Different Types Of Baby Gates & Why You Need One

Parents these days tend to shelter their babies more than our moms and dads used to do with us. Foam edges get installed on the sharp corners of tables and chairs. Every cabinet door that an infant or toddler might be able to pull has child-proof locks. Any decorative fabric or figurine within their reach goes straight to the storage area for a while as well.

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But if there is an element that’s practically a staple in any house with a young child, that will be a baby gate. This ready-to-install railing keeps the little ones from entering the dangerous parts of your home, e.g., kitchen, garage, and stairs. It also allows the parents to do their chores without worrying about finding their infant somewhere unsafe.

In case you are uncertain about the different types of baby gates Target has to offer, continue reading below.


Summer Infant® Rustic Home Baby Safety Gates

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The first child barrier you may want to look at is the Rustic Home product from Summer Infant. The materials making up this Target baby gate are wood and wrought iron. It is unique in the sense that most items with the same function do not look like this one. However, it is also easy to use because you can swing or slide the doors open.


Lift Lock & Swing Gate By Safety 1st

In case you wish to install baby gates for stairs, the basic merchandise you should look into is Safety 1st’s Lift Lock & Swing Gate. Its name is quite self-explanatory – you merely have to pull the handle upward to pass through the entryway, and then lock it in by pressing down until you hear a clicking sound. This product is suitable for budget-conscious parents.


Summer Infant® Retractable Baby Gate

If your interest is on new and extended child gates, you might like Summer Infant’s retracting creation. On a full scale, its width measures up to 50 inches. When you pull the lever on top of the hard-mounted gate, the mesh fabric will draw back to one side on automatic. Other than the fact that this concept seems fitting for accident-prone kids, the brand added a baseboard kit in the package to help you install the barricade without hassle.


Munchkin Auto-Close Metal Baby Gate

Of course, the list of Target baby gates will not be complete if we do not talk about metallic doors that close automatically. The child gate from Munchkin, in particular, is a noteworthy item that’s 54 inches wide. Its double-locking system is only accessible for adults, and there’s no way for little kids to reach it. You do not need to worry about leaving it open as well because gravity will close it shut.


Summer Infant® Step-To-Open Baby Gate

Talking about practicality now, the best candidate for that is the Step-to-Open baby gate from Summer Infant. You can still find the dual-lock handle atop the metal barrier like in the typical gates. It is pressure-mounted too, which entails that you’ll be able to move it in various entry points of the house. Nonetheless, what differentiates it from the rest is that the double-sided pedal lets you open the gates without bending your back. That may be essential for parents with lumbar issues.


North States™ Superyard Colorplay® Freestanding Gate

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Nevertheless, in case you want to keep all the toys in a single place, you may purchase the free-standing child safety gates from the North States. The product consists of six colorful one-inch panels that not only lock together but also have skid-resistant pads at the base. That makes the set-up process stress-free. Besides, you may get additional panels and attach them to the existing gate to widen your baby’s play area.

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If you want a baby gate for stairs, kitchen, or other locations within the house, you merely have to check the products mentioned above. They are all available at the Target website at the time of writing this review, so feel free to compare their features with one another yourself.

Good luck!

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