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tOne toy that children tend to like is a block and tackle pulley set. They are popular, and there are a few reasons why children love them. But, why d they matter what is the best set out there? What are some features that children will like about them? Well, read on to find out.  Here, we’ll talk about the block and tackle pulleys sets and why they’re important for learning how stuff works.

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Why They Matter

If you’ve ever seen a sail getting hoisted, or even just a rigging on a boat, that’s literally what this is.  A block and tackle is essentially a pulley and rope system that allows you to trade force for distance, and these are popular toys for children. This is used to move larger and bigger items easily, and while it might be a simple pulley system, it makes a huge difference in the general result of what you get from this.  For example, if you want to lift the weight of 100 pounds 100 feet, you need 100 feet of rope, and that’s essentially is what these are.

So why are these toys? Well, they teach kids block and tackle systems, including how different arrangements can change the way they’re lifted, where if you want to hold the weight in the air, you only need to use 50 pounds of force, and that means you need to use less to lift it.

Now, block and tackle pulley sets will help teach children how to lift heavy objects, and that’s why they’re usually so popular.  Children like to learn about this, and it innovatively teaches the science concepts.


The NovaNatural block + Tackle Pulley System

It is a bit of an expensive option, but it is a wooden pulley that will entertain the child, and it can teach them the block and tackle system, where hey can move heavier objects and move them. It teaches them mechanical force, and the nice thing about this is that it’s so strong, it can be attached to anything.

From bunk beds to the top of the stairs, to even hanging it off a tree, they can learn about how these systems work, and how they can lift heavier objects through this.  It has a pretty long upper pulley, and it has about 18 inches of nylon rope. It’s made with all-natural products, and though it is expensive, it does the job well, which is something that I think plays a big part in teaching kids how to use these.  

MagicCabin block And Tackle Pulley Set

While it doesn’t hold the size and weight of a child, it teaches them some basic mechanical concepts. It was developed by Walter Kraul who was a science teacher in Germany that used this to teach children the laws of physics in helpful ways and helps them learn much more creatively.  It comes with materials and detailed instructions that will help them understand. It takes less than an hour to complete, but it’s a fun way to teach some basic and meaningful science concepts.

It is a good one, and with the well-made and quality parts, it definitely can give you a fun and enjoyable pulley system that allows entertainment for hours.

HABA Terra Kids Block and Tackle Pulley Set

It is another fun and exciting block and tackle pulley set that I encourage kids to use outside.  It essentially can haul all kinds of objects, which is great for children to put in say a treehouse, or if they want to go on adventures, this is a great one.  If you have high ceilings inside, they can use this as well, and it’s a way to understand basic physics while they play. It can be easily disassembled and reassembled.  It also includes a pulley, a rope, some quick links, and directions. The rope is very strong, and it can hold so many items. It’s a good way to teach a child all about this scientific concept, and for the price that it is, you’re getting an amazing deal.

Goki Wooden Pulley

It is another good child-sized block and tackle set that includes wooden reels, a hook, pulley, and about 19 feet of nylon rope.  It is perfect as well for children to lift items into trees or the top bunk. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t include a basket, and it’s a bit more on the pricier end, but this is a wonderful item for children to have, especially if they’re planning to use a treehouse anytime in the future.

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Haba Tension Belt Block and Tackle Pulley Set

It’s essentially an extension of another popular HABA toy set. It’s essentially the ancient energy saver made into well, a toy for kids to use.  It makes the heaviest jobs lighter, and it can make the weight four times lighter when lifted with this. It’s made of both solid beech wood and metal as well. The pulley system has two loose reels and two fixed reels, which is how it can hoist the heavy objects about 20 feet into the air, and it’s made of polypropylene rope.  It is great for kids that want to lift their toys to the shelves, and so they can bring items to the treehouse, or even the fort, so it will create wonderful imaginative lay. It also has a tension belt to the ceiling, staircase, or a tree, and it can hold up to 350 pounds, so it’s very strong, and it does the job well.

Block and tackle pulley sets for kids are well, one of the best ways to teach your kids basic physics concepts, and it also can, with the help of this, get them to lift even the heaviest objects to where they need to go. You’ll be able to give them this great toy, and they’ll be quite happy too.

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