The Best Narrow Car Seats

Are you looking for narrow car seats? Small vehicles with multiple children don’t have to be unsafe and uncomfortable. That is why we are here to help you.

There are two boys in car seats.

Anyone who has ever sat in a car next to a child knows that convertible car seats take up a lot of room. This is annoying for adults and children when they have to sit next to a smaller child in a car seat. But, it becomes downright impossible if you have to squeeze more than one child properly into the same row of seats, whether to fit them in a midsized sedan because you don’t have or don’t want a minivan or into a larger car because many children need a narrow infant car seat.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options available for you when it comes to the booster seat. If you check the list of the best small reliable narrow car seat from Amazon in the article, you will find a brief product description of each booster with all its essential features that will give you an idea of what might fit your needs. Once done, you can continue reading to see  FAQs on the narrowest infant car seats and the top and most amazing infant car seat brands that we chose based on multiple factors such as price and safety.

Diono Everett Car Seats

  • The Everett NXT narrow car seat promises 8 years of use, making this car seat a good investment for your growing child. This narrow car seat comes in different colors at a reasonable price.
  • Although Diono isn’t a lightweight car seat, its narrow design has a slim car seat without compromising seat safety and comfort. This slender car seat is also very lightweight and can easily transfer from one vehicle to another.

Chicco 2-In-1 Car Seats

  • The KidFit car seats feature a reliable safety-proof design that offers head and shoulder side-impact protection and 10 car seating position adjustments to accommodate your child as they get older. Make sure to check if the car seat is aligned properly.
  • These car seats have ErgoBoost double energy-absorbing foam padding and 2 space-saving cup holder.

Graco Tranzitions 3 In 1 Harness Booster Car Seats

  • The Tranzition car booster seat (slim convertible car seat) has a forward-facing car seat design, and it can hold up to 22- 100 lbs. This slim infant car seat is light and can easily convert from a harness booster to a backless booster.
  • These narrow three-car seats have a Simply Safe Adjust Harness And Rigid Latch Installation System and adjustable headrest to 8-height center seat position suitable for more leg room.

Britax Car Seats

  • The Britax Skyline Booster Car Seat can be converted from highback to backless. This slender seat stylish 2-stage positioning of seat belts features a quick-adjust headrest to let your child use it until he or she reaches 63 inches and 120 pounds.
  • It does not have to be that way if you choose your seats carefully. You’ll only have one car seat to buy so a well-chosen car seat can make what feels like a jigsaw puzzle destined to fail into an easy process that keeps everybody safe and comfortable.
  • The easiest way to improve the multiple chairs in a row situation, or even to make a back seat more comfortable for people sitting next to them, is to invest in a slender car booster.

Booster Seats

Many boosters out there prioritize a smaller width that doesn’t sacrifice anything in safety, which is most important. In addition to their width, some of the best ones even improved safety and had added benefits that promote the longevity of the seat and children’s comfort while sitting in it.

We will focus on slender ones to help you sort through the options so you know if a high-back booster, a backless booster, or a 2-in-1 booster is the best for you. The narrow option tends to be a backless support chair, but while your child still needs to be in a high-back version, there are options. When choosing the best and narrow support chair, there are a few factors to consider.

A cute little baby sleeping comfortably in a car booster.

Booster Width

When you’re looking for a small booster chair, the first thing you’ll probably think to check is the chair’s width, and you’re right to do so. A typical booster chai width is between 17 and 25 inches wide, so opting for boosters that fall approximately between 15 and 20 inches will guarantee that you’ve chosen one of the slimiest seat options out there.

This measurement is usually taken at the widest point on the base of a backless booster, but if you’re dealing with boosters that have a high back, double-check to make sure that no area on the back is wider than the widest point on the base, including in the headrests.

Booster seat

Convertibility Of Seats

When a booster seat boasts that it is a 2-in-1 seat or it is convertible, that usually means that as your child grows, the seat will transition from a booster with a high back to a backless booster. Not all boosters do this, but many have this capability, which makes the booster seat last much longer.

That said, sometimes the 2-in-1 boosters are not always the slimiest because they have extra parts built in to complement both seats. The widest convertible car seat is great because you can have a booster car seat and an infant seat all at your disposal. Plus, convertible models can be changed once the child gets older.  You can even turn a convertible seat from a car seat for a child to a booster seat.

There are slender booster seat options too that come out of convertibles, so consider this, since you can get a slender booster seat that fits easily in the car from a convertible option. Plus, a convertible seat usually fits most cars, and you can change it from a car seat for a small kid to a seat for an older kid without too much issue.

When looking for a perfect car seat, consider a convertible car, so you’re saving money and can fit it in most cars.  A convertible seat also can be used for up to 100 pounds in most cases, and when you use a convertible seat, you can adjust the car seat to fit older children, which is pretty great features.

Armrest Placement For Slim Car Seats

The narrow boosters often omit or incorporate thin, flexible armrests to save space.

This can sometimes be beneficial because one of the biggest safety mistakes people make with a booster seat is buckling the child in with the vehicle seat belts over the top of the armrests, so the belt rests on the stomach instead of along the child’s lap.

Sometimes, these narrow boosters without armrests can be safer for children because they promote correct buckling. Some of these might not have cup holders on them because adding cup holders to a small booster seat adds width. Usually, with a small booster seat or an infant car seat, they are on the side, so if you want to use them, you simply put them down. Most booster chairs have armrests that are easy to put down, and with a booster seat, you can still have room after adding three of them to your car.

Booster seat

Seat Buckle Accessibility

If you’re trying to cram three boosters into one row of a car, then almost inevitably, one of the boosters will cover up when you need to buckle the child. Although you can purchase extensions to help with this problem, one great way to avoid it altogether is to invest in a booster seat that has some sort of built-in access to the buckle, usually in the form of a hole to access it.

Usually, it’s easy to use a seat belt with a car seat, but some struggle if the booster chair is large.  With a rear-facing mode , usually, you don’t have to buckle it each time, which can help some parents since an infant chair just involves a 3-point harness and buckling it.

But, one thing to consider, especially with a booster car seat, since with a booster car seat, you’re having them buckle it themselves, is where the seat belt sits. A rear seat isn’t as much of an issue, nor is it with an infant car seat and a toddler seat. But once you start looking at booster car options, you should look at where the belt-positioning booster mode will fit.

One way to check to see if your car seat or booster car seat will fit is to measure your car.  Usually, a booster seat fits three in a row so you can take the total width and divide it by three. That way, you can look for popular infant car chairs that size or smaller. A small booster seat usually can be around the size, or a bit smaller.

Some booster seat options might need a bit more room to buckle, and if you notice that your booster seat is a struggle to get the seat belt into, you might want to consider a car seat that is a little easier. Choosing one of those boosters can maximize your space, so you don’t have to fumble around to get your children buckled, and even make it so children learn how to buckle themselves quicker.

Child Comfort

Your child might end up spending a lot of time in their booster chair, so, although safety is your top priority, you’ll also likely want to choose a booster they will be comfortable in. Some come with additional seat pad to ensure maximum comfort. While a booster seat might not seem like the most comfortable seat in the world, it actually can be very comfortable. Some slender booster seat options are not the best for long journeys.  If you can, maybe take your child to the store, try some booster chairs, and see if they like them.  From there, you can trim down the car seat you should consider and choose the best booster option.

To find the best models on the market and Diono Car Seats reviews, we recommend searching on Amazon. That way, you can see whether the seats on the market will work for your child and what parents have to say about it.  Some may say the high-back boosters aren’t as comfy; some might say that it’s good.  You might also want to look at the specifications on this high-back booster seat since it will tell you whether or not it gives the child enough room.

Some high-back booster seats are comfy, while other seats aren’t good for long journeys.  Some are 4 inches wide or more, which means that this high-back booster will work for the long journey, but if the material is less, it might be a bit cumbersome. Overall, you should try these out and consider the car seat options you can get. For more detailed information on each model, consulting Maxi Cosi reviews could provide valuable insights.

Talk to your child about which kind of support chair they’ve liked the most in the past. They might be able to give you some clues about what you can buy in the future.

Our Favorite Narrowed Support Seats

With all these important factors in mind for most car seats, here are some of our favorite slim booster seats:

Maxi-Cosi Rodifix

This booster seat is one of those with a high back. It’s very narrow but also promotes comfort, correct buckling technique, and easy buckling. The only downside of this is that it can’t convert to a backless booster.

A black variant model of the maxi-cosi booster seat. It has adjustable seat headrest but doesn't have seat armrest and seat cupholder. It has sleek design.

Peg Perego Viaggio Shuttle Plus 120

Of all the booster seats out there, this one is one of the most impressive because of its flexible sides that allow you to adjust the width of the seat based on a child’s needs. That flexibility allows the narrow seats to accommodate children of all sizes, and the back of the narrow seats can also be removed.

This is a convertible and works well for a small car.  It has side-impact capabilities and a high-back booster seat that fits pretty well, even in cars with three seats. This convertible car seat can be a backless booster, and the cover is removable and machine washable. For those with small cars, it might be the best option since it comes with the safety you want from a booster seat.

Diono Radian 3RX Convertible

The Diono Radian series, which includes models such as the Radian 3RX and Diono Radian RXT, is highly acclaimed for its versatility and safety features. Diono Radian 3RX also has a booster car seat, and it’s one of the best seats on the market. Diono Radian also has a booster car seat, and it’s one of the best seats on the market.  This is a slender booster seat that offers room to grow, and it can be used for both rear-facing and as a high-back booster seat.

It is a pretty sizable high-back booster seat that can give children room to grow, up to 120 pounds, and while it has reinforced walls of 4 inches wide, it is also thick to withstand the pressure of crashes. Diono Radian does create high-back booster seats that will help keep your child safe, and with a high-back booster seat, they will be up there and protected. A booster car seat that is convertible is great, and you’ll get that and so much more with the Diono Radian brand.

booster seat

Maxi Cosi Convertible

Finally, you have Maxi Cosi, which can convert from an infant chair to a booster chair. It is a high-back booster that can hold children in a sizable car seat, and since it is 4 inches wide, it offers a lot of protection. Because it is 4 inches wide to start, it is a high-quality, high-back booster seat that will give your child ample protection.  It is a bit on the pricey side for a high-back booster, but if you want one of the best high-back booster seat options on the market, this is the best.

booster seat

Graco RightGuide Portable Belt Trainer

This booster seat is the narrowest of all. This backless booster is a great option for older kids who still need boosters at a very affordable price.

The Graco TurboBooster

The Graco Turbobooster is another backless booster seat to consider, and that’s because it is considered one of the best booster seats on the market.  It is mostly a booster chair for children up to 100 pounds and 57 inches, and it is a good small seat option and one of the best seat protections out there.

Unlike some other backless booster seat options, this one does come with the side impact protection that you need, and it is one of the best seats on the market if you’re looking for a backless booster seat for older children. This is the best seat because it is one of the most slender seats on the market, and it comes with cup holders your child can use.  This narrow convertible car seat is also easy to use with a standard shoulder belt, and it is one of the most comfortable booster seats for a small car.

booster seat

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Two Common Mistakes Made With Car Chair Installation?

Two common mistakes in the installation are:

  1. Loose Installation: One common mistake is not installing the chair tightly enough. It’s crucial to ensure that the chair is securely and tightly attached to the vehicle. If there is excessive movement or the chair can be easily shifted or rocked, it may not provide the necessary protection in the event of a crash. To avoid this mistake, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use the appropriate installation method (such as using the vehicle’s belt or the LATCH system) to secure the chair tightly.
  2. Incorrect Harness Positioning: Another common mistake is improper positioning of the harness straps. The harness straps should be routed through the appropriate slots and should fit snugly over the child’s shoulders. The chest clip should be positioned at armpit level to keep the harness straps properly aligned. Often, people may mistakenly position the harness too high or too low, which can compromise its effectiveness of it in protecting the child during a collision. Always refer to the manual to ensure correct harness positioning for your child’s age and size.

It’s crucial to carefully read and understand the manual and the vehicle’s owner’s manual to avoid these common mistakes and ensure proper installation. Additionally, it is recommended to have a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) inspect the installation to verify that it is correctly installed and fitted for optimal safety.


What Is Important When Installing A Car Chair?

When installing, several important factors should be considered to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the installation. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Read the Manual: Carefully read the car seat’s instruction manual and the vehicle’s owner’s manual.
  2. Choose the Correct Chair: Select the appropriate booster chair for your child’s age, weight, and height.
  3. Secure Installation: Install the booster chair securely using either the vehicle’s seat belt or the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) system, which is available in most vehicles manufactured after September 1, 2002.
  4. Harness Adjustment: Adjust the harness straps according to the child’s size.
  5. Recline Angle: Pay attention to the recline angle of the booster chair, especially for rear-facing.
  6. Regular Inspection: Regularly inspect the booster chair to ensure it remains properly installed and the harness remains correctly adjusted.
  7. Seek Professional Help: If you’re unsure about the installation or want to verify that you’ve installed the booster chair correctly, consider consulting a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST).

Remember, the primary goal of installing a booster chair is to provide optimal protection and safety for your child during travel. Taking the time to understand and follow the instructions and guidelines will help ensure a secure and effective installation.

Which Booster Chair Is The Narrowest?

The current narrow booster seat is the Graco RightGuide Portable Seat Belt Trainer. This narrow car seat clock is at 13.25 inches. It is a backless booster car seat.

Can You Put Three Booster Seats In A Row?

Most vehicles, especially cars, can just about fit two car seats comfortably in the back seat. But, you can put three car seats in a row. This works best when at least one and preferably two or all three of the narrow seats are booster seats.

To squeeze them all in, you’ll need to ensure that you choose those chairs that are ideally made to be placed next to others. It can be a challenge to fit three but if you choose three similar best convertible car seats or even a booster car seat with infant seats on the side, this can work.  There are also infant car seat choices out there too, and if you have a child rear-facing, you can make this work and fit all the seat belt options too.

Do All Car Seats Fit The Same?

No, not all fit the same. These come in various sizes, styles, and designs, and their compatibility with different vehicles can vary. It’s essential to choose a booster chair that is suitable for your child’s age, weight, and height, as well as one that is compatible with your specific car model. Manufacturers provide guidelines and specifications for booster chairs, including information on which vehicles they are compatible with and how to properly install them. It is crucial to carefully read the instruction manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for a secure and appropriate fit in your car.

Can You Put 2 Narrow Boosters In Your Vehicle?

Some people struggle with a booster chair in a small car, but usually, you can fit three if you have them as boosters.

What’s The Narrowest Car Seat With A High Back?

If your child is not quite ready for a backless booster, then the Diono Radian 3R All-in-One Convertible Car Seat is one of the best car seat options.  At just 16 inches across, this car seat high back is still a remarkably narrow car seat and can work for your child as they grow. This backless booster seat offers the option of being able to fit three seats in a car, and it is one of the best seats on the market for a child, and it is a good booster seat for those parents who need something for older kids that isn’t super huge.  It does have an option to use the seat belt in the car, and it fits perfectly.

What Car Seat Is Most Comfortable?

The most comfortable car seat, considering tight installation, integrated lock-off, advanced safety features, head rest, harness mode, backseat space, and adjustable width, may vary depending on factors like the Baby Trend Flex Loc model and whether it’s used in a larger car.

How Do I Fit Three Car Seats In My Back Seat?

Install the Clek car seats in the center position using the car seat belt, ensuring they are only rear-facing, considering weight limits, and utilizing the anti-rebound bar, but be mindful of the wider car seats on the side seats.

Is The Middle Seat Best For A Car Seat?

No, the middle seat may not be the best for a car seat as it depends on factors like seat belt installation, rear or forward-facing car seats, and the number of installed rear-facing seats in the car, considering seatbelt lock-off and the type of car seat.

Are Slimfit’s Narrowest Convertible Car Chairs Safe?

Yes, Slimfit’s narrow convertible car seats, including the two rear-facing seats, combination seats, and all the car seats, are safe, with features like a crotch buckle, lap belt, narrow width, lock-offs, and a no-rethread harness.

What’s The Safest 3-In-1 Narrow Car Seat?

The safest 3-in-1 narrow car seat, especially for a taller driver, is the rear-facing car seat with a built-in lock-off and locking clip, suitable for all car seats, offering a two rear-facing position and serving as the only car seat needed.

Is A 5-Point Harness Car Seat Safer Than A Booster?

How Wide Is The Graco Narrow Slimfit LX Car Seat?

Which Graco Car Seat Is The Narrowest?


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