Comprehensive List Of The FAA Approved Car Seats

More often than not, parents who travel with their babies make the little ones sit on their laps throughout the journey. Unfortunately, this is not the best-case scenario. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and as likewise recommended by doctors, it is safest to place your baby on an airplane using a government-approved child safety restraint system. This is the reason why the FAA has approved specific car seats that you can carry in planes.


Here is a list of FAA-approved car seats that you can choose from for your baby:

Chicco Keyfit 30

The main selling point of Chicco is that it is effortless to install because of its center-pull adjustment. It is the #1 rated infant car seat in America, with a 5-point harness and a recline feature that uses proper leveling indicators.


Safety 1st Grow and Go

This airplane car seat shifts smoothly from rear-facing (5-40 pounds) to front-facing (22-65) to a booster seat fastened with a sturdy belt on high back. The slim design of this seat allows you to carry more kids in the back seat while still making them comfortable.

Cosco Scenera NEXT

This aircraft baby seat is lightweight (just about 10 pounds), affordable, and easy to install. It has five harness heights, as well as three buckle locations that help securely fasten your baby and fits them even as they grow in weight. Its seat pads are also user-friendly.


Combi Coccoro

This is the most expensive among the FAA-approved car seats. Not only is it simple, but it is also convertible into a stroller. Furthermore, the car seat is lightweight at around 15 pounds. You will have no trouble installing it even in extra-tight airline seat pitches.

Britax Roundabout G4.1

Among the FAA-approved car seats on the list, this is the heaviest at 20 pounds. It lasts long even until your child is seven years old. It can fit in almost every standard airline seat and is sold with other travel accessories like bags and carts.

Evenflo Sonus

This car seat for travel on the airplane is made of 100% polyester. It has been tested to withstand side impacts because the design is mainly for structured integrity and strength even at energy levels reaching twice the Federal crash standard test.


Uppababy Mesa

This car seat for airplanes is best suited for babies weighing 4-35 pounds. It is also compatible with strollers as its design coordinates well with the likes of Vista and Cruz strollers. Among Amazon buyers, it has received 4.5-star reviews, indicating that many parents are happy with it.

Graco Milestone

While a relatively new market entrant, the FAA-approved Graco Milestone car seat has already pleased a lot of parents. It comes with a safe, adjustable harness that allows you to modify both the supporting straps and headrest height, thereby securing your child correctly.

Radian RTX by Diono

This FAA-approved car seat has a sleek design and a fully integrated steel frame that can fit across three seats. This frame is covered in thick plastic that can withstand collisions. It has aluminum-lined side walls and head support, as well as energy-absorbing foam for your baby.


Clek Fllo

This car seat for air travel uses materials of high quality. It also contains a dense foam that provides added comfort and security for your baby. It also comes with a standard steel anti-rebound and side-impact protection to keep your baby safe.

Safety is always the main priority when it comes to our babies, especially when we travel. Good thing, the FAA has helped us by coming up with a list of approved car seats. Choose the best car seat for airplane travel well!



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