Choosing The Best Baby Gates For Wide Opening Areas

Your baby has now reached the dangerous stage of getting active. It’s about time that you baby-proof your house even more. Moving a lot, crawling everywhere, climbing up and down, and such. From a crib to the entire house, your baby has a lot to explore.


Maybe you’d want to separate your kitchen and living room from your baby’s new playground. Baby gates are not always mounted at the top or bottom of the stairs. There are such meant for the wide openings in the house as well.

The problem now boils down in finding the best baby gates for wide opening. Parents, consider the following tips:

Always Consider The Right Materials In Choosing The Best Baby Gates For Wide Opening


There is a wide selection of baby gates you can choose from. There are plastic, wooden, mesh, and metal frames. Maybe you’d want to try the popular enamel-coated steel and aluminum baby gates. Many prefer wood because of its appearance. Metal, however, is still the choice of a lot of parents because it is the sturdiest and long-lasting among the other materials. A baby gate should also be at least 22 inches tall or better yet, at least three-fourths tall your toddler’s height.

You can also pick the gates according to your taste to complement your home interior décor. Just keep in mind that what you should choose is the one certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (one with JPMA sticker).

Decide How You Want To Attach And Fix Your Baby Gate

In choosing the best baby gates for wide opening, make up your mind if you’d want to drill a hole in your walls or not. Reports show that every six minutes, a child encounters stairs-related injury in the US. Better keep this in mind now that your toddler is moving everywhere and anywhere.


There are two types of gates concerning mounting. A hardware-mounted baby gate is securely fixed and attached to the framing of the wall. A bracket and screws are required to be installed to secure the gate. This type is the best and most secured gate for stairs. This type is also for long-term use.

However, if you don’t want any holes and drillings into your walls, then a pressure-mounted gate is the best. It is best for occasional use but also fits well into staircases and doorframes. Unlike the hardware-mounted one, you need to have some banisters sturdy enough to hold and support the gate. This type is best for flat surfaces and spaces.

Choose How You Want The Gates To Open

There are numerous options for this factor among the best baby gates for wide opening in the market. Some gates swing open in both directions (automatic). Likewise, some are ‘stay-open’ rather than swinging back close (manual). Choose the one with good latches that are convenient for adults to open and hard for the baby to figure out.


Properly Measure Before You Buy

Before choosing the best baby gates for wide opening in the market, it’s better that you know what exactly you want. Make the proper and careful measurements of all the opening including the skirting boards in your home. Take note of these numbers and carry them with you while making store inquiries. Some gates might need extensions if the circumstances so warrant.


Remember your baby is now a toddler. The above are your first guidelines in choosing among the best baby gates for wide opening in the market. You should still research and take time to read reviews about the brand of your choice. The price and good advertisement should not be your deciding factors in considering baby-proofing your home.

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