Buying Guide For The Best Pants For Tall Skinny Toddlers

We are now living in modern times, and parents are getting more particular about how kids dress up than before. Fashion trends no longer apply to adults alone but babies and toddlers as well. Fortunately, there are many options with children’s clothing, and this article aims to help you find the best skinny jeans for your little one.


What Are The Types Of Toddler Pants?


If you are looking for something that is very versatile and can be paired with all types of tops, denim is the best option there is. You can find it in every kid’s clothing store, and it comes in many styles for both genders.


Skinny Fit

It fits the same way it does with adult size skinny jeans. In terms of fit, it can be low rise and often comes with a pull-on elastic garter or waist tabs, which can be adjusted to fit perfectly. It is best paired with a t-shirt or flowy top and sneakers or doll shoes.

  • Bootcut

Relaxed is the best definition for it. The pants fit snugly on the hip and thigh and get wider at the knee. It is the right style for tall and skinny toddlers as it makes the leg look bigger, thereby complementing their height. It will look good with a tee layered jacket or sweater for girls, and for boys, an oxford button-down shirt will give them a smarty-pants look.

  • Straight

It is a classic, often mid-rise, and offers a standard fit with a straight leg opening. If you are going to a simple occasion where you do not need to dress to the nines, you can slip a pair of straight jeans and a graphic top on your toddler, and you are good to go. Your child will look sharp and outgoing with the classic jeans.

  • Distressed

There is no best way to pull up a rugged look but to wear distressed jeans. It fits similarly to tall skinny jeans and straight cut but edgier since it may have an additional design, such as bright colors and rips. It is a fun way to dress your child as it makes them stand out with their up-to-date fashion sense.

  • Jeggings

If your child is active, jeggings are ideal since it allows free movement and hugs your child’s legs. It is also lightweight and amazingly comfortable to wear hence they can skip and flex all they want without worrying about their pants ripping or scratching their skin. It can be paired with all tops, mid-size flowy dresses, and ballet shoes.

Cargo Pants

The extra pockets on these pants may not be used entirely by your toddler, but it will surely add extra appeal to how they look when paired with a nice top. Cargo pants may come in different colors and are best paired with plain t-shirts as they may come with layers of pockets. Camo cargo pants are the most popular design and will look good on light-colored t-shirts.


Corduroy Pants

If you live in a place with cold weather, your toddler will benefit more from corduroy since they are warmer than regular jeans without lining. It is often made of 95-100% cotton and may feel cozier and soft on the skin. Your child can wear it best during autumn and fall, and it matches well with sweaters and long sleeves.

Khaki Pants

In the 1840s khaki pants were the pants of choice for British Indian Soldiers, and they kept on making a significant comeback over the years until they became closet staples for many, including children. Khaki pants pair nicely with crisp long sleeves or a polo shirt for formal looks or light polo shirts if aiming for something casual.

Chino Pants

The Chino pants are often mistaken as khaki pants since they are both made of 100% cotton. However, Chino pants are lightweight than khakis and cut slimmer. Therefore, they will give a better formal or dressy look than khakis. If you are attending a formal event, chino pants are the comfiest pants your toddler can wear.


These pants are best to wear regularly. They are incredibly soft and does not restrict movement. Your toddler can run or enjoy play structures all they want without getting fussy with what they are wearing. It can be paired with a t-shirt of their choice and comfortable shoes.

Cotton Pants

Like sweatpants, cotton pants are best for laid back days. Since it is made of breathable materials, it is best worn during summer, and it pairs perfectly with all types of tops. They are popular among parents because they are convenient to wear for toddlers, and they will not break your budget, unlike other pants. Cotton pants often come with pairs or are sold together with cotton tops with the same prints.

What Are The Popular Brands Of Tall And Skinny Pants For Toddlers?


The GAP has been in business for many years. It is tested and proven to provide the best clothes from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond. They offer a wide range of designs and clothing styles for every occasion. You can mix and match items from the GAP to achieve the best look for your toddler. However, many of their clothing’s can be expensive than other brands.


Old Navy

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can go to the Old Navy. They offer a variety of children’s clothing with lovely prints and colors. They always have store-wide sales too, and they give out coupons if you spend a specific amount when you shop. Nevertheless, according to reviews, some clothes are not true to their size and fits smaller.



Soft and trendy clothing is what you will find when you go to Carter’s. They have a good range of styles and colors to choose from, and they have the cutest pajamas in the market. The only downside of the brand is they seem to have more clothing for infants than for toddlers and bigger kids.


Different brands offer trendy pants for tall and skinny toddlers, and sometimes it can be hard to choose because of the many options available. Before you start shopping for clothes, it is crucial to get an idea of the kinds of waist pants so you can narrow down your list.


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