Cool Thomas The Train Slippers Your Child Will Love 

If your child loves trains, chances are they love Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. It’s an incredibly popular series, and it has been around for decades, teaching children various concepts. There is even a hit show about this tank engine.

Thomas and friends is still popular amongst kids. in fact, Thomas friends has a lot of different clothing shoes and other options. In fact, you can even find boys’ slippers and even boys’ shirts with Thomas friends on them. 


Thomas friends slippers aren’t just Thomas either.  You can get Thomas friends merchandise with Percy the green engine, and some of the other Thomas friends that your child will love. The Thomas friends clothing and toy line spans a myriad of products, and your child will love all of these Thomas friends options. 

Thomas friends apparel is a great gift for kids because it gives them something that they will enjoy. A lot of Thomas friends clothing and shoe items are great for kids because they’re something they like, and for a series that’s been around for a long time, you can get Thomas friends merchandise of all kinds, depending on what your child wants. 

So yes, if they love Thomas friends shoes and slippers, you should read on because there are a lot of different styles and options, each of which a child will love! 

If your child is in their Thomas the Tank Engine phase, chances are they want you to buy all the cool swag that’s out there, and one of them is slippers. Here, we’ll highlight the coolest Thomas the train slippers out there, that your child will love, and that they’ll want to wear. 


Thomas The Train Blue And Yellow Toddler Daycare Slippers 

Okay, these may not last your child a long time, and they’re only available in toddler sizes, but they are cute, and they are comfy to wear. They have a non-slip sole, which is ideal for daycare wear. Your child can wear them around the house and run around playing with their favorite trains without potentially getting hurt. They are easy to put on, with a hook and loop strap that securely holds the feet in place. They go up to the ankle to provide additional support. They’re also very nice to wear and feel warm on the feet. They also have a nice Thomas the Train graphic on it and come in a bright blue color with some great gold accents. While they are a bit pricey, they have over four stars on Amazon, so they’re pretty good if I do say so myself. They are a great Thomas the train slipper that children will enjoy, and while these Thomas friends slippers won’t last a long time, they’re fun to have, and kids will love them. 


Jump Plush Thomas And Friends Toddler Slippers For Boys 

Now, these are my favorite. They come in the Thomas the train shape, and they are perfect for keeping your child’s toes cozy. They are incredibly comfortable, and they are cute and stylish. 

The material is incredibly soft and made from high-quality materials. They are made to soften the feet of kids. The upper part of the slippers is made from plush, and the sole is microsuede. The inner lining of this is also friendly on the skin, keeping their feet warm all day. They are also incredibly stylish and unique in design. After all, do the other kids have Thomas the train slippers? Probably not.

The brightness of this adds a pop of color. 

If you’re worried about sizing, they go up to size XL, which should fit most little boy’s feet. They are the best house slippers for a young child, and they come with a very convenient slip-on style that allows for comfortable use, and they won’t scuff or mess up the floor, that’s for sure. 

Thomas The Tank Engine Boys Slippers 

This is another slipper, but it’s a little bit different. You can get these in various sizes, but they are a synthetic type, which does differ from the other slippers on the market. It is primarily available in the UK, but there are US sellers too. You can get these in a colorful array of different Thomas the Tank Engine faces, and it is slip-on, but also comes with a sturdy sole. These are also really great for children in daycare since they can run around with these on without them potentially getting hurt, and it allows for the child to have fun and be safe too. Plus, for 16 dollars, they are worth it and hold up pretty well.

YankeeBox Thomas And Friends Boys Slipper Socks 

This is another fun Thomas the tank engine slipper set. It comes with plush material, but it is also a skid-resistance. It has a knit sock at the cuff to keep the feet secure. The kids can just slip these on, and they’re ready to go. They are imported slippers, and they provide a lot of great warmth. They are officially-licensed Thomas and Friends footwear for kids, so you’re getting a legitimate product out of this. You can even use these for children of different sizes, and they fit well. The knitted edge of the cuff typically doesn’t wear out either, making it the premier plush slipper for a child. If you’re okay with waiting a tad longer for these slippers, then this is a great option.

Thomas And Friends Low-Top Sneakers 

Finally, we have this one, and it comes not just with Thomas on there, but Percy, and Emily on the front of this as well, two popular trains in the series. Percy has been around in the series for a very long time, and Emily is a newer train, but for avid fans of the show, they’ll love the design. They come with a navy color as the base, and the sides are lightly rubber with raised heels, and a warmer upper fabric attached to it. You can fasten these as well with a hook & loop fastening near the front of this. 


They are great for wearing indoors for the most part, and you can pretty much look at a drop-down list to get the right size for your kid.

They typically take a little bit to get there, since they are based in the UK. Still, they are wonderful slippers to have for when your kid starts daycare and needs something extra and cozy to wear during the day.

All of these slippers are fun, and they all contain wonderful Thomas and Friends designs on them. You have a lot to choose from, and for parents that send their kids to daycare or have who kids run a lot inside, this will keep their feet warm. If you have hardwood floors, these are also great, since children can walk around on these floors without their feet getting cold, and without slipping either. Slippers are great for both children and adults and if your kid loves Thomas the Tank Engine, these are but a few of the cool designs you can choose from, and some of the best items that your child will want to wear as well.

Thomas The Train Slippers FAQs

What are Thomas the Train slippers?
Thomas the Train slippers are shoes for toddlers with the image of the animated character all over. It is a slip-on type of canvas shoes.

Is Thomas the Train slippers non-slippery?
Yes, Thomas the Train slippers are not slippery. They have rubber soles with smooth ridges. Check for the description here too:

Is it easy for kids to wear slippers?
Yes, it is easy for kids to wear slippers. They do not have laces to tie—all they need to do is slip their feet in each shoe.

How fast do seven-year-old feet grow?
7-year-old feet grow every four months or so. The growth slows down as the child becomes older.


How can I know if my child needs wide shoes?
You can tell if your child needs wide shoes if their feet cannot go into a regular-sized pair of shoes. In case they do, but there is no space between the pinkie and the end of the shoe, you still need to find wide shoes for them.

How can I measure my child’s feet at home?
Parents typically make their child stand on a piece of paper and trace the outline of their feet. After that, they measure its length from the heel to the biggest toe using a ruler.

What are the kids’ shoe sizes?
The men’s sizing scale is the inspiration for the kids’ shoe sizes. A size 3.5 for kids, for instance, is the same as the men’s.

How much bigger should I buy my child’s shoes?
Your child’s shoes should be at least half an inch bigger than their actual size. It should give you several months before needing to buy another pair for them again.

What is shoe size for a two-year-old?
A 2-year-old’s feet measure less than 5 inches. It is US shoe size 6.


Should my toes touch the end of my shoes?
No, your toes should not touch the end of your shoes. There should be a generous space between them to feel comfortable while walking.

Is it harmful to kids to wear shoes too big?
Yes, it is harmful to kids to wear shoes that are too big for them. The wrong size can cause them to trip more often than not.

What does Y mean in shoe size?
Y stands for ‘youth’ in shoe size. It usually measures 5.5 inches.

What age is size three baby shoes?
Size 3 baby shoes are suitable for infants between the ages of 6 and 9 months. Babies who are larger than same-aged peers may require bigger shoes.

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