Kiinde Twist Review: Will It Make Feeding Easier?

Many expecting parents have heard about the Kiinde Twist feeding system, and they may wonder if they should get it. This is a feeding system that’s great for many parents who want to have a feeding system right on hand. As you read along, we will be having a  Kiinde Twist review to further help you.

Feeding a child is a lot of work, in that you need to pump directly into a bottle, and then put all of the milk into a freezer storage bag, and from there, you need to give it to the baby, each time leaving milk behind. When you’re producing a lot of milk, this isn’t a big issue, but if you are struggling to produce enough milk, you definitely may want to consider another solution, especially since getting new bags and containers gets expensive after a bit. 


This system should help with it, but is it worth investing in? Here, we’ll discuss what it does, and how it can help you get the most out of your feeding. 

No Milk Wasted 

This is a feeding system that makes sure you’re not wasting money. Essentially, you pump into the pouches, put them into the bottle, and then give it to the baby. You can keep these bags refrigerated or frozen, and you simply thaw and warm the milk and throw it into a bottle, making the actual process of feeding your kid and pumping milk easy. 

The starter kit comes with the adapters that work with most major pumps, and you simply connect this directly onto the flanges allowing you to pump the milk right into the pouches. 

So, what this means is that you simply pump it in, and then give it to the kid. It’s so easy. 

Pouches Made Strong 

The pouches themselves are worth mentioning. According to one Kiinde Twist review, they’re incredibly soft to touch, and they are leak-proof. By pumping directly into this, you’ll then be able to store this for later or serve immediately. They are made so they can stand on their own, or flattened, and you can even label these pouches. They are kind of like test tubes in design with a flat surface on the bottom so you can lay them without rolling them.

The pouches are also amazing storage bags, and they are comparable in price to most storage bags, which does rack up over time. you’ll notice as well that, when you look at the cost of these bottles, how much you wash them, and the cost of buying storage and freezer bags, this is a great and affordable option. 


The Advantages Of This 

These pouches work great, and you can use this pretty much every single step of the way. Plus, the storage containers that come with this will take up a fraction of the room of other storage bags, making more space for even more breast milk in the fridge or freezer that you’re using.

So, if you’re a parent that needs to pump and save, this might be your best friend.

There are many adapters and they pretty much work with any breast pump in existence currently. Finally, you’ll realize you’re limiting spillage by a lot. You may not even spill at all since it’s literally just pumping into pouches, and then capping these for use later. 

The Disadvantages Of This 

Of course, not every product is perfect out there, and this one is no exception. The first problem is that since there is a certain level of expansion that happens when you freeze it, you can only do four ounces a bag to be safe.

Now the bags are cheaper than others, but there is that limit, so remember that.

Another issue is with the babies. Some babies may not like the nipples that are used with this, and they may not take to it. The flow of milk that comes out of this as well may be a bit too fast for some kids, and that can be a bit of a problem. But, it does typically help a lot of parents prevent spillage, and the pros outweigh the cons. 

Features Of The Nipples 

One thing we haven’t touched on is the nipples, and how this works. It’s actually incredibly simple, and to begin, you swarm up the pouch, and from there, snap it into the squeeze Kiinde bottle. From there, you squeeze the air fully out of the pouch, and then attach it to the latch nipple that’s there. The bottles and nipples themselves are collapsible, and the gas will be eliminated from the meal of the baby without complicating it. The latch nipple only has one contact part that you need to clean, and there aren’t any complicated lock rings, threads, or complicated venting elements. The latch nipples are also designed to teach and reward the natural latching that’s deep and wide. You can suction and massage the nipple too in order to “lazy latch” and make the transition easier. The suction and massaging process are quite easy to do.

Finally, these bottles are contoured so they’re easy for you and the little one to hold, and they are super useful to support the pump, and you can even have it pump directly into the pouches, and then the nipple itself. 


What Is Active Latch?

With the Kiinde bottle, you may have heard that it has active latch nipples, but you may wonder watch active latch is. 

For one thing, an active latch nipple is designed to fit in the bag. With active latch, you don’t need to put it on a Kiinde bottle, though that does work. The active latch nipple helps the baby, giving them natural feeding. You can squeeze natural feeding out of any baby thanks to these active latch bottles. 

In addition, these latch nipples are designed to help ease the transition; the transition between bottle and breastfeeding, that is. The transition between bottle and breast is a tough one. Some babies will refuse to bottle feed after being breastfed for so long, and vice versa. This nipple helps ease the transition by making it so realistic. You’ll be surprised how fast the transition between bottle and breast goes, and you’ll be glad you could ease the transition. 

In addition, the active latch nipple is available in different flow nipple sizes. You can purchase the nipple in slow flow. Slow flow allows the baby to get fuller in a slow way, allowing for more bonding and more time for the food to digest. If slow flow or the slow flow active latch isn’t for you, they also have medium flow and fast flow. Perhaps you may want all three, just in case. 

Suction and massaging will make the process much easier as well. Once again, give suction and massaging a try. 

The flow active latch does make everything much easier. Whether it’s the slow flow active latch or the fast flow active latch, getting a good flow active latch is a good thing. Look at a flow active latch they have, and see if it’s for you. 

In addition, the active latch nipple can come with a case. An active latch nipple that has a case makes it easy to carry, especially if you have a few of them. The latch nipple with a case is available in most stores, or you can order a latch nipple with case online. The latch nipple with the case will be your best friend. 

Is It Worth It? 

This is not the prettiest contraption by any means, and most parents may get this, and then look at it and try to figure out how to use it, but it’s pretty awesome since you can pump the milk directly into the bottles, making life easier. Plus, if you’re having trouble finding a nipple that the baby likes, you just have to get the nipple for this, and the bottles are already included. All of the nipples work for each bottle regardless, and they’re incredibly easy to put on.

If you’re looking for a way to feed your kid and want to limit spillage, and you also want to help save all the breast milk that you can, then this is the item that you need, and the best one for you to use with your children through their infancy.

Good For Gas 

One reason why the Kiinde bottle and everything included is so good is that it helps eliminate gas. It does so without any of those complicated venting mechanisms that the other brands have. With no complicated venting mechanisms, you don’t have to worry much about your baby getting too gassy. These latch nipples are designed to leave no air gaps or air ingestion, and with no air gaps or air ingestion, expect a less gassy, less irritated baby. Less air, more liquid gold into their bodies. 


  • Can you reuse Kiinde twist pouches? 

According to the manufacturer, while these pouches are recyclable, you should not reuse them. This is because Kiinde Twist pouches are hard to clean. Some parts of the breast milk just won’t seem to go away, posing a health risk. You may know a mother or parent who reuses a Kiinde Twist package, but you should not do it yourself. Recycle, but don’t reuse. If you see someone reusing a breast milk bottle,  kindly inform them that they are not meant to be reused.

  • Are Kiinde twist pouches BPA free?

BPA, or bisphenol, is a chemical found in many plastics. As of lately, many products are trying to be BPA free because the chemical can get into the systems of those who consume anything in the plastic bottle, causing health effects. This especially applies to children. 

Kiinde twist pouches are BPA free, so you don’t need to worry one bit. Always check your baby products to make sure they are BPA free. Most are, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

  •  Can you use the Kiinde twist with the Medela pump?

Yes, but you do need a pump adapter for it to work. Always check the pump brands and see if they are compatible. Purchase direct-pump adapters for the Medela pump and you should be good to go. Always make sure the direct-pump adapters are compatible, and contact the customer support should the direct pump-adapters not fit. Sometimes, direct-pump adapters may be faulty or not be specifically designed for a certain brand. Luckily, adapters for all major brands do exist, helping you with your baby drinks needs. The direct pump is quite easy, and you will love using them. 

With many baby products, they are compatible with one another, making purchasing them quite easily and you can be able to get everything done without much care in the world. We say to try them all out and see how they can help you.

  • Can you use Kiinde nipples on other bottles?

Kiinde active latch nipples are unique, having an oval shape. While we could not find an exact answer to this bottle and nipple question, you should assume that the active latch nipples may not work as well on your baby bottle. If they don’t, always make sure that you have a return policy. That way, your active latch nipples won’t be in vain. 

  •  Are milk storage bags reusable?

Breast milk storage bags are not reusable, and there does not appear to be any reusable breast milk storage bags. Again, the storage bags are something that is hard for many to clean, so your best bet is to use it once and then recycle it. That way, your baby is as safe as possible.

  • Which breast milk storage bags are best? 

There are many brands to look out for. Here is a list of some that are good. 

  1. Lanisnoh bags. They don’t leak and are easy to use. 
  2. Dr. Brown’s. These are durable. 
  3. Medela. These are cheap and easy to close, making them one of the best for budget shoppers who still want a bit of quality.
  4. Kiinde. Great for travel. 
  • Can Kiinde bags be frozen?

After using your breast pump, you want to get your money’s worth, so a pump bag that you can freeze is a good move, giving you a big milk supply and also a backup milk supply should you need to travel. So you may wonder if the Kiinde bags are freezable.

They are. They are built to withstand the freezer and keep your milk fresh for a very long time. There is no reason not to freeze these bags, allowing you to feed your baby any time. Just thaw and warm, and the milk is good to go. Use a Kiinde or Kozii bottle warmer to keep the milk fresh. 

With that said, follow all freezing instructions. You don’t want to make the bag freeze and have it burst, or get freezer burn. If you follow the proper instructions, you should be fine, but for some, that’s a challenge. 

  •  What breast pumps are compatible with Kiinde?

You may wonder which breast pumps are compatible. Here is a list: 

  1. Medela.
  2. Ameda.
  3. Evenflo.
  4. Hygeia
  5. Ardo.
  6. Older models Spectra.
  •  What comes in the Kiinde starter kit?

A Twist starter kit is always convenient, giving you everything you need to get started in one convenient package. Of course, some starter kits are better than others. From the website itself, the Kiinde Twist starter kit includes: 

20 – 6oz Twist Pouches, Direct-Pump, Recyclable Breastmilk Storage Pouches. These pouches collapse to make everything much easier, so we think they all are well worth trying out for many reasons. 

14 – Twist Direct-Pump™ Adapters (compatible with ALL major pump brands)

1 – Twist Keeper™ Breastmilk Storage Bag Holder. The storage bag is so convenient, and we think you’ll love it.

2 – Twist Squeeze™ Natural Feeding Bottles

1 – Slow-Flow Twist Active Latch® Nipple with Case

1 – Medium-Flow Twist Active Latch® Nipple with Case

1 – Fast-Flow Twist Active Latch® Nipple with Case

2 – Nipple Cleaning Brushes. Nipple brushes make it so much easier for you to clean everything. 

In addition, it has a Keeper breast milk organizer. The Keeper breast milk organizer makes it so much easier for you to organize and keep track of all your goods, so we believe it’s something you should try out. 

Overall, the Twist Starter kit is worth the purchase. 

  • What Are Kiinde Twist Pouches? 

Let’s talk about the Kiinde Twist pouch for a second. This Kiinde Twist review aims to provide the most useful information that you want to know before doing the purchase. The Kiinde Twist pouch is six ounces, and it claims to make it easier for you to transfer milk from your bags to a squeeze bottle. For those who haven’t tried them, Kiinde Twist Pouches are simple. They are low budget and compact, being six ounces, but the Kiinde Twist Pouches are also leak-proof. Kiinde Twist Pouches are good for most pump brands, not losing any milk in the process. 

Kiinde Twist Pouches also don’t have any air, and Kiinde Twist Pouches are freezable. Overall, they are some awesome bags to try out.

  • What is the Kiinde Squeeze?

You may wonder what the Kiinde Squeeze is. The Kiinde Squeeze is a bottle that you can use with the Kiinde breast milk pouches. For those who don’t know, the Kiinde Squeeze is BPA free and is quite easy to watch. The Kiinde Bottle has quite a few other features as well, such as nipples that can go different speeds. Try the Kiinde Squeeze bottle today. A Kiinde bottle is packed with quality, so check it out and see what it can do for you. The Squeeze natural feeding bottle is awesome.

Besides that, there are a lot of good baby bottles that are natural, and you can try them out. One that is worth trying is the Tommee Tippee natural bottle. The Tommee Tippee has a silly name, but the quality you get is worth it. We say that it’s a baby bottle that is well worth the purchase, no matter who you are. 

  •  Do breast milk bags expire? 

Luckily, breast milk bags don’t seem to have an expiration date, so you can use them as long as you want. With that said, always remember that these bags should be used one time for best results, so remember that and make sure that you’re not using it longer than you should.

  • What is Kiinde? How do you use the Kiinde bottle warmer?

Kiinde, (which is pronounced like the word kind) is a brand that sells baby-related products. As for their bottle warmer, it is quite easy to use. A bottle warmer is a device that makes it easy to heat up your bottle of milk, and the Kiinde bottle warmer makes the process so much easier. Just put your bottle or bag in the warmer and follow the instructions. The time you need to heat the milk may depend on a certain amount of factors, such as if it was frozen, and how much is in the bottle or bag. Then, feed your baby with the feeding bottle and you should be good to go. 

Most other bottle warmers should work with yours. For example, the Kozii bottle warmer works just fine, and the Kozii bottle warmer is a good one to try as well. 



The Kiinde Twist is a great little pack for breastfeeding moms across the board. This kit helps you save time when you’re natural feeding by giving you everything you need to know. The Kiinde twist pack has quite a few accessories to it, and you should be able to have everything you need. Plus, the Kiinde Twist pack is compatible with quite a few other sets as well, making it great for different uses.

Overall, the Kiinde Twist System is an investment that is worth buying or at least looking into. You can find the Kiinde Twist System in any store, giving you all the benefits for less money. The Kiinde Twist System boasts affordability and quality, which is something many others lack. If you want to buy the Twist System, we highly recommend it. Hoping that this Kiinde Twist review has helped you in this decision making.



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