The Best Nursery Dressers For Your Kids

When decorating a nursery room,  you want to look at a nursery drawer. Drawers are essential since they will hold a chunk of the child’s clothing and other such items, but you also want something that works efficiently and functionally for the child. So what are the best ones out there? Well, you’re in luck, for we are about to provide the top-notch drawer that will hold everything and why they are the best.

Well, you’re in luck, for we are about to provide the topnotch baby dresser that will hold everything.

This article comprehensively reviewed our top choices regarding baby drawers and discussed some FAQs. To present you with more options to select from, we also made a list of Amazon’s quality nursery drawers for you to add to your cart, according to verified customers. We also included product descriptions for each dresser so you can compare.

Choosing The Top Baby Dresser

When choosing the top-notch nursery drawer, consider factors like storage space, soft-close drawers, drawer dividers, and a design that complements your baby nursery and baby furniture while accommodating baby essentials and organizing baby gear. The purpose of this is to get the most space you can get, and having something larger is better since it allows the child to grow into it. Of course, a dresser is a great item  you can add to the nursery. It can change the ambiance of the room, which is why you need to fully check the dresser you’re buying. The store area is also an important one, too, since you want something that will fit in their room. You would want to make the selection for your baby dressers appropriate. Check the following features for the top dressers for your baby.

mDesign Dresser For Baby

A baby dresser with toys on the top.

  • The nursery dresser from mDesign is the solution to your storage problem; it gives you 5 spacious dresser chest without taking so much space in your baby’s room.
  • The nursery dresser has a slim dresser design and a wood top for your lamp and decors.
  • This nursery dresser has complete dresser features that are perfect for your kid’s nursery.
  • This nursery dresser has minimalist dresser details and low lying structure that your kids can easily reach
  • The price is just right for new moms


A minimalist baby dresser. Nursery best dresser for kids, preparing your newborn child can be exciting.


mDesign Storage Dresser


A gray baby drawer with books and a lamp on the top.

  • The nursery dresser also has 5 removable drawers, 2 wide and 3 smaller storage to keep things more organized. It measures 11.4″ x 32.6″ x 30.3″.
  • This nursery dresser is made of breathable non-woven synthetic fabric, steel frame, MDF wood top, and plastic feet. It is easy to assemble and clean.


A water resistant nursery drawer.


Storkcraft Infant Drawer


  • This nursery dresser is available in 5 different colors, and it has a minimalist dresser design that would blend perfectly with whatever theme you have for your infant.
  • This nursery dresser comes with easy-to-assemble instructions, and it is made with high-quality wood.


mDesign Wide 5 Dresser


  • This nursery dresser has the same features as the second dresser on the list, except for a more modern dresser design and prints.
  • This nursery is the best dresser option if you are aiming to decorate your room with a particular theme as it will surely add extra appeal to it.

You want to choose a drawer with ample storage for the most part. A lot of storage goes a long way since you can use these drawers for a long time. The cool thing about it is you can use them beyond what you may use for the child. Some parents like to use these as fabric drawer. A fabric drawer is great for sewing, and you can even delineate a part of these drawers as a fabric drawer.

Fabric Drawer

Some may also use them as fabric bins since they keep everything together. Using these as a fabric dresser and bins can help you get the must-use out of it. Then, of course, there is a wood top or steel frame.  When purchasing one of these, remember that the child will be using this for at least five years, and you can always redecorate these wardrobes over time if you feel like they’re outgrowing the current style.


Babyletto Hudson Dual Dresser

Are you looking for the ultimate piece of furniture: a double drawer and a universal drawer closet? Well, this is the top drawer for you to have. It is a convenient dresser system and is a double closet for double the dresser storage.

Babyletto Dual Dresser

This is a bedroom drawer that can fit everything, and Babyletto Hudson is always delivering on this. This kid’s bedroom closet is great if you need a double drawer because it has ample storage.

What’s This Made Of

This piece of furniture is made with a solid wood top.  This wood top is safe for children and won’t harm them, and the wood top is solid.  Many parents love the wood top on this because of how pretty it is. It does have a lot of dresser storage for a kid’s bedroom dresser. This closet is ideal for toddlers and older kids alike, and having a double dresser provides the closet storage you can rely on.



South Shore

This is a wood-top drawer closet that is great for any room. In fact, you can put it in the baby bathroom if you’re looking to have something that looks good and fits the kid’s bedroom.



This one is great since it comes with six color options to give variety to the child’s room and allows you to choose some great color options.


DaVinci 3-Drawer Dresser And Changer

The DaVinci Jayden 3 is a closet with changing top you can trust, and is considered the top baby drawer if you’re looking for something that room toddlers can be safe on.


Delta Children

Delta Children drawers are perfect for storage and organization. Some of the features of Delta Children drawers include:

  • This nursery dresser is made from sturdy and durable materials such as wood, composite wood, or metal
  • This nursery dresser has a perfect dresser design and is available in different sizes, shapes, and colors to fit the specific needs of the buyer.
  • This nursery dresser is very easy to assemble.


Can Baby A Dresser Become A Changing Table?

Yes, you can have your closet customized if you plan to have it made. But if you have old furniture in the house, you can just paint it a beautiful pink or baby blue. Then do a DIY changing table and attach it on one side of the dresser. The other side can be a drawer for diapers, cotton balls, and others.

How Do You Baby-Proof A Dresser?

Get rid of cutlery, manicure sets, plastics, and other sharp objects that might injure your baby. You can set the sensitive things inside a dresser and place a lock on it, so it is safe and secure. Also, if you don’t want your child to open the dressers quickly, install magnetic locks inside the dressers.



Do You Need A Special Dresser For An Infant?

You need a dresser for your nursery, but you don’t necessarily need a SPECIAL dresser for a baby’s room; a dresser with four larger drawers can provide ample storage for items like crib sheets and can double as a changing station with a changing pad for diaper changes, ensuring it doesn’t take up too much room in the baby’s room, as long as it’s made of high-quality materials.

What Do You Put In A Baby Dresser?

In a baby dresser, new parents typically place baby clothes, diapers, and other essentials, and the quality dressers for this purpose are often timeless, with classic designs, making them incredibly easy to use in small spaces as a one-time investment piece, with some opting for larger dressers made of particle board.

How Do You Organize Baby Clothes In A Dresser?

Organize baby clothes in a dresser by categorizing items, using bulkier items as dividers, placing diapers in one section, arranging four larger items against the wall, storing blankets separately, ensuring safety with greenguard certified materials, and maintaining an elegant vintage aesthetic.

What Do You Need For A Newborn Baby?

For a newborn baby, you’ll need basic stuff like socks, a sleek changing pad, a comfortable topper, and wipes, which are a great addition.

Do You Need A Changing Tray On Top Of The Dresser?

Whether you need a changing tray on top of a dresser depends on your preference and budget; consider looking for a cost-effective, fully assembled white dresser with a removable changing tray on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, especially if you have a small nursery.

Can You Use Any Dresser As A Changing Table?

Yes, any dresser with enough storage, such as one with four drawers, can be used as a changing table for your first baby, and having only one piece of furniture in a white finish makes sense for simplicity.

How Do You Arrange A Baby Dresser?

Arrange nursery drawers by using a wood dresser with four larger drawers, ensuring a timeless piece of nursery decor with a classic design, making practical sense and only needing one item to shop for in the baby room.

What Else Can You Use A Dresser For?

You can use an IKEA dresser with a changing topper to store baby items and accessories, it typically has four larger drawers and legs.

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