Choosing The Best Water Bottle For College

Water is life, as people say it is. But for some reason, no matter how much we want to keep our children hydrated, they seem to lose the habit as they grow older. It is why finding the best water bottle for college is essential so that they have access to potable water anytime, anywhere!


Water Is Life

We all know the different health benefits and advantages of drinking water and staying hydrated in general. Not only does it keep us from getting thirsty often but it helps in weight management, improves your skin complexion, boosts the immune system, regulates internal balance, as well as prevents cramps and other injuries, and many more!


Keeping oneself hydrated is very important because since the climate is changing, the weather can get very hot and sometimes dehydration can lead to heat stroke, nausea, and other illnesses.

However, are you aware that staying hydrated also helps in the academic performance of your child? According to DripDrop, being hydrated helps in boosting the ability of students to do well in their exams. Proper hydration also improves one’s cognitive ability, memory, attention span, and it keeps the brain as active as possible.

College Days

Usually, the rate of dehydration when people get older gets higher. As much as we try hard to keep our young children hydrated, when they grow older, and most commonly in their college days, it’s the time where dehydration often occurs. Why?

University life is different from elementary and high school days. There’s more walking, changing classrooms, organization work, and other social activities. Unlike in pre-college days where they’re usually just in the same area, drinking fountains and water jugs aren’t hard to handle.


But in college, teenagers often get busier. Sometimes with the added pressure to meet deadlines and have good grades, they’re always on the go. With this, they usually don’t have the time to catch a drink anymore. And when they do, college students typically resort to coffee, energy drinks, and a whole lot more to give them the energy they need to pull off all-nighters.

A lot of studies show that dehydration is common among college students because of their busier schedules, as well as less parental monitoring or supervision. It is very alarming because despite being busy or preoccupied, health should still be a top priority – always a non-negotiable. With this, providing them with the best water bottle for college is a must so that as parents, we can still ensure that they’re getting the right amount of minerals and nutrients despite living far away!

The Best Water Bottle For College


Choosing the best water bottle for college can be a little bit tricky, and sometimes expensive. That’s why when you are choosing your best pick, you have to make sure that it’s worth your cash.

Online, there are a lot of lists that offer the best water bottle for college; however, since we all have different situations and lifestyles, it’s still best to know which factors to consider so you know it’s the right one for you.

But what exactly are the things to consider in choosing the best water bottle for college?

  • Size – Size matters. This factor depends on your daily schedule. If you’re an athlete, you need to have a bigger water bottle. If you’re just a light drinker or you prefer to carry a lighter bag, then a smaller water bottle is just right for you! It all depends on your activities as a college student.
  • Weight – Some water bottles are generally light while some aren’t. It’s important to choose between the two so that you won’t have a hard time carrying it or putting it inside your bag along with your other college requirements!
  • Carry-friendly – When choosing the best water bottle for college, it’s important to check if it has enough available handles or straps especially if you’re the type of person who brings it by hand. But if you’re comfortable with it being inside your bag all the time, why not?
  • Moist Tendency – Some water bottles can accumulate droplets on the outside if the contents are cold. However, not to worry, because other containers are droplet-free meaning there won’t be any moist water coming out from the inside!
  • Drinking Valve – Do you prefer a water bottle that has a built-in straw? Do you want one with a small opening-type drinking compartment? Or are you comfortable with the typical circular drinking style? It depends on you!
  • Color & Style – Don’t forget the external details. It’s important for most college students to match his or her water bottle with his or her items! After considering the important details, functions, and compartments of your water bottle, it’s time to choose the style and color which will best fit your personality!
  • Price – Last but definitely not the least factor to consider. When buying the best water bottle for college, it’s essential to see if the price for it is reasonable and worth it. Don’t spend on something too expensive that isn’t worth the cash! Most especially in college, there are a whole lot of more expenses. You don’t want to waste a few cents on a bottle that isn’t tailor-fit for you!

With all the tips and facts we’ve given, we hope that you will be able to choose the best water bottle for college, so you can always keep yourself hydrated! Remember, a hydrated student is a healthy and well-performing student!

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