead. The exact cause of SIDS is unknown, but often, it can be prevented by monitoring small babies. Specifically, an Owlet app can monitor and detect a baby’s breathing patterns and heartbeats, and they’ve been around for quite a while.

In the article, we made a list of infant dream sock monitors or “footie pajamas” and dream app that you can save and purchase. Your baby can wear it like the Owlet Sock from Amazon, and we included a brief description of the products so you will have an idea of how they work and what they offer. If you continue reading, you will discover a comprehensive review of the one from Owlet too.

A baby sleeping soundly in their room.
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Do You Think You Need This Sleep-Tracking Sock For Your Baby?

However, they’ve never had the remote option before, and this is important. If a small baby’s heartbeat changes, it’s a time-sensitive issue. If you’re asleep or are in another area and aren’t alerted, it could be an issue. Owlet baby monitors and the Owlet dream app have come a long way in terms of helping to prevent sudden infant death syndrome by having these baby’s sleep quality indicators feature. They have the most advanced monitoring system for your baby’s sleep sessions. When you have the ability to see a small baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels through home monitoring systems, it can do a lot for your level of comfort with safe sleep at home and your baby’s sleep as well.

The Nanit Plus – Baby Monitor and Floor Stand Device

  • The new smart sock technology has been created to make sure that you can monitor small babies at all times.
  • The Nanit Plus provides the best audio baby monitor, offering a crystal clear view of your baby on your device. It enables you to hear or speak to your baby with its two-way audio feature.
  • This is the only baby monitor where you can also check the temperature and humidity of the room to ensure that your baby is sleeping soundly and is comfortable. It is not tight and putting it on your baby will ensure he gets the good night’s sleep he deserves.

The Eufy Security Video Baby Monitoring Device

  • The baby monitor from VAVA company provides real-time images of your little one. It also gives you greyscale infrared images at night through its auto-adjusting night vision.
  • The Eufy baby monitor has 5 inches HD display and 720p video. It provides sharper images compared to regular monitors.
  • The baby monitor enables you to see and hear your small baby anywhere in your home within a 1000ft range. It guarantees that even if you have left the premises of your home, your baby is still safe.
  • Eufy Security is recommended by WireCutter, New York Magazine, and Wired.

Owlet OSS Baby Monitor Duo Device

  • The new dream duo, Owlet smart sock baby monitor and Owlet cam is more advanced than most smart monitors. The new Owlet dream duo together with the Free Owlet app not only allows you to monitor your baby anywhere in your house, but this personalized sleep tool also allows you to read your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level.
  • It will also notify you when your baby is in need of your help.
  • It includes a bonus feature. The Owlet smart sock lets you monitor your baby’s data, baby’s total number of hours of sleep, time of waking, sleep quality, prior nap times, duration of sleep sessions, etc. Therefore, you can view the baby’s sleep trends through this.
  • You can watch and save video clips, or stream HD video of your little one while they are getting a good night’s sleep. You can also receive notifications when sound, crying, or motion is detected.
  • It is available in different colors: Sleepy Sage, Bedtime Blue, White, and Dusty Rose.

The OSS2 Owlet Smart Dream Sock Monitor Device

  • Owlet Smart Sock OSS 2 comes with 3 standard socks and 3 blue fabric socks. It is ideal to be put in the baby’s foot for infants from 0-18 months or 6-25 pounds.
  • The Owlet smart sock monitors your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level while they are sleeping. OSS will automatically notify you if the numbers are at dangerous levels.
  • By downloading Owlet smart sock exclusive app, you can monitor the vital signs in real-time and, at the same time, sign and support the company that manufactures them. If you are not satisfied with the OSS, you can return it within 30 days to get a full refund.

But, with all of the advancements made with the Owlet baby monitor, how do you know which one is right for your home? That’s where the Owlet smart socks come in. It claims to be the next step in baby monitoring. This little piece monitors your baby’s vital signs, such as oxygen saturation and your baby’s heart rate so you can be assured of having healthy babies, even at night. To be provided with care and love is one of the baby’s fundamental rights.

Baby wearing Owlet Smart Dream Sock. This is mainly designed for sleeping babies. Owlet Smart Dream Sock comes in three sizes, so you can give your baby a bigger device whenever they grow out of it
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Owlet needs to be charged, but it does last a good while, and it won’t be a reoccurring thing throughout the day. Also, the sock is mainly designed for sleeping babies. Also, this baby monitor comes in three sizes depending on the baby’s age and size, so you can give your baby a bigger device whenever they grow out of it. Safe sleep is important for all ages stages of babies, so this kind of product needs to be able to grow with a small child.


It is a good infant monitoring device, but with that said, there are a few things from Owlet reviews you should know about it. Let’s get into that.


The Owlet baby monitor is useful in the fight against SIDS, but you need to take your precautions too. Always make your baby sleep on their back and have your baby wear footie pajamas as well. Also, train yourself in infant CPR. This can help you resuscitate your baby should there be an issue. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that anyone who is caring for a baby should be trained in infant CPR. You may not have the time to find a pediatrician or someone else to resuscitate small child if they weren’t breathing.

Owlet Baby Care. The owlet smart dream sock is useful against the fight against SIDS
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One of the Owlet smart socks reviews says that these sock monitors and the Owlet camera a newer technology with sleep quality indicators, so they do cost hundreds of dollars. For the price, you may think it’s worth it because it even has predictive sleep technology to prompt if it’s time for your baby’s slumber. For some parents, it is a small price to pay for a little security, but for other parents, it’s out of their budget range. They may want to get a device, practice various CPR techniques, and practice other precautions instead. This baby monitor is good peace of mind, but don’t sacrifice your financial peace of mind as a result.

Whenever your baby outgrows the Owlet socks, and you don’t see yourself having a second child or another baby, you could always sell it and get a little money back, or give it to someone you care about so they can monitor their baby smartly. This device is not within everyone’s budget, so help friends and family to be living healthily by paying it forward if you can.


Because it is a wireless device, you need to charge it once a day. Charge it when your baby is up and alert, and then put it on, fully charged, whenever they are asleep. This isn’t a con to the product, as a battery has to charge, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Watch For Defective Units

Finally, with any electronic device, most are ready to go, but sometimes, you may get a dud in the mail.  If the device doesn’t seem to work correctly, heats up, and makes your baby feel uncomfortable, or you have another issue, try returning it and exchanging it for a better unit. Owlet baby monitors are man-made pieces of equipment, so there’s always room for error. Understand, though, that there’s room for error with the operation of the device, as well. If you don’t take the time to learn how to use a pulse oximetry monitor like this, you could be setting yourself up for failure. You need to understand what it’s telling you about your baby’s oxygen levels.

safety is important when you have a baby. a smart baby monitor will help you to keep your child safe.
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Is This Sleep-Tracking Device Worth Getting?

We think this little monitor is a nifty device, but as we said before, stay within your budget. Practicing CPR techniques and learning essential SIDS prevention tips are free, and can help your baby out as well. The monitor is still a worthwhile investment, as your baby could have problems even if you practice everything, but not at the expense of your wallet. Living healthy habits can go a long way toward the safety of your baby, also.

Overall, the Owlet sock is a cool device, and we are excited about the future of sock monitors. Soon, they may become more affordable, accurate, and comfortable for every parent and baby to be able to have a hospital-grade monitor at home. It will also be good to look up some Owlet smart socks reviews to see another perspective on the product. You and your little one can have better sleep. Start building your sock family now.


The Owlet Sleep-Tracking Baby Sock

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