Does Your Kid Need A Furby & Why They Love Them?

When it comes to buying items for your kid, one that typically gets a bit of an eye roll from parents is a Furby. This is something that you should consider if your child can tone down the annoying toy. But the thing is, some parents tend to hate these for a few different reasons. If you’re looking to buy one for your child, you may second-guess this thought, but Furby comes with a few benefits that you may want to consider them. If you’re asking yourself, “Does my kid need a Furby?”, this is the right article for you.


They Look Cute

While Furbys look cute, they are more than that. They’re essentially the lovechild or diabolical experiment of a hamster and an owl. This hybrid item works as an animal and a robot. They’re quite soft, but with the big eyes, they may stare into your soul. Often, it can be a plus point for kids but also a drawback.

The truth is, if your child likes creepy toys, then they might love a Furby. If they’re not a fan of creepy bird toys, then this might not be the ideal toy for them.


They Can Be Talkative

Now, the biggest drawback to these toys is their talkativeness. Seriously, some parents hate them because of this, and it should be given as a disclaimer. It’s so annoying that it was banned from the national security agency in the US because the government was concerned that a Furby could repeat classified information.

Furbys are talkative and will repeat what you say. If you don’t feel like hearing a bird talk its ear off, then maybe a Furby isn’t for you. However, there is a plus side to how talkative and annoying they are: they will give your child endless fun.

However, You can Always Completely Shut It Off

Now, if your child has a Furby, and it’s getting to the point where your annoying toy is driving you mad, know that it has an emergency shut-off. You can always click this, and then lo and behold, the Furby won’t stop. While these little animals have been annoying for parents and may have precipitated the release of obnoxious Elmo toys, you can always shut it off. It means that you won’t have to hear it scream at you or your child or repeat back what you say.


They Have Their Own Language

Furbys speak Furbish, which sounds okay at first, but after a while, it’s pretty annoying. They can be fun for kids if they like the idea of a little creature that says different items and talks to them. If your child is lonely, your child might love this toy,  since it can speak to them and repeat what they say. Some kids love these types of toys, but it can be quite annoying for both kids and parents.

If Your Child Will Be Easily Entertained By This, That’s Excellent

This robotic little owl bird hybrid is still famous, with over 40 million being sold since its original production, and the talking capabilities have been translated into over 24 different languages. If they want to have a little animal that will talk with them, then great. They are the first attempt at a domestically-aimed robot; while it is a bit awkward at first, it does have LCD eyes and even a mobile app that children can use. So, there is some entertainment to be had in this case. Does your kid need a Furby?

Some children love Furbys because they’re easily entertained, meaning that they will find a lot of joy in the different sounds that Furbys will make. If your child enjoys that, then so be it. 


If Your Child Will Get Bored With It After Five Minutes, Save Money

However, if your child gets bored with these types of toys quickly, then you may want to save your money. The truth is, these can get super boring immediately. What that means for you as a parent is that you should consider not buying these if you know that your child will only play with the toy for five minutes before tossing it away.

Also, if you know that your Furby will be too annoying, then you shouldn’t get one of them either. Furbys tend to be quite loud. Unfortunately, there isn’t a volume adjuster on them. While the app does make them more fun for children to use, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the use out of them that you can.

Some children want them, but here’s the thing: if you know that your child tends to play for only five minutes, it’s not the best toy for them. If your child will enjoy this, then go for it. It’s worth considering.

They Really Aren’t That Demonic

Furbys aren’t demonic. Even though some parents may find them so annoying or not funny, you can turn them off anytime. There aren’t instances of them turning on and calling out to the child at night like some sort of demon. However, if they are not fully turned off, they go into rest mode where they are awakenes by everything.


So, are Furbys a worthwhile investment? I say, “Maybe.” If your child enjoys this toy, you should buy it. It is fun and has some value, too. We hope that this article can answer the question, “Does your kid need a Furby?”

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