The The 2022 Britax B Ready Review: B Ready Strollers for Kids – What You Need to Know

When you become a real parent, getting ready for your baby’s arrival can be really challenging, right? Things such as car seats and strollers become a bit of a nightmare to figure out, especially when you see the real tags. In fact, most strollers have car seats attached in them so it is easy for you to convert them into one. But we’re here to help. Have you considered the Britax stroller? Learn more about Britax strollers here.

britax b ready stroller in black

Britax B-Ready Review

Today, we’ll be looking at a Britax BReady stroller. The way to find the stroller that’s right for you is to check the reviews and then decide. In this case, we’re looking at the BReady model, and whether it’s a stroller you should buy, or if you should pass on this model. Britax strollers are renowned for their exceptional features, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both parents and children. With the option for a child to ride facing either the parent or forward, Britax strollers offer versatile seating arrangements to suit individual preferences and the child’s needs. The automatic frame lock provides peace of mind, securely locking the stroller when folded for convenient storage and transportation. While additional seats are sold separately, Britax strollers offer the flexibility to accommodate two babies when needed. The front seat provides a smooth ride with its comfortable padding and adjustable recline positions, ensuring the child’s comfort during outings. The adjustable handle bar height adds to the stroller’s versatility, allowing parents to customize their pushing experience based on their own comfort level. Britax strollers combine practicality, safety, and comfort to deliver an exceptional ride for parents and their little ones.

b ready stroller

To present you with more options, we also made a list of the best selling Britax’s B Ready G3 strollers from Amazon, and we included a description for each to give you an idea of its features. If you continue reviewing this article, you will also learn facts about this product’s latest offering.

Why Is It Popular?

The BReady stroller that you can expand to fit two children if you have them. The stroller can be useful for kids, and you can adjust it in different combinations. That makes this stroller quite convenient. One thing about this stroller, which we’ll discuss later, is that it’s heavy and big. This stroller that doesn’t take up too much room is an influencer when it comes to whether or not you want a stroller, but does the bulkiness of his stroller kill it? Let’s find out.

Amazon’s Best Selling And Top Rated Strollers

Agile Lightweight Stroller 


b ready stroller

  • The B Agile is one of the Britax’s best selling strollers and it is convenient to use.
  • It is made of lightweight aluminum frame and has a quick-fold, modular design which makes it hassle-free to carry.
  • It has a 3-wheel configuration with front wheels that swivels and rear wheels. It is easy to push on crowded and narrow spaces for a wonderful child ride. It offers ultra smooth ride thanks to its impressive wheel features.


B-Free Stroller 


  • The B-free comes with all-terrain foam filled rubber tires and has a 3-wheel configuration design. It also has a canopy that extents which you can use to protect your baby from sun and rain.
  • It is very spacious. It has 7 pockets and extra large front access extra large storage basket where you can put all your baby essentials.


B-Lively Lightweight Stroller 


  • The B-Lively Stroller is designed beautifully and made of high quality and durable materials.
  • It features an all-wheel suspension system and it comes with adapters for seat compatibility.
  • It is recommended for babies up to 55 pounds max. It is easy to fold and it is very light to carry.


BReady G3 Stroller


This B Ready by Britax can be used for double seating

  • The Britax B has a versatile design, it can be used for double seating but the strolling feels like that of a single stroller.
  • It allows 12 seating options when paired with the B Ready bassinet, Britax Car seats or the Britax B G3 Second Seat.

The Britax B ready has a large storage underneath

Stroller Top Features

First and foremost, it is a convertible stroller, which means it does have a reversible top stroller seat. With a convertible stroller, your main seat can be used for both babies and toddlers up to 50 pounds. This stroller seat lets you trust that your baby is going to be ultimately okay.

It also has a double mode. It can be a single ultimate stroller, or you can convert it to doubles mode. The primary seat also has a lot of room. Many children find it easy to recline in the primary seat, so if you want to have the baby recline back, you can in the primary seat.  The top seat may recline back too along with the primary seat.

This Britax B-ready is wheels are also great for terrain that is bumpy.

The wheels are also great for terrain that is bumpy.  It is an inline stroller with strong front wheels that will play through many things.  It also has air filled tires that will do the job as a strong terrain stroller. It does have a storage basket that offers ample space.

What Are The Different Car Seat Options That This Stroller Provides?

One thing most of these stroller reviews you see is they don’t talk about how you can put a Britax infant car seat on this with the proper seat adapter. The seat adapter is both a car seat adapter, and the seat adapter for the stroller.  You need to secure the car seat adapter to the stroller, and then you can safely put the infant car seat in there.

One thing some parents are concerned with is do they have enough room to move the stroller with the car seat and the other seat. Usually, it is fine, but some parents report it’s too bulky.

B Ready stroller by Britax

How Easy Is It To Use?

One of the significant factors when deciding whether or not a stroller is to you is how easy it is to use. If assembly is a nightmare, controlling it is frustrating, and it’s just not excellent to use, then the stroller is a no go. This model is easy to use,  to unfold and fold, and you can reverse the seats. The problem is its weight. Picking it up and carrying it is a challenge for most parents.

Comfortability For Babies: How Comfortable Can They Get While Riding This Stroller?

Another factor in deciding if a stroller is right for you is how comfortable it is for your baby. It is comfortable in what it does, giving your baby plenty of legroom, and with four positions to recline, your baby can kick back and relax.

Included Accessories

We’re a little disappointed there is no tray, and few cup holders included. However, it does have a storage basket that’s quite nice. It has a zipper as well, so you can keep your items out of view, and you can make sure they don’t fall out.

How Easy Is It To Control?

Maneuverability is always important with this stroller. Sadly, this is where this stroller falls apart. Its bulk certainly doesn’t help, and neither does its size. It’s hard to move around, especially if you’re in a tight space. However, it is smooth if you don’t have to turn it. Otherwise, you’re in trouble.

B Ready stroller by Britax

How Much Safer Is This Stroller Compared To Others?

Safety is always essential when it comes to this stroller. Luckily, this is where the stroller shines. Its brakes keep the stroller in place, and using them is quite easy, with an indicator telling you if it’s on or off. It’s nice and padded, and while the buckle part is a bit stuff, it’s otherwise good. If you’re worried about your baby, you don’t need to have any fear with this stroller.


We have harped on its heaviness for quite a bit, so let’s finally go into more detail. The is almost 30 pounds, making it quite heavy. When you fold it, it’s still quite big, making it not the best for portability, either. However, with its heaviness, it allows a baby up to 55 pounds to be inside.

Is It Worth It?

B Ready stroller is sadly not worth its price in most regards. As we mentioned before, it’s bulky and not fun to use for most parents. While some parents may not mind the bulkiness, it’s just hard to maneuver. However, its ability to turn into a double may make it worth it for some parents. However, it’s just a mediocre stroller, especially for the price. It is not the most expensive stroller out there, but other strollers deliver on a better value for the price.


  • Britax is safe for most babies. It provides all the protection you need.
  • It is expandable to a double stroller.
  • Fits babies up to 55 pounds, making it quite versatile.
  • Britax stroller has a nice storage basket that is discreet as well.
  • Different reclining positions and legroom keep your baby nice and comfortable ride.
  • Britax gives a smooth straight ride.
  • Decent brakes allow for the safest ride.
  • It has peep window. This ventilation window protects babies from suffocating.


  • Britax B is extremely heavy
  • Even when folded, it’s not that compact.
  • B Read is quite hard to control.
  • Quite expensive, considering that other strollers give you similar quality.
  • No trays, and you have to buy extra cup holders to get the most out of it.
B Ready Stroller by Britax in reclining position

Conclusion And Final Words on This Stroller

While B Ready is a great stroller in some regards, it may not be worth the cash. If you can find the stroller for a good deal, and you don’t care about how bulky the stroller is, it may be worth the extra price. However, many people feel like it just doesn’t cut it.

Strollers do have a bit of subjectivity to them.

By trying them out, you can determine whether or not they’re the right fit for not just you, but for your toddler or baby as well. Of course, if you need a stroller for your toddler, then might as well check for something that has a toddler seat. Good luck.



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