Evenflo Chase LX Reviews: Is It A Car Seat Worth Buying? 

When choosing a booster seat, you have plenty of options. One popular brand of booster seat is Evenflo. Today, we’ll be looking at Evenflo Chase LX Reviews. Is it a suitable booster seat for the price? Let’s find out. 

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All About Booster Seats 

Booster seats are quite impressive, as many parents don’t use them long enough. As a kid, you may have ridden in a car without a booster seat, but as of lately, more parents see the value in a booster seat after the child outgrows the front-facing car seat. 

Most children should use a booster seat until their seat belt fits without needing a booster seat. For most kids, this is when they’ve reached about 4 feet, 9 inches. This is usually around 8-12, on average, 10. A booster seat helps protect the child from impact and helps the seat belt stay connected, providing maximum safety. 

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What Is It? 

This is a booster seat that is a 2 in 1. It’s suitable for kids who are 22-110 pounds, providing quite a range for a while. What makes this seat interesting is that it can turn from a harnessed seat to a seat that uses a belt. This allows it to last a long time and give your child the most safety. 

For harnessed children, it’s suitable for kids up to 40 pounds, or 50 inches, and the rest is good for the belt positioned kids. 

This is a car seat that boasts the LATCH system. This allows you to install it easily. If you’re someone who uses multiple cars, this is a lifesaver. We can’t count how many parents are always frustrated because they have to put the car seat in and out. 

This is a seat that also boasts some exceptional safety standards. It’s twice as good as the standards of the Federal Crash Test, allowing your child to be in good hands should you have a car crash.

What makes this booster seat cool as well is that it is so easy to clean. A little soap and water to the harness, and it’s good to go. Just make sure to dry it via the air around you and not through another method. 

Finally, this car seat has some other cool bells and whistles as well. For example, it has cup holders. If you have a thirsty kid, this is heaven-sent. Besides, it doesn’t take too much space, allowing other car seats if needed.  

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The Price 

It currently goes for $64.99 on Amazon (Evenflo Chase LX Reviews), making it an affordable car seat. Considering that this is something that you’re going to use for a long time, it’s money well spent, if we say so ourselves. 

We should mention that Amazon charges $55 optionally for expert installation. However, considering that this seat is so easy to install, that is not worth the money for most people. 

What Are The Reviews Saying?

When purchasing a product, it’s always worth it to go through the reviews and see what parents like you are saying. Luckily, Evenflo Chase LX Reviews are mostly positive, having around 4.3 out of five stars as of this review, with over 2,600 reviews and counting. 

Reviewers love its safety, first and foremost. Some reviewers were unfortunate enough to get in a car crash, but their children were fine. One even fell asleep shortly after the crash. No parent wants to deal with the horror of a crash, but sometimes, they are inevitable, and you want a safe booster seat to protect your child. The installation was praised as well. 

This car seat did get a few criticisms. Some parents had a hard time removing it or found the cup holders challenging to use. For some, they didn’t like the lack of shoulder pads. Also, the lack of reclinability was criticism. When a child is sleepy, sometimes this car seat maybe a little too uncomfortable to go to sleep in. Luckily, the negative reviews are in the minority, or they are favorable reviews with just a few grievances. 

The Good Of This Car Seat 

It is affordable at only $65. A small price to pay for something that lasts a long time. 

It has some great safety features. Plenty of parents have been in wrecks, and their kid was left unharmed because of this seat. 

It’s quite easy to install and remove. 

It comes with cupholders. 

It’s a two in one, with both a harness and belt feature. 

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The Bad Of This Car Seat

This is a car seat that does lack a recline option. Some kids may have trouble napping. 

The car seat’s harness only goes up to 40 lbs. Why is this a bad thing? Some state laws have it so that children under 50have to use a harness. Always look up your state laws and buy a booster seat that conforms with the requirements of the land. 

Some parents have a hard time with cup holders. 

Despite it being durable, there are some cheap materials and flimsy cushioning. 

Is It Worth It? 

With all that said, is this booster seat worth it? We believe it is if you’re looking for a good budget booster seat. While it doesn’t have all the features, it does its job well. Parents who want more could always trade it in for a better booster seat down the road. If you are on a budget and need safety, this is a suitable booster seat to have. If you’re going on a road trip and your child needs to nap, however, you may want to look somewhere else. 

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This is a nice little car seat for the price. We say to try it out and see if your kid loves it. Some kids may end up loving every bit of it, while others may find it uncomfortable. Always experiment before you buy, however, and see if your kid likes the seat before making the purchase. 




Can the Evenflo advanced Chase LX be rear-facing?

The Evenflo advanced Chase LX cannot be rear-faced. It also does not recline. But one positive thing about this car seat is that it is approved to be used in a plane and is very easy to install.

How do I install my Evenflo Chase car seat?

Make sure to read the manual first of the car seat to ensure proper installation. Make sure the straps are placed correctly to ensure the safety of your child.

Is Evenflo Chase rear-facing?

The Evenflo Chase is not rear-facing. You should find a car seat that can rear face for your younger children.

How wide is Evenflo Chase?

The Evenflo Chase measures 18.5 inches wide, 28 inches in length, and 19 inches deep. It is much thinner and more compact compared to other car seats.

How do you forward face on Evenflo car seat?

Always remember that an infant should be rear-faced at all times, and you can forward face it when he is beyond two years old. Make sure the latches are placed correctly in your vehicle seat. You can then adjust the straps by pressing the lever located within the seat pad.

How do you install an Evenflo Booster Seat?

In installing a booster seat, place the booster seat in the desired position and let your child sit on the booster seat. Then adjust the headrest to make your child’s head comfortable. Then snap the belt on your child.

How do I convert my Evenflo car seat to a booster seat?

To convert an Evenflo car seat to a booster seat, you can first remove the seat pad, then loosen the harness. Then you can push the chest clip and buckles through the forward-facing belt path. Don’t forget to conceal the harness tabs, tighten it then insert lower anchor connectors.

How do you Rethread Evenflo car seat straps?

In rethreading of changing the harness height of the Evenflo car seat strap, the first thing to do is to unbuckle all the straps located in the seat pad. Flip the car seat over, and then you will see the slots wherein you can reinsert the straps for adjustment.

How wide is the Evenflo Maestro?

The external widest point of the Evenflo Maestro is 18.75 inches. The inside seat depth is 11.5 inches, the knee width is 12 in, and the inside seat height is 26 in.

When can I turn my Evenflo car seat forward?

You can turn your Evenflo car seat forward when your child is ready, or he or she is beyond two years old. There is also a specific measurement of your child to know if he is ready to forward face.

Are Evenflo car seat bases universal?

No, Evenflo car seat bases are not universal. They have made different base that fits with their compatible seats and cannot be used interchangeably.

Do All Evenflo car seats use the same base?

No, Evenflo car seats have different bases depending on their compatibility. There is a specific seat that fits a certain kind of base as well.

How do you install an Evenflo car seat without the base?

Before installing, you should first read the car seat manual and make sure if it’s compatible with your vehicle. Remember that children are safest when placed in the backseat. You should also know the belt system that your vehicle has if you want to install an Evenflo car seat without the base.

How do you install the Evenflo 3 in 1 car seat?

You can refer to Live Video Installation from Evenflo to make sure that you are guided correctly in installing your Evenflo 3-in-1 car seat. You can set a schedule on their website to help you with the installation of your car seat.

How do you remove a canopy from an Evenflo car seat?

You can refer to the manual or video tutorial in removing a canopy from an Evenflo car seat. There are lots of resources that you can find online.

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