Boba Air Reviews: Is It The Baby Carrier for you?

If you need a suitable baby carrier, there are quite a few options available. One of which is the Boba Air. As the name implies, this carrier is as light as air, and yet can carry your baby without any problems whatsoever. Today, we’ll be looking at the Boba Air 3G and 4G and see if it’s right for you. 


What Is A Baby Carrier? 

A baby carrier is like a backpack you wear on your front or back, with the baby inside and secured. It allows your baby to be at your side no matter what you do, giving your hands-free rein to do whatever they want. Busy parents use a baby carrier and also used by parents who just want to lounge around with their baby. It’s overall a good thing to have, and we will explain why in the next section of this article. 


Why A Baby Carrier?

Before we look at the Boba Air, we should first discuss why a baby carrier is essential, to begin with. There are many reasons why a mother may have one, and they all are valid. These reasons include:

Being able to breastfeed while you’re doing other things. You can multitask like never before, which is great for moms who can’t seem to have enough hands. 

It’s also better for the baby when they’re breastfeeding. The closer they are to the mom, the more they will eat, giving them the weight gain they need. 

A baby carrier may help out with a colic baby who is crying all the time. By using a carrier, your baby can feel more at ease. 

It helps improve the bond between parent and child. 

Now, let’s look at some of the features of the 3G. 

The 3G

It sounds like comparing phone services, doesn’t it? The 3G is a carrier that boasts little weight. Being 0.7 ounces, it’s not something that’s going to weigh you down.  You can carry a baby up to 45 pounds with it, and you can carry the baby in the back or front, depending on their weight. With back carrying, it’s suitable for babies over 25 pounds, and vice versa. 

With the carrier, like Tula baby carrier you can adjust the shoulder straps, and it should fit most parents who are between 5-6 feet. As for the waist belt, it should fit people who have a waist between 25-40 inches, making it good for most types of parents. 

The carrier also has a hood. You can put over your baby when they want to sleep, and when mom needs a little bit of privacy. 

Features Of The 4G 

You may want to know the differences between the 3G and the 4G. With the 4G, you can carry babies who are a minimum of 7 pounds. With the 3G, that minimum is 15 pounds. Many parents did not like the 3G because their baby was too small. There is a workaround with the 3G using the waist belt, but the 4G makes it convenient. With the 4G, it’s easy for you to carry a small baby. 

So, what are the other differences between the 3G and 4G? The 4G is a little heavier, being up to 2 pounds. Again, not that heavy, but a sizable difference. Besides that, there isn’t too much of a difference. You can remove the hood and the foot straps of the 4G. 


What Are Parents Saying? 

When choosing this product, you need to look at the Amazon Boba Air reviews from other parents and see if their experiences were good. As it turns out, both models do have positive reviews. The 4G is the better-rated experience, but the 3G has positive reviews. 

With any baby product, your mileage may vary. A few parents claim their baby didn’t like the carrier, or that they got stuck. At the same time, plenty of parents have praised the Boba Air for putting their baby to sleep. 

With any baby product, you luckily can buy it and return it if your baby doesn’t respond well. Being able to get a return with ease is one of the best features of online shopping. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

With the Boba Air, there are quite a few varying prices, from $50 to hundreds of dollars. You must shop smart and make sure you’re not buying your carrier from a scalper who is wanting to sell you the product for a price that it’s not worth. 

But in most cases, the Boba Air is affordable and a good investment if you want an excellent carrier to carry your baby with. Look online and find the best prices, and then buy it. Chances are, you can cut yourself a good deal. 

Anything Else I Should Know? 

With any baby carrier, you must try it out first without the baby. Get used to wearing it and figure its ins and outs. A baby carrier usually comes with an instruction manual, and this manual can be used to figure out the best ways to use the carrier in the safest way possible. 

You may want to use a baby doll or something else to put in the carrier before you put your baby in it. That way, if the carrier isn’t fastened, you can correct yourself before you’re risking your baby.

Make sure everything is fastened well and that your baby is dressed appropriately. After that, you should be good to go. 


Boba Air Reviews Conclusion

The Boba Air is a suitable baby carrier to try out. As also mentioned in TalesOfAMountainMama, it’s lightweight, yet supports your baby with ease. As a parent, you have a lot on your plate already, so why not get a carrier that can account for that? With that said, also make sure that you buy the Boba version that is appropriate for your baby’s weight. You may need the 3G or 4G depending on how much your baby weighs, though the 4G seems to be better overall. 

FAQs On Boba Air Reviews

What is Boba wrap?
Boba wrap is a baby wrap or baby carrier, best for use by all mothers. The Boba wrap will keep the baby warm and comfy, as it keeps the baby sleeping soundly.

Can a baby sleep in Boba wrap?
Yes, of course. A baby can sleep in a Boba wrap, but they naturally avoid a particular position wherein they can’t breathe. The wrap is head support for the baby, actually.

How do you wear a Boba carrier?
With a front carry carrier, you will have to wear it like this: put the carrier on your back while the strap is placed on the shoulders. Tighten the waist belt in front but not too tight, as you wear the straps. Carry the baby on your hip and slide him in the carrier.

What is the best baby carrier?
The top three best baby carriers in the market are brands like Tula, Lillebaby, and Kelty. Tula is an all-around type of baby carrier, while Lillebaby is best to use when the weather is hot. Kelty is best for walking moms.

How long can a baby wear boba wrap?
For Boba Air, it can carry a baby with a weight of 15 to 45 pounds. The Serenity Boba Wrap is best suited for newborn babies and up to 35 pounds.

Should I wash my Boba wrap before use?
Yes, Boba advises that all their wraps must be machine washed (cold). Bleaching is not recommended, and you have to wash it first before using it.

Which is better, Moby or Boba wrap?
Boba is stretchable while Moby is not stretchable. Boba has 5% spandex, and with that, it is advisable to wrap it tightly on the body to secure the baby.

Can Boba wrap go in the dryer?
Yes. It is not a sensitive product, and you can tumble dry it on low. You can even have it machine washed.

Does Boba wrap fit plus size?
Most mommies are plus size, especially after giving birth. So, yes. Any Boba wrap is best suited for a big mommy since it is stretchable.

Is Boba wraps safe?
Boba wraps are very safe for use by mothers and their babies. It is a hands-free way to carry your little one while going about your daily routine.

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